Hey Henry - 03.11.15

Hey Henry, to the parents who take their unruly kids out to eat: please make them behave instead of staying on your phones texting the whole time.

Hey Henry, to the people out there with handicap permits: if you can walk all over the store, you can walk from the parking lot to the store. Those spots were designed for people in wheelchairs, hence the picture on the sign. Sad when I see people who really deserve those spots having to park in the back 40 just so they can get in and out of their cars! The spots are designed so people can easily get out of their cars and into their ... yep you guessed it ... “wheelchairs.”

Hey Henry, that punk Conrad Hilton gives the ‘elite’ a bad name.

Hey Henry, to all the people who think it’s ok to bypass the turning lanes and break in front of someone during 5:00 traffic, think again. Is it worth risking someone’s life just to save two minutes? Don’t be a jerk.

Hey Henry, don’t you think it’s a bummer that we have to travel all the way to Morrow or Atlanta to get Chipotle? Are the people of McDonough not good enough to have their own restaurant? I agree with the earlier post. We have money to spend on quality, healthy food. We’re sick of burgers, chicken and pizza!

Hey Henry, the most amazing thing happened. I drove through the McDonough post office parking lot and didn’t have to slam on my brakes due to someone backing up without first looking behind them.

Hey Henry, Thank You to the Henry County DOT crew for removing one of God’s beautiful creatures that met an untimely demise on Keys Ferry Rd. You quick response is greatly appreciated.

Hey Henry, the amount of trash on the sides of our roads is a complete embarrassment. How about showing some pride in your community and at least pick up in front of your own house.

Hey Henry, we have football fields, baseball fields and soccer fields to name just a few recreational sites. How about a swimming pool? The Kensley Grace Aquatics Center needs 18 acres to build a year-round pool. Call 678-432-5800 or email info@kensleygrace.org. From a parent that has children born to swim!

Hey Henry, the special education teachers at Mt. Carmel would like to thank the kind lady at Kroger on Jonesboro Rd. We take our kids on community based instructional trips around the community to teach them how to shop and function. A kind lady came up and started asking us questions about age and if they are capable of learning, and took a true interest in our babies. Before she left, she got a $100 bill out and gave it to our group as a donation and said these kids are blessed to have people like the teachers to take care of them. We used the money and let all the kids pick something out to take home and got to eat Chick-Fil-A. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! You are a true blessing to us.

Hey Henry, since Obamacare has gone into effect, my medical insurance premiums and deductibles have gone through the roof. In spite of your name calling, the fact that I notice those facts does not make me ignorant nor indicate a lack of compassion.