Free counseling

Beverly Wittler


I get it all the time. Sometimes my pastor gets a tap on the shoulder from God, and fires his sermon right at me. And then I’ll open my e-mail, start reading God’s Minute and realize He’s got my back in many, many ways. After I’ve worked the AJC puzzle, I read Dr. Charles Stanley’s daily devotional and quite often find a message I needed to know in his words too. The Upper Room is next, and many of those writers have the blessing of wonderful lessons always accompanied by a short scripture reading. Next, open my big red Bible and continue re-reading it from cover to cover. Okay, I’m not reading the old testament again … will seek out certain passages as directed by Dr. Stanley but focus mainly on the last half of my favorite book of all times.

Library was closed and I finished off the last book from their collection. So, dug into my long-time purchases from the local Barnes & Noble and found Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation.” Won’t usually read a book that big, short attention span you know. But, this one is awesome! He starts out when he was a little boy in 1943, and after a summation of the beginning of World War II, he focuses on a single hero in each chapter. Wow! Neat learning about those who served, lost, came back injured and with permanent disabilities but never stopped loved this country; wonderful knowing what they did for us.

They’re counseling me too, showing me that no matter how tough the battle, you don’t give up, you just keep fighting! Neat to read about all the battles, the rescues, and to see some faces I’ve heard of, some I haven’t. Tom also catalogs the growth of women in the working world as he moves through that big book. Awesome to learn we females were pilots, engineers, and more back in the forties! Thought it neat that I could work on my car, well my simple 1965 Chevelle, because I’d been introduced to the mechanical world by my Dad. But my Mom also introduced me to balancing a career, running a household and keeping the children cared for too. I did know that she ran things for us all while Dad was off fighting World War II. And later, she moved from one career to another, just as I’ve done. Hey, she was counseling me by her actions!

Sometimes though, the morning reading doesn’t quite erase my issues but I’m not done. Next on my schedule, if Norman’s still sleeping, check out the AJC Un-vent, and then go to Facebook. Many times there are words of assurance, comfort but sometimes it’s the neat laughs and grins that come to me via those posts. Thanks BK for ALWAYS sending me my morning smile, and also love seeing things my family posts to that amazing on-line business. Yes, it’s a business, but it’s also a wonderful connection for all my Internet buddies and co-workers. Neat to ‘like’ a former Trust Company Bank employee, see my church family even, and keep up with what’s going on in and around Henry County.

Glad we’ve come this far. Loved my life as an innocent child on a bike in a rural county, but SO thankful for what we’ve morphed into, and learned. Bet my ‘library lady’ would have scoffed if I’d told her that one day she wouldn’t have to use that big date stamp, but would scan my little plastic card and then each book. Hey, she did a little counseling herself. Wow! Well, glad I’ve seen so much, and again I wonder … yep … what’s next?

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.