Hey Henry - 03.04.15

Hey Henry, every day on my way home from work in Atlanta. I enjoy seeing the “Welcome to Henry County Home of Brake Lights” sign.

Hey Henry, would a fiscally conservative county manager pay $8,000 for his office desk and have his chairs custom made? Just wondering.

Hey Henry, to the Henry County police officer who passed the 18 wheeler in a no passing zone near the new Home Depot warehouse on Hwy. 155: next time you decide to come speeding around a truck at night (or even during the day) can you please at least put on lights and/or a siren? You scared me - and probably the other people in front of me - to death!

Hey Henry, why is the voter referendum that elected Tommy Smith as Chairman with all administrative duties being challenged? This means my vote and all the other votes for Chairman did not count? Bad move BOC.

Hey Henry, to the person who doesn’t want to ‘rush’ through the Shoals Road and 81 intersection, Yes, we’ve seen the memorials. Have you ever thought perhaps those are there because someone didn’t ‘rush’ through the intersection?

Hey Henry, sarcasm is rather demeaning; I think I’ll pass.

Hey Henry, stop being ignorant and lacking compassion. ObamaCare is the best thing to happen to healthcare in America, ever, hands down.

Hey Henry, Friday, February 27, all afternoon west bound traffic on Bill Gardner Pkwy. backed up from drivers turning left onto I-75 south. This in turn caused a massive backup all the way back to the Walmart area. Since this I-75 left turn lane only accommodates about 5 cars it caused the resulting backup. Not a Locust Grove cop in sight all afternoon to manually direct this left turn traffic to let more cars go through.

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who stated we need more upscale type resturants in Henry County. It would be nice to eat closer to home on special occasions, rather than going to Buckhead or down to Macon. We need something to draw people to the county (but not to stay, it’s WAY too crowded now).

Hey Henry, has anyone driving a dually truck ever stayed inside their own lane?

Hey Henry, a truly tactful person is quietly witty enough to tell a sarcastic one off in such a way it may be days before the sarcastic blusterer realizes what was really said, or perhaps never, if the sarcastic blusterer is stupid in the first place.

Hey Henry, I just heard that Smead in Locust Grove is closing. Another 100 jobs gone. Can we please get some industry here and I am not talking about warehouses.

Hey Henry, how many times must it be said, if you really, really want more casual dining locations, then go and acquire the franchise, buy or lease property, construct the building and open whatever named restaurant you want. However, you’ll end up saying you can’t afford to and chances are you can’t afford the menu prices anyway

Hey Henry, have you noticed that people drive even worse during NASCAR race weekend?