Developers looking at Jodeco/I-75 corridor

By Monroe Roark
Times Correspondent

A key piece of property in the middle of Henry County that has been the subject of speculation for more than a decade is once again the subject of speculation in the community.

A tract along Jodeco Road and I-75, also bordered by Mt. Olive Road and adjacent to Community Bible Church, may be finally on its way to becoming the busy commercial corridor so many locals envisioned during happier times in the real estate market.

A couple of Facebook pages hosted dozens of comments last week speculating about when a new development could happen and what specific stores or restaurants may locate there, although there has been no official word in that regard.

The potential developer, RCP Companies, has suggested online that it will be moving on the property soon but right now there are virtually no details.

A page on the RCP Companies website has the headline “SW Quadrant of I-75 and Jodeco Road” but no information beyond that aside from mentioning that the project in question is a “160-acre mixed-use development” and the phrase, “Please check back soon for more details concerning this project.”

A county official told the Times last week that the project could be on the agenda for the July meeting of the Henry County Zoning Advisory Board, with an appearance before the Board of Commissioners to follow in September.

One part of last week’s social media discussion was an assertion that the project is currently before the Atlanta Regional Commission for review as a Development of Regional Impact.

An ARC representative, when contacted by email about the status of the project, sent the following reply last Thursday afternoon:

“ARC has not reviewed this project for a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) because nothing official has been submitted yet. A ‘pre-review’ meeting on this project was held several months ago, but ARC will not have any information available until the project is officially submitted for a DRI review.”

This area was a hot property a decade or so ago as businesses and customers alike saw the potential for an additional commercial corridor just behind the brand-new Henry Town Center complex. Several plans were discussed but nothing materialized before the economic downturn and real estate crash that hammered Henry County and the rest of the country.

It also became clear during this time that any serious development would only come after the improvements to the interchange, such as the new wider bridge that now spans I-75 on Jodeco Road after its completion several months ago.