Visitors get help in Henry prompting resolution

By Monroe Roark
Times Correspondent

“This is one of the things I really like about this job.”

That’s what Sen. Rick Jeffares said last week as he prepared to present Senate Resolution 586 to Russell Hall and Tyler Bon, co-owners of Elite Collision on Hwy. 42 north of McDonough.

L. to r.: Commissioner Blake Prince, Tyler Bon, State Sen. Rick Jeffares and Russell Hall. Photo by Monroe Roark

“It shows that there are still good people in Henry County who want to help others,” said Jeffares.

The legislator received a letter in March from Dan Jarza-bkowski, a Michigan native who spends time in Florida in the winter. It was the trip south that led to the situation in which Hall and Bon performed so admirably.

In mid-November Jarzabkowski’s car was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler on I-75. He lost a wheel and the entire right side of his vehicle. The driver of the tow truck who came to help suggested taking the car to Elite.

“After getting my car to Elite, and getting myself and my wife settled down, Russell was the first person to help us,” he wrote. “He made sure we did not need medical attention. Throughout the entire ordeal he kept checking to see if we were OK.”

Seeing the facility and level of service he was getting, Jarzabkowski soon told his insurance company he wanted Elite to fix his car. Hall informed him it would take time to get it done right, and the bill amounted to more than $15,000.

As he and his wife had non-refundable lodging reserved for their vacation, the staff at Elite continued to work to help them meet their schedule. Jarza-bkowski said that Hall paid the rental car costs up front out of his own pocket, and when the work was done he and Bon drove the car to New Orleans to deliver it to them, meeting them at the airport and getting their own rental car for the trip back.

“Elite Collision has the right name for their business,” he wrote. “They attend to details. They treat customers like family. They follow up. They plan their work and work their plan.”

Jarzabkowski stated that he sent the letter to Jeffares because the legislator sits on tourism and ethics committees at the Capitol.

“You are a small business owner yourself and you represent Russell within your district,” he wrote. “I respectfully request that you do everything in your power to formally acknowledge Russell and his business with a Senate resolution. As a traveler, I go through Georgia and now it’s with pleasure knowing that folks like Russell are there to help.”

Jarzabkowski closed his remarks by calling Hall “everything that is right with the great state of Georgia.”