The media

Beverly Wittler


Bet my fellow Henry county residents ALL keep up with the latest via morning and maybe noon TV news shows. And probably, many read our local papers, and maybe even follow the news via a favorite radio station. SO sad sometimes, when my 92.1 music is interrupted by a traffic emergency. Latest and maybe the worst so far, was the Piper plane that crashed on 285. Good that none of those driving on the four lane were injured and thank goodness the truck driver who lost a fender was keeping alert via his side mirrors and paid attention to what was coming toward him too. He was able to get stopped before becoming a victim of a head-on from the sky … PTL!

Still remember glancing in my 87 Chevrolet Eurosport’s rear view mirror and seeing a big semi coming full speed ahead though traffic had slowed to a crawl. I swerved into the emergency lane and thank goodness no one was getting on from Southlake shopping center. Daughter Sam thought we’d been rear-ended because the car took off so fast! Glad I had a peppy six cylinder and God had tipped me off about checking behind me. Whew!

My Dad’s younger brother Jerry had a sad incident, his last flight on earth. But he immediately took off to heaven, no pain as his Piper plunged onto a paved highway. Thank goodness traffic had already cleared a path as they saw him coming down so quickly and he therefore didn’t take an innocent commuter with him. Once again the media alerted others in Florida to avoid the area just like our local news and radio stations do.

And one more not-so-good comment about the media. Just LOVE Facebook, and my daily e-mail information. Also have been a big AJC vent fan for years. But today? Not so much. I posted a fun little vent about surprising a grandkid with a treasure, and then was asked to ‘like’ the AJC page. So I did. Well guess what? A very ugly AJC metro vent post showed up on MY timeline with Facebook … very anti-my fellow Americans! Thank goodness my daughter also picked up on another oddity from my e-mail, notified me, and I quickly changed my password. Also will remember to ‘uncheck’ the little box that says for me to stay logged in. Have never clicked on that little section but it just keeps showing up with a checkmark. Be on the lookout for those weird little clues and you might save yourself the distress I felt today!

Do love connecting with relatives all over the United States via the internet and Facebook. Get to see a beautiful morning picture of a South Carolina beach thanks to one cousin’s posts. And frequently hit the floor with an intense prayer after an on-line alert from friends and family. I bet our Father in heaven had a lot to do with the discovery of the internet and all the good side effects. But still LOVE the written word, sweet cards we receive via the good old post office. Come to think of it, the sound of that little Ford carrier is one of the highlights of my day now! I place the bookmark in my current library joy, slip on my shoes and hurry out to retrieve the day’s gifts. Toss the ads, sort the bills and then sit back with my magazines … another great media item.

Still love the Reader’s Digest, Motor Trend, Automobile, Car and Driver. They tell me the latest upgrades. Neat how they always have great pictures of the latest models, plus information such as gas mileage, 0 to 60, etc. Okay, it’s official, I’m a media NUT!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.