More change

Beverly Wittler


Well, we had another death at the Henry Hilton … but we knew my 2008 Toshiba Satellite was about to pass on. Immediately made a trip to Best Buy, and bought the replacement Toshiba Satellite as I’d already researched it on-line and knew it would suit my needs. But, of course I’ve had to get used to some changes. Grateful son Leslie came by and got me logged on for the first time.

Then, thank goodness grandson Matthew came over to load my new WORD and then walked me through sending a document. Would have never known to look at the bottom of the page for the little paperclip icon … but he knew immediately. We did a test ‘send’ and in just a moment he showed me the result ... on his cellphone! Boy, things just KEEP changing.

This one is a lot faster when I’m searching online but I’ll be glad when it knows to pull up my favorite sites when I type in the first letter or two. Interesting how I got addicted to that little pleasure. (In the computer world, it’s called populating, per my supervisor.) Now have to sit and type in the whole www address! But, change is good. Right?

Still getting used to the 2005 Camry and her little perks and pluses. But I was perfectly satisfied with just having power steering, power brakes and automatic windows. Can see the outdoor temperature as I drive to Publix, Walgreens and Mount Bethel. And most of the time the lights stay on, can arrange that myself. She still likes gas a bit too much so don’t play ‘Maxima’ very often. Do remember what my driver’s education teacher told us to always do when pulling out onto a road where traffic could come from either direction … FSA. Always go FSA … that stands for full speed ahead. He also advised if we ever drove on ‘the interstate’ to use FSA as we entered from the on-ramp. Neat how he’d treat us to a free soft drink or even one time a Fresh Air barbecue sandwich for each passenger.

I hear they don’t have driver’s education in our public schools anymore; maybe that’s a change we need to make happen. Our second class consisted of a little slide show of various smashed cars, totaled pickups and the media would show how many had died in the horrible collision. Kind of scary, made a big impact on the entire class and again our instructor reminded us that we had to be observant at all times, always use our blinkers, look both ways, lots and lots of lessons

Another change I’ve heard about is a special one-day class teen drivers can attend that will help them save on insurance premiums when they get a driver’s license … that’s a good change!

Found the AJC has made a change to their daily vent pages and that includes the un-vent and the metro-vent. It just looks SO different and at first I thought Norman’s desktop computer was really running slow. Got on the laptop … same song, second verse. Took me a minute or two to find out how to read the vents, post one of my own, and switch pages. Lots of the vents are really negative about … guess what … change! So, guess it’s not just this Georgia girl that shrinks from that word … change. Went back and looked at the vent a few more times and there are lots of additional complaints. Plus the page tends to jump around and I kept seeing vents from earlier days. Guess they’ll figure out the problems and we vent-addicts will get used to another change.

And of course, I wonder, what’s next?

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.