Where In The World Is The Times

The Times took a trip with Keith and Tonya Ferguson of Locust Grove to the northwest coast of France. They are shown at the Lady Godiva WWII memorial (BOEING B17F FLYING FORTRESS 42-29878 Lady Godiva of the 526th Bomber Squadron of the USAAF that was brought up from the ocean floor off the Saint Quay) located in Plourhan France. The monument is an engine helice mounted on a rectangular stone slab with inlaid symmetrical gold crosses in memory of American aviators. It lies in Place de la Victoire, behind the city’s monument for the dead. A translation of the memorial reads - “In memory of those who died so the aviators of the American fortress shot down on May 29th, 1943 could continue the fight for liberty. The flame of the Resistance will never be extinguished.” ~ Charles de Gaulle.

Special photo