‘Duck Dynasty’ stars coming to McDonough for book signing

By Jason A. Smith
Times Correspondent

UPDATE - 08.14.15
Jep and Jessica have changed the date and time to August 14th at 6:00 PM.

And all that facial hair.
These are some of the hallmarks which characterize the Robertsons, the family behind TV’s “Duck Dynasty.”

Jep and Jessica Robertson will be in McDonough on July 8 to sign copies of their new book. Special photo

This month, two of the stars of the show are stepping away from the duck blind, and are coming to Henry County to tell their story to local residents.

On July 8 at 6 p.m. Jep and Jessica Robertson will be at Books-A-Million, 1774 Jonesboro Road in McDonough, to sign copies of their first book, titled “The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness.” The book tells the story of how Jep, the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, met Jessica as well as the struggles they endured on the road to redemption.

Jep and Jessica met in 2001, when they were in their early 20s. They got married less than two weeks after becoming engaged, and have four children -- Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River.

In the book, the couple opens up about the difficult times they faced in their earlier years, and how God worked in their lives to see them through.

Jep is the cameraman and editor for Duck Commander, the Robertsons’ family business. In the book, he shares about everything from recurring sexual abuse and underage drinking. The book also explains how Jep experimented with illegal drugs, and how he overcame his struggles following a family intervention and conversion to the Christian faith.

When explaining why he chose to write the book, Jep Robertston, 36, says he and his wife wanted to share a message of hope for their readers.

“We’ve both been through a lot of things that many people struggle with,” he says. “I just did it to try to help others who’ve been through something similar.”

Jessica Robertson, 34, spent her childhood hunting on the weekends with her father in Louisiana. She acknowledges that, as she got older, she went through her share of troubles before marrying Jep.

One of the most pivotal episodes of Jessica’s teen years, which she explains in the book, came when she was coerced into a relationship with her youth pastor. She married him shortly after turning 18, but was divorced the following year.

Jessica says the relationship and its aftermath led her to doubt her self-worth. Like Jep, Jessica Robertson says her faith in God sustained her through those times.

“I believe that marriage is for life, so it was a struggle for me during this time, knowing I had taken the wrong path,” she says. “Those three months after I left my marriage were the darkest of my life. I was disappointed with myself. We want people to know that God’s grace is key. We both stumbled and struggled to find our way, but God’s forgiveness can give you a fresh start.”

The Robertson family has become well known across the country since “Duck Dynasty” first aired on television. However, Jep and Jessica agree that, for them, some things are more important than fame and fortune.

“We are like the rest of the Robertson family,” the couple stated jointly in a release announcing the book signing. “We care much more about love than money or fame or expensive toys. We care about our children and family and friends and being together. We want more than anything to be rich in love.”