Hey Henry - 02.18.15

Hey Henry, too bad parents aren’t as passionate about their kids’ education as they are about sports equipment. Can you imagine how great our schools would be if parents valued academics as much as sports?

Hey Henry, the construction has started on King Mill Road but the large trucks used to bring in supplies apparently think they are exempt from the posted speed limit signs. You would think that you are on the interstate with they way they speed up and down that road!

Hey Henry, in regards to the school not having batting cages. Have you heard of a booster club? Get out there and raise the money! It’s not the taxpayers responsibility to pay for batting cages. I went to HCHS in 2003 with 2,500 other kids so be glad your son can actually walk through the hallways. The new HCHS is much nicer than previous alumni had. I also played sports and we raised our own money for uniforms, camps, and supplies. Not to mention there are also plenty of local batting cages for players.

Hey Henry, since people drive more cautiously and slowly around police cars I think they should put some police officers in unmarked cars to make traffic stops. Then they would see how people really drive out there.

Hey Henry, I can understand them trying to clean up the traffic on the Square in McDonough with the lights, but can you tell the drivers to quit running the light when it turns yellow and blocking the intersection? Cars end up sitting there while the light is green because you can’t get by! This might help some with the problem.

Hey Henry, I am 67 years young and I go to a great Zumba class at JP Moseley Park in Stockbridge every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. (no classes the week of winter break next week). The cost is $3 per class with the first class for free. I want to challenge women of all ages in this area to come and try this class. The teacher will give you a good workout to get your heart pumping and your legs moving. Don’t keep sitting at home wishing there was some place where you could get some exercise. You need this class!

Hey Henry, congratulations to Coach Terry Denson and the Ola High girls swim team. They are county champions in the first year of this program. You all worked hard and deserve this win!

Hey Henry, I would like to give a shout out to the lady who works at the Taco Bell near Union Grove High school. Nicest lady I have ever met in a drive-through. She deserves recognition!

Hey Henry, It makes me really sad to see all the clear cutting done on Iris Lake Road. Will Henry County ever truly care about the environment? Without clean air and oxygen then we can all kiss ourselves goodbye. Poor wildlife has no where to go but the highways, we know what happens there. Henry County needs to put in laws to protect the trees and wildlife that still exist, before it is a barren desert!

Hey Henry, with all the ATM machines being broken into or stolen, has anyone considered using tracking devices? Corporations: you may have it all, but you still need to protect it all.

Hey Henry, why do the phrases “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing?