Memory Lane

Beverly Wittler


Ever been there? I go a lot, and sometimes those trips are brought on by current trips. I’m watching the library lady scan my card and books and I recall the one back in the fifties with her little date stamp in hand as she made her vocal ‘harrumph’ sound while checking out my stack of reading material. And I smile.

Do the clerks at Publix punch in the amount of each purchase? Nope, once again, they ‘scan’ as a polite bagger packages my daily purchases. Don’t have to go inside the BP and hand over any cash (although I think you still can) but just slide my green card through their little device before I start filling the Camry’s tank.

Loved the warmth from the fireplaces I’ve had all my life, but nope, not going to fire up any more logs; much prefer the neat central heat and air system. Don’t have to crawl under the house to adjust the furnace either as my latest unit sits outside by the spare bedrooms. But I do recall creeping under The Henry Hilton, hoping and praying there were no rodents residing there.

Don’t have to make a physical trip to instigate another prescription as most of them are auto-refill and if not, I just punch in the numbers via the phone. Neat they have a drive-thru service too and of course am able to ‘express pay.’ Don’t write checks for my groceries either, again I just slide a plastic card and enter my ‘pin’ number, plus get any cash I need and stamps too (Already bought my lottery tickets as I entered the store).

Seldom enter my bank, but check the balance via my Toshiba laptop, also pay most bills that way. Neat what we’ve experienced over the years, and amazing how things just keep changing and most of the time it’s for the better.

Do love when the mail comes, so hope that joy from the past never goes away. I’ve heard the Post Office is struggling financially so make sure to keep using that neat service, sending cards to our sick and some of my favorites too, writing some weekly letters so I won’t lose contact with any of my Mt. Bethel buddies. Never saw the mail coming via horseback but do remember one of our delivery men on foot in Jackson; think he’d park his vehicle in a central location and make his rounds down each street.

Thank goodness I still have the pleasure of a daily newspaper, plus a couple of local readings that arrive less often. Don’t want to part with that great memory item!

Love my CD collection, and still warmly remember playing my 45 records, plus having to replace the needle on the player from time to time. Most of the time my radio station WJGA 92.1 FM plays all my favorites so I seldom need to flip through my alphabetically arranged music. Hey, the radio has really changed too! The one I use now isn’t as big as a mixing bowl, nothing compared to the huge cabinet my parents owned.

And … going to ‘the picture show’ … first in Jackson, later on ‘the Square’ in McDonough. Much bigger screens now, HUGE buckets of popcorn but still the best way to see a new movie with friends and family.

Well, it is fun to look back, remember a time with no cellphones, no computers, no central heat and air, plus neighbors sitting on their porches, kids free to be gone for hours on their bikes. Loved those peppy eight cylinder cars too, but a six does just as well now PLUS they have AC and power steering. Well … it was a good trip today. More later.

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.