Stockbridge launches annual anti-littering campaign

From Staff Reports

Leaders in the City of Stockbridge are in the midst of a campaign to clean up the area.

Participants in Don’t Trash Stockbridge held May 2. Special photo

At a recent City Council meeting, Mayor Tim Thompson and the council proclaimed the month of May as “Don’t Trash Stockbridge Month.” Partici-pants in the program demonstrated their support for the cause May 2, by distributing flyers to businesses and residents encouraging them to reduce the amount of litter in the city.

Mayor Pro Tem Alphonso Thomas is spearheading the annual effort, with goal of raising awareness of littering and illegal dumping, as well as heightening awareness, community involvement and personal responsibility for keeping the city clean. Thomas said he is encouraged by the support the campaign has received thus far.

“When each person takes responsibility for disposing of trash responsibly, they make a significant difference,” said Thomas. “Conversely, when people fail to dispose of trash properly, it impacts the cleanliness of our facilities and poses a threat to the environment.”

City leaders are also hopeful that the campaign will help the city prevent damage caused by debris in the area’s water system.