Hey Henry - 04.08.15

Hey Henry, I am a single mother of 2 boys. Last Saturday night I took them to dinner and NWA wrestling. We ate at Olympia Pizza in Stockbridge and when I asked for the check it had already been paid. I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate your kindness. You absolutely made my day! Thank you.

Hey Henry, two or three years ago I wrote a comment about the dirt road connecting Mt. Olive to Jonesboro Road. I was pleasantly surprised to learn it is now paved. Kudos. This is a nice shortcut to the mall!

Hey Henry, for those who jog around the Square every morning at 5 a.m., please stay off the street and run on the sidewalk! The sidewalks are for pedestrians, so you don’t get hit by a car who may or may not see you.

Hey Henry, they did some repairs at the Jodeco Road railroad crossing but it is just as bad as ever. It hurts my back every time I drive over it.

Hey Henry, why is the custom Ford van parked near the Judicial building? I know it has been there for at least 3 or 4 months.

Hey Henry, I was behind school bus #14-3 and a student threw a drink bottle out the window. To me this is totally wrong so I attempted to report it to the bus barn. After three attempts to contact them nobody has returned my calls. As a taxpayer I deserve the courtesy of a returned call. I understand bus drivers being busy trying to maneuver through traffic, so we as citizens have to be their extra eyes. Thank goodness the student didn’t hit a vehicle with it.

Hey Henry, when are we going to get a stoplight or 4 way stop at the intersection of Mill Road and Highway 81? At certain times of the day Mill Road can get backed up for close to an hour!

Hey Henry, if you were at an Estate Sale on March 27 or 28 in McDonough and paid for items you have not picked up: the deadline for pickup is April 8.

Hey Henry, well another Friday afternoon around 2:45 p.m. and traffic on Bill Gardner Parkway between GA 42 and I-75 is gridlocked. Standstill I-75 northbound as usual with many motorists jumping off at the LG exit adding to the mess. Again, not a single LG police officer in sight to direct traffic by overriding the traffic lights, but wait, as I left the post office and traveled down LG Griffin Rd. I saw not one but 2 patrol cars hiding in the Masonic Lodge parking lot to catch speeders in the LG Elementary school zone as usual.

Hey Henry, it amazes me how poorly people read and do not comprehend what they read. What I said about “wheelchair” parking spaces, is; that it is a shame that people in wheelchairs have to park out in the “back” 40 because all those who can “walk all over the store” Yes, walk all over the store. Should not be parking in the “wheelchair” parking places ... “hence the sign.” It just lets me know how selfish these people truly are. They don’t care that people in “wheelchairs” cannot find any parking places up close. Selfish, selfish, selfish!

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to the DOT crew for cutting the tree limbs at the intersection of Plantation and South Laney Rd. I approached that intersection with great angst each day. Your awesomeness cannot be described by the English language.