‘Going to St. Ives’ opens July 11


The Henry Arts Alliance announces the Academy Theatre and Impact Theatre production of ‘Going To St. Ives.’ It will open at the Stockbridge Community Arts Center on July 11 at 8 p.m. Additional performance are July 12 and 18-19. On Saturdays, performances are at 8 p.m and on Sundays at 2 p.m.

L. to r.: Victoria Scala and Barbara Washington co-star in ‘Going to St. Ives.’ Special photo

‘Going to St. Ives’ by Lee Blessing is a gripping drama centering on two women as they explore the complexities of morality, hidden agendas, and sharing secrets.

“I am thrilled about coming to Stockbridge with this particular piec,” said Brenda Porter, director of the show. “The story contains numerous moral and political themes that are relevant and universal.” This production ran successfully in Hapeville receiving multiple five star reviews.

The story focuses on May N’Kame, the mother of an African dictator, who travels to England to see Dr. Cora Gage about medical treatment for her failing eyesight. During a pre-surgery consultation, May and Cora discuss difficult personal ethics, global politics, and motherhood as they sip cups of tea.

“The question of how far a person will go to serve the greater good is at the heart of the story,” says Victoria Scala, portraying Dr. Cora Gage.” Barbara Washington, who co-stars with Scala, says, “I believe issues of this kind are more prevalent than we realize. Whether it is a small foreign country or one of our small rural towns.”

“Given the violence we see every day in Africa, this play is a great opportunity to get insight into what happens when people of compassion meet and decide they must do something. This is a great story of courage and sacrifice. People will leave the show arguing all the way to the bar about the show they’ve just seen if we do our job right,” says Academy Artistic Director Robert Drake.

“What I love about this piece is that it speaks to our basic humanity. How far will we go to protect ourselves and our children. Being a parent is never simple, no matter where in the world you live. As a mother, I was deeply touched by the performance,” says Lynna Schmidt, President and Artistic Director of the Henry Arts Alliance.

Tickets are $20 at the door and $17 online at http://stives-stockbridge.brownpapertickets.com. The Stockbridge Community Arts Center is located at 146 Burke Street.