Hey Henry - 05.06.15

Hey Henry, why are there only two disabled parking spots behind the Courthouse? All the court employees have designated reserved parking. Have you seen the amount of disabled jurors? They need to add at least ten more disabled parking spots and let the court employees walk to the parking building and not the older folks with walkers and canes.

Hey Henry, oftentimes the tireless efforts of workers of the Henry County Department of Transportation go unnoticed and unappreciated. I want to thank the District 1 crew for their quick response to a issue of water running from the right of way across my property. The problem was caused during the cutting of the power line right-of-way by CGEMC. During the recent rains I was contemplating building an ark. Thank you again for the quick response and outstanding job you did to correct the problem.

Hey Henry, for a county that plays on the “small town feel” and compassion I haven’t seen too much of it. A week and a half ago I busted a tire and was on the side of the road crying and nobody even looked my way. A couple days later someone’s dog got out of their yard and was running down a busy road. Instead of trying to help the woman who lost the dog and was chasing after him people were honking at her and the dog. Speeding up and trying to swerve around both of them. Come on now, be compassionate and care about others!

Hey Henry, people please stop texting, looking at facebook, reading emails, etc. when you are driving. I am so tired of seeing others nearly causing accidents because they find the phone more important. Nothing on your phone is worth someone’s life.

Hey Henry, when will the Democrats ever realize that you don’t have a right to other people’s money? Obamacare is nothing but socialism where people who are actually working have their premiums and deductibles raised so high that they can’t even afford to use the insurance they are paying for. Meanwhile the shiftless among us get theirs for free.

Hey Henry, re: separation of church and state: If the government wants separation of church and state, the place to start is with “marriage.” The government is trying to force churches into the marriage of people they don’t agree with.

Hey Henry, why do all of the newer elementary schools not have a cross walk for the handicapped ramps on the curves? People have to walk on the street to get to the sidewalks. Also, from the top parking lots there are no stairs or walkway and you have to go down a muddy, grassy hill to get to the walkway. Both are very dangerous and need to be fixed.

Hey Henry, if you want to drive a genealogist crazy, mention that so and so is your Great Aunt or Great Uncle. It drives them mad! There’s no such person. The proper term for your grandmothers sister is Grand Aunt and her brother is your Grand Uncle.

Hey Henry, a big amen to the Vietnam Vet comment in the April 29th issue! I too am a Vietnam Vet, as well as a law enforcement officer, and strongly resented the Valdosta State students lack of respect and honor for the American flag, that so many men and women have fought for and gave their very own lives for. Evidently, their parents didn’t do a good enough job of teaching them about respecting the rights of others. Probably don’t believe in school prayer or parents disciplining their children either. That female vet who was arrested had just as much right to take that flag from them as they did to protest against it. The only problem was, there weren’t more veterans there to help her keep it.