Hey Henry - 03.18.15

Hey Henry, just want to say Thank You to the man and woman who stopped to help when I was in a wreck on Airline Road. I am so glad you heard my cries for help!

Hey Henry, before you pay a bunch of money for a concert ticket to see your favorite “oldies” group, do a little bit of research. Sometimes there is only one original member of the group performing. Speaking for me, thanks but no thanks.

Hey Henry, regarding “ObamaCare is the best thing to happen to healthcare.” I hope you were being sarcastic. If not, I truly pray for whomever looks up to you and/or values your opinion. You/they are in for a long rough ride!

Hey Henry, RIP Leonard Nimoy. You will be missed. Dif-tor heh smusma. \V/

Hey Henry, what has happened to the law of turning your headlights on when it rains? Ever heard of it? Turn those suckers on so you can be seen.

Hey Henry, when will the voices of citizens ever be enough? When will our local delegation realize we (the voters) are smart enough to govern ourselves. We chose our government, now let us live by it.

Hey Henry, to the previous post that Obamacare is the best thing. I pray for you because you just can’t fix stupid! Obama has ruined this great nation of ours. I pray it’s not too late to fix it.

Hey Henry, what’s the deal with the railroad tracks in Locust Grove? Especially the one at Hwy. 42 and Peeksville Rd. They tore up the road and left big holes over the tracks so you have to go very slow or risk tearing up your vehicle. How much longer do we have to endure this?

Hey Henry, last year Henry residents were told that our property taxes had to go up or our county bond rating would suffer because of a lack of money in the reserve. Then we hear about several large purchases being made with “excess” unassigned reserve money and that there is still over 3 million dollars in the fund. Why was there such a big scene made last year about the millage rate rollback when the county obviously could have been covered without it? When did a board with 5 conservative members on it get in the business of increasing taxes, spending and expanding government? Did we vote for RINOs?

Hey Henry, is anyone surprised at Hillary Clinton’s disregard for the law? She obviously knew she could get away with what others have been cited for treason. Her explanation does not jive with her education and experience. Will someone please send her a bag of lollipops and saddle oxfords.

Hey Henry, to the person who thinks someone that parks in a handicap spot shouldn’t be able to walk from the parking lot and/or in a store ... grow up. We’ve had this discussion before. Not all disabilities are visible, like a heart condition or someone going through cancer treatments. Stop judging!

Hey Henry, since the county DOT has time to install No Soliciting signs, maybe they can find time to do their primary job and reinstall all the downed traffic signs they passed on the way.

Hey Henry, City of McDonough, could you please splurge and put an extension on your drop-off box? Patrons cannot get close enough to deposit their water bills without possibly damaging their vehicle.