Hey Henry - 04.15.15

Hey Henry, to the reader who noted the “slaughter of nearly 30,000 people with guns.” A small number when compared to the number of people killed in car accidents each year - equally brutal and often because we can’t keep from being distracted while driving. The world has become less civilized and while you note it is the highest - you may also want to note that there are not many civilized countries left. If we could solve that problem, the other might solve itself.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the Publix at Lake Dow for their outstanding customer service. A few weeks ago, my father fell ill while on one of his regular shopping trips. The employees went over and beyond to assist him and make sure that he received the proper care. Thank you so much for providing true customer service.

Hey Henry, I agree with the writer concerning those who feed strays. The situation was much worse when the recession began; the first thing people did was turn out their domesticated animals who had zero survival skills.

Hey Henry, since the Supreme Court Ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby there have been a rash of laws that take away civil rights and civil liberties and allows corporations and individuals to discriminate against their fellow citizens. These so called, “Religious Freedom” laws make it possible to invoke religious liberty and refuse to serve anyone on the grounds of their, “Theological beliefs.” These laws have nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with restricting abortion and birth control. This begs the question, “is this religious freedom or discrimination?” The answer is quite clear, it allows one to circumvent non-discrimination laws and allows discrimination.

Hey Henry whose bright idea was it to close the entrance at Meadowbrook Drive and Jodeco Road forcing drivers to cross over a divided roadway instead of making use of a traffic signal. Please re-open our entrance!

Hey Henry, what’s up with the traffic light at the intersection of Macon Street and Key’s Ferry Street on the McDonough Square? I sat from 11:56 p.m. on Monday night until 12:06 a.m. Tuesday morning at a red light. I eventually had to go through it because the cars behind me were honking their horns and the drivers were just as frustrated as I was.

Hey Henry, it isn’t guns that kill people, it is people with guns that kill people. The problem really is not guns, the problem is people. Which part of “Thou shall not kill” do people not understand?

Hey Henry, the Board of Education needs to give our teachers a raise! They pay less than all the surrounding counties and need to get competitive if they want to attract and retain the best teachers. Our county should be giving Fayette County a run for its money when it comes to quality education. Fayette should not be the only county on the south side of Atlanta with nationally ranked schools. Let’s step it up!

Hey Henry, in order to legally park in a handicap space, you are required to have a license plate or tag on your mirror to show that you are handicapped. Too many have neither.

Hey Henry, I bet the person who said that “President Obama has ruined this country” cannot point to a single thing the President has done to harm this country. They are likely just regurgitating the lies heard on conservative talk radio and TV. Thank God for President Obama.