Hey Henry - 05.27.15

Hey Henry, sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazy people from following you!

Hey Henry, a special shout out to all the weathermen who blew the weather forecast last Saturday and Sunday. I cancelled plans because you called for storms on both days. And you did this for the entire week before. And it wasn’t just one forecast, it was every one I checked. Are you just guessing? Because it turned out to be beautiful both days. Not a cloud in the sky.

Hey Henry, these fast food drive-thrus where two lanes merge into one are not only useless, they are also road-rage opportunities.

Hey Henry, growing up in Henry County, if you didn’t have certain last family names, you didn’t belong. It’s the same today. Nothing changes, we just get older and never really belong. I guess it’s that way everywhere.

Hey Henry, when interstate gridlock forces you to use Jodeco Road to reach your destination, causing a similar bumper-to-bumper situation on Jodeco Road, please have mercy on the folks who live in that area. Often it is practically impossible for us to even get onto Jodeco Road from our residential streets between Noah’s Ark and Eagles Landing/Hudson Bridge Road. Your graciously taking perhaps ten extra seconds to allow us into the line of traffic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hey Henry, I just read about the Tennessee family that used 187 million dollars intended for cancer charities for personal use. It makes you wonder with all these charities out here, how often is it just an unregulated free-for-all?

Hey Henry, thank you, Mr. President, for vetoing the pipeline to carry Canadian oil to the gulf coast to be shipped overseas, especially since the big oil spill in California.

Hey Henry, if our government forced churches to marry same sex couples (which is illegal), guess who would never recognize the reunion? Yep, God. God would never recognize the marriage. Only one man and one woman. Makes sense. But with that said, this is the USA, and our laws state that we all have the exact same rights, equal rights for all. So if same sex couples want to get married, then go for it. Just not in the church! The church is reserved for one man and one woman.

Hey Henry, the government doesn’t supervise or enforce regulations on the oil companies. Nothing gets done until the ocean is full of oil. In this case, hindsight is worth nothing.

Hey Henry, my daughter goes to Flippen Elementary and is in the 4th grade. I want to thank the teacher who bought her a set of books because she was, “excited to see her improvement in reading levels.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more proud or love a teacher more. We’re going to miss you next year!

Hey Henry, we need to start a Driver’s 101 campaign since it seems so many drivers have forgotten the rules of the road. Let’s begin with driving on the right side of the road!

Hey Henry, flattery is like chewing gum. Chew it, but don’t swallow it.

Hey Henry, on the subject of marriage: either God is right and man is wrong. Or man is right and God is wrong. It is not debatable!

Hey Henry - 05.20.15

Hey Henry, hey parents, there’s nothing wrong with teaching your kids about that thing called “tradition.” It should be respected, not trampled on.

Hey Henry, can we ask probation officers to stop simply requiring students to attend school? They sit here with bad attitudes and refuse to do anything. Require them to keep an 80% average in all classes so they can graduate and move on with their lives! I have too many 18+ year old students in 9th grade classes that show up only for probation purposes!

Hey Henry, I’ve stopped saying “how stupid can you be?” to my co-workers. They’re starting to take it as a challenge.

Hey Henry, I am not aware of any case where the Federal Government has attempted to force any church to marry any couples, regardless of age, sex, race or persuasion. The Federal Government is considering whether or not to force the States to recognize nontraditional marriages. I think churches are far more active getting into the States business than the other way around.

Hey Henry, during the county budget meeting this week commissioners were complaining about grass in the right-of-way not being cut and by the end of the meeting they were talking about keeping fund balance at 25% and possible elimination of employees. Well, Commissioners Holmes and Prince better get a push lawn mower and start cutting the right-of-way.

Hey Henry, I got up, put on my clothes and brushed my teeth. What more do you want?

Hey Henry, the students at Hickory Flat Charter Elementary started a fund drive a few weeks back for new playground equipment that would be added in about two years or so. Last week someone came out and condemned the playground citing safety issues. So how is an elementary school supposed to conduct recess without playground equipment for that period of time? And how many other schools are going to be in the same boat? This should be part of the budgeting process.

Hey Henry, just wanted to say a big thank you to the football team from Strong Rock Christian School, coach Tommy and Pastor Warren Green from Glen Haven Baptist Church, for donating over 60 hours to Habitat for Humanity. It’s so rare to hear about teens doing something positive for their community and helping people who can use a helping hand. It is evident that they live what they believe.

Hey Henry, let’s clean up after our dogs when we are at the Salem Baptist Church park. They are nice enough to let us use their beautiful park, let’s follow the rules. Everyone saw the jogging woman let her dog off the leash and not clean up after him in the field. She will ruin it for everyone.

Hey Henry, when did being a Democrat equate with being shiftless and not paying taxes? I am a lifelong Democrat and resident of Henry County. I worked for the government for forty years and paid taxes the entire time. I am still paying taxes and am not using “your” money. If your insurance premiums have gone up you should talk to your employer to see if the are paying their fair share and not pocketing the difference.

Hey Henry, people in Walmart must think they have traveled to England. They don’t know which side of the aisle to walk on. Hint: it’s the right side, just like driving a car.

Hey Henry - 05.13.15

Hey Henry, Kathy Henderson and other plant lovers: saw your article about those poor plants in LG. That’s not us, but Crape Murder happened on our lawn too. We didn’t do it! The lawn maintenance company will never work for us again. When we looked outside, all of the once beautiful trees had become ugly sticks. Our hearts are broken. Shame on the crew and especially their manager, who had left!

Hey Henry, I miss you. After 26 years, I moved and even though you are becoming quite crowded ... Dorothy once said “there is no place like home.”

Hey Henry, a special thank you to Community Service for picking up the discarded tires on John R Williams Road. The careless and reckless dumping of tires not only ruined the view of nature’s splendor, but put the neighborhood at risk of diseases spread by mosquitoes breeding in the tires.

Hey Henry, to the Vietnam veteran who spoke up for our flag. Just one word for you ... amen! Oh, and thank you for your service. I guess that was more than one word.

Hey Henry, in regard to handicapped parking and inadequate ramps at schools. Recommend that all with a concern take a look at the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations (on the internet) for information and then call the ADA Coordinator for Henry County. Have them look at the locations of concern. If they are not in compliance with ADA directives, they can do something about it to help make sure no one gets hurt. I fully agree, frequently jurors are disabled and need handicap parking near the Courthouse. Tell the Judge.

Hey Henry, no-one is trying to force any church to marry same sex couples. The current case would require the government to recognize same sex marriages which could be performed by a judge. Proposed legislation specifically states that churches do not have to perform same sex marriages.

Hey Henry, I think that when the court awards someone a judgement to collect money owed, if the party doesn’t pay in 30 days their name should be published in the paper. As of now their is really no recourse. People would be amazed by who owes what.

Hey Henry, went to Nashville recently. I made a stop at the Johnny Cash Museum and listened to him sing “This Grand Old Flag.” I say a big amen to the vet who wrote last week. If you don’t like this country, leave. There are flights out every day.

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to the kind gentleman who appeared out of nowhere to assist my husband who fell against the building at Captain D’s on February 24. We didn’t get his name but if he reads this he will know it’s him. Again sir, you were my Angel that day. Thanks again.

Hey Henry, the BOC is debating a driveway entrance from a site on King Mill Road. I am not an engineer, but seems to me the way to stop 18 wheeler’s from turning left would be to install a height barrier to prevent them from turning left. This talk about trucks with dual rear wheels, and making the left turn lane narrower is stupid. They are over-thinking a simple problem to fix. This isn’t rocket science! Good grief.

Hey Henry, to all the bicyclists in Henry County: you have to obey the laws of the road too. I saw one blow through the stop sign at Lake Iris Road. Didn’t even slow down. You have to share the road!