Hey Henry - 03.25.15

Hey Henry, it was a sad day for Hampton when the restaurant burned. This was a landmark and a historical building. Gregory’s Restaurant had wonderful homecooking for breakfast and lunch. It was a very friendly place with many people working, like Iris, June, Linda, Juanita, Millie, Jane, Caroline, Greg, Fritts and Mary Ellen.

Hey Henry, I would like to see Readers Digest condense Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand or maybe Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. And while they are condensing those, why not condense Beethoven’s Fifth. Wouldn’t that be great.

Hey Henry, to people who place gigantic orders in the drive through: consider going inside to place your order. There are hungry people in line and you are holding things up.

Hey Henry, how can we have a new college off of Hwy. 81 but no sign telling you where to turn to get there?

Hey Henry, in regards to County employees having certain websites blocked from them: That action came about due to a computer virus. The person that made that comment, does not realize that many, many days due to the workload or court calendars, they actually work through their lunches. So, if you walk up and witness an employee on a website … just remember, you didn’t see them busting it the other 8 hours and 50 minutes of the day.

Hey Henry, about the people with handicap permits: my husband was one of those people after he broke his pelvis. He could walk into the store and sometimes had to ride a scooter once he got inside, but sometimes could manage to get what he needed and back to his car. Every step counted, so he couldn’t park in the “back 40.” Don’t be so judgemental! He didn’t really fit the profile of a handicapped person, and you don’t know what other people have going on in their bodies.

Hey Henry, stopping in the middle of the Square because you have no idea what you are doing isn’t smart. If you do not know how to drive around the Square, find other ways.

Hey Henry, if you are driving up Hwy. 81 into the Ola area please, please go the speed limit. It is 55 mph. People would like to get home before they die of old age.

Hey Henry, a heartfelt Thank You to the good samaritans in the Food Depot parking lot who helped my son when his back caused him to collapse. Many blessings to you and to the store employees who are always helpful.

Hey Henry, with all the beautiful but stinky Bartlett pear trees in bloom, maybe it’s time to re-think the whole “stop and smell the roses” philosophy.

Hey Henry, what’s going on in Stockbridge? It looks like they have an extremely dysfunctional city council. Is it turning into Clayton County?

Hey Henry, Thanks to all the business people who put out food for strays: you’re reducing stress in their short, stressful lives.

Hey Henry, I challenge all the commissioners to drive down Lester Mill Road. It has been surveyed 3 times now for a paving job that has yet to happen and in the meantime the potholes are big enough to swallow your county school buses that travel here daily. Not to mention the broken, rusted culvert pipe at the corner of Indian Creek and Lester Mill. I’d be ashamed.