Henry County's Pet Of The Week

Special photo

Our Pet of the Week is Isabella (Izzy), an 18 month old English Mastiff who belongs to Shari Williamson of McDonough. Weighing only 120 lbs, she still has some growing to do as Mastiffs can range in weight from 140 to 220 lbs. They are considered couch potatoes, lap dogs, and are very calm and gentle. They are known as “Gentle Giants.” Izzy enjoys chewing on her Nylabones and squeaking her stuffed animals. She loves to lean on you as she stands next to you and is always looking for a little back rub. Anytime there is food around the drooling begins and its like a drippy water faucet. “Izzy is a wonderful companion and my best friend. Everyone needs at least one English Mastiff.” says Shari.