Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that we, as parents, are highly upset and disturbed that we do not have a full functioning batting cage for our Henry County High School baseball team. This is year two that our baseball team has not had a full functioning batting cage for the baseball team to practice.

As you are all well aware, the school has been under major construction with the addition of the new building to the school. Sometime last year, the old batting cage was torn down to make way for a parking area for the new building. A new batting area was put up on the other side of the baseball field but was never fully finished. There isn’t any turf inside of the batting cages just concrete. When the field is too wet to practice on from rain (which is very common during this time), the team should be able to go into the batting cages and practice on hitting and pitching. Unfortunately, since there isn’t any turf in the cages the team is unable to practice these basic methods because we cannot afford to ruin expensive baseballs on the concrete. These are teenage hitters not 5 yr. old t-ballers.

It is an embarrassment to be the HUB school of Henry County, with the Board of Education, and City Hall right around the corner for the facilities to not be at 100%. All the other schools, including the brand new Hampton High School has a full functioning batting cage. There is absolutely no logical reason why this has been overlooked or ignored for the second year. These baseball players want to be successful, represent their school, and win games. But if the School Board and/or leaders of the county do not take pride in what’s in their own backyard representing the county’s name, what is that saying to the parents and students of this team?

This issue needs to be addressed immediately as the season has already begun and first games to begin in just over a week. And while we are at it, can we get replacement bulbs for our scoreboard that have been out for 2-3 years now?

Julie Headspeth

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to express my concerns and displeasure regarding the Commis-sioners of Henry County’s efforts and attempts to keep Tommy Smith from fulfilling his duties and obligations as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. In the 1990’s, the citizens of Henry County voted on a referendum to establish the position of Chairman for the Board of Commissioners. Later, it was passed by the Georgia Legislature.

The Chairman of the Board is the Chief Executive Officer of the County with full voting powers. Last year, a new County Manager was hired by the Board of Commissioners, at a time when Tommy Smith was not present to exercise his views or vote. In my opinion, this was not tastefully done, and seemed to be an effort to blatantly blindside the Chairman. This started the ball rolling in conspiring as a Board to take away all power from Mr. Smith and give it to the County Manager who was hired by the Board. The people of Henry County voted for each of their District Commissioners and the Chairman. We did not vote for the County Manager, and we do not have a say in who the Board selects for that position. So my question is, “Why is a “hired” employee going to assume all of the power of the Chairman?” This is an outrage and I believe this is an effort to take all of the “power of the people” away and give it to a special interest group.

As stated above, by referendum, the people of Henry County voted to establish a Chairman of the Board of Commissioners; therefore, any changes in this regard should be, by law, voted on by the people of Henry County in a referendum.

Now my question is, “Are we going to stand for this?”

Leland Maddox

Dear Editor,

On February 5, I was in the office of the Clerk of Superior Court on personal business. I failed to get a correct name on a reference I had listed on my documents.

The staff of the Clerk of Superior Court was understanding and went the “umteenth” mile to help me. Searching all resources, looking up phone numbers for me, keeping me calm by their pleasant demeanor made me realize I was experiencing something unique. Government employee’s working for the people! They were pleasant, neat, courteous, and efficient. The entire staff working together helping, not only me, but one another.

I was not turned away because of my error and left with my business completed. Oh the bliss of seeing my tax dollars at work. Efficiently!

Gene White,