Rain from Heaven

Brenda Nail DeLauder


God knows our needs and wants, answering our requests in the best possible ways, often before we even ask. Those answers may arrive with fur and paws or feathers and sweet songs. When you think about some of the rich blessings in your life, perhaps those are descriptions you can relate to, bringing smiles and memories to mind. God’s blessings fall down like rain from Heaven, and sometimes they arrive as critters!

All birds are fun to watch and their sweet music is beautiful to hear. During this time of year there is a constant hum of activity filling the trees and sky with their busy preparations. Years ago, a dear friend gave us a “Rock City apartment” birdhouse which we quickly installed in our backyard. Each spring Ric and I have enjoyed watching the bluebird families move in and raise their babies. This year, Pepper has joined in on watching, as he sees all and misses little.

Pepper’s territory includes everything he can view from home. If he can see it, then it is his to watch over and, being a shepherd, guarding his domain is his job to enjoy. Last evening we were sitting on the front porch, while neighbors were out walking. Several called out to him as they passed by, making for one happy boy. Catcher, the kitty, was stretched out in my lap, occasionally reaching over to bat at Pepper’s ear. They are best buds, battling siblings and protectors of each other.

Sitting on the porch looking at Pepper keeping watch over his territory, made me suddenly think of how our loving Lord, keeps watch over all of us. I felt wrapped in the comfort of knowing Christ is with us always whether we acknowledge Him or not. We are so richly blessed to have Jesus in our lives and to experience the help He provides. Being able to take any and everything to our Lord in prayer, gives us the strength to push troubles away and let the Light fill our hearts and minds. It strengthens our faith.

In the late evening I am ready to sit down and “turn off” the day. By that I mean to set aside the worries and frustrations, or quit trying to find solutions to every puzzle. Yet to just stop is easier said than done for me. A couple of years ago, I finally turned it over to God, seeking help in conquering this troublesome battle. Along came Pepper into our lives. As he has grown, he has established new routines and we seem to follow them. Each evening after supper, it’s time to play. For Ric, this means a game of tug-of-war or chase, and for me it’s throwing the squealing pig, many, many times. Then when your arm is about to fall off, he finally grows tired, and for him it’s sixty to zero in seconds. There’s something relaxing about the quiet which follows the fun and laughter of playtime. It finally occurred to me, my prayer for help had been answered in the form of a large black shiny dog with a sweet spirit. I find myself thinking about the blessings which occur in life, and it is fascinating to see how often they connect like dots. Pepper was an answer to prayer and we continue to feel he was handpicked by God for us, bringing much joy and happiness to our lives.

Our Father answers prayers in all sorts of ways, often showering us with blessings, which sometimes arrive in the form of fuzzy, happy, bouncy critters. What rain has fallen down from Heaven for you? May we all give thanks for these blessings!

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.