Hey Henry - 04.01.15

Hey Henry, why are proms for county schools held in questionable areas? For example, Underground Atlanta. Seriously, you want my teenager driving to Atlanta, parking their car and walking to the venue? There are some beautiful and affordable venues in our own county. Let’s support those and not have our children driving and walking in areas that are dark and scary. Just saying.

Hey Henry, why do people keep writing about the restaurants that are not located in the county? Do they expect the Times to invest and build one of these food spots? And why on earth would any sane person drive to Morrow or Atlanta to eat at a Chipotle?

Hey Henry, I think McDonough is a beautiful place to live. Our wonderful police department makes me feel safer just being there. I wish all you readers would put some good things here instead of looking to complain. Just be kind to all. We are all having tough times today but it has got to get better. Also, the kids here are so well behaved and respectful.

Hey Henry, America suffers through a slaughter of nearly 30,000 annually from gun-carrying citizenry and there is nothing else like it in the civilized world. I recognize that we have the Second Amendment, however we also have the right that guarantees us life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. How can we pursue these goals if we are being killed by other citizens? The response to this immoral and uncivilized killing is to further loosen gun control, thereby assuring the massacre of even more innocent people. Where are the so called value voters and people of faith and why are they giving tacit approval to this?

Hey Henry, regarding praying for the person who said “the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare needs prayer.” It seems they definitely need prayer because as a single parent it has helped me and I speak for all those like me who have found great benefits in “Obamacare” Also, regarding the comment that President Obama has ruined this nation: obviously they have their head in the sand or have been brainwashed. 12 million jobs have been created, healthcare has been accessed by millions and the auto industry is booming with jobs here in America. Just to name a few great things our president has done for this great nation!

Hey Henry, it’s not just the BOC who determine increases in property taxes, it’s the Tax Commissioner. Remember that when you vote in 2016.

Hey Henry, keep right except to pass. Its the law. Drivers who refuse to pull out of the left lane for a faster car – even one that is speeding – could be charged with a misdemeanor.

Hey Henry, I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up in a strange place after 20 years asleep. Where did all the normal people go?

Hey Henry, on March 23 my puppy was hit by a car in the Ola District, off Jackson Lake Road. The lady driving the car was brave and courageous and brought him home so we could say our goodbyes. I didn’t get her name or number and have no way of contacting her to say Thanks. If you read this please come back to the house so my family can thank you. She is one of a kind and we need more like her in this world.

Hey Henry, Saturday March 28 and McDonough is gridlocked at noon because of I-75 construction and not a policeman in sight on secondary roads. Hope someone is smart enough to stop this next Friday as spring break begins.