Henry County’s Cooking with Summer crockpot recipes

By Jimmie Batchelor

Four Ingredient Pot Roast makes a delicious and easy supper. Special photo

I find myself again in the predicament of having no stove. My antique gas stove has a malfunction that I believe can be remedied soon, but what to do until then? I gathered my other appliances to cook with, then realized it is summertime and what better time to be without a large, hot gas oven?

The last time I was without my stove was when my new flooring was installed and I played with the thought of selling my antique stove to purchase a more up-to-date model. It was fun for a short while, roughing it, a bit like camping out, but with electricity. The newness of my past adventure has long since disappeared. Looking through my recipes and those on Pinterest, my mouth was watering over food I wanted but could not have at the moment.

The lightbulb lit up! Using my crockpot didn’t produce much heat and most foods could be prepared in one, while the cook stays cool. I started my search and came up with some recipes I thought perfect to try during summertime. Please join me in trying a few; maybe come up with recipes on your own.

Grilled Corn
This oldie, but goodie is very popular and full of flavor. Makes great subs, au jus.

2-3 lb. beef chuck roast, my roast just said “pot roast”
1 pkg. dry Italian salad dressing
1 pkg. dry Ranch salad dressing, original
1 packet dry Brown Gravy (I used less sodium)
1/2 cup water

Mix the packets together with the water, pour over the roast and set meat and liquid into slow cooker. 8 hours on low. After cooking and removing meat, you may thicken liquid in frying pan with a little flour to desired consistency. Serve with summer vegetables or use for sandwiches.