Hey Henry - 02.04.15

Hey Henry, can we get some love and support for our middle school student athletes. A kid named Jalen Mason at Woodland Middle School scored 43 points in a basketball game last week. Henry County has some great undiscovered kids.

Hey Henry, seems the commissioners don’t read this paper. We are fed up! Will you ever understand? You work for us! What you are doing has to stop. Farming out things we have people on staff to do. Waste of money!

Hey Henry, I would like to tell you that the DOT has re-timed the traffic light at the intersection of Zack Hinton Parkway and Postmaster Drive correcting the 3 minute wait. I’d like to but I can’t!

Hey Henry, I think our world’s getting too complicated when opening a W-2 envelope requires instructions.

Hey Henry, I’m pretty sure if you check the Hey Henry Archives; the same people whining about the new signals on the Square are the same ones that were whining about the Take Gap-Give Gap sign, which worked great for those who understood it’s meaning. I never had a problem with it. When it’s your turn just close your eyes and go.

Hey Henry, I moved here from North Atlanta thinking a change would be good, but what I found was piles of trash all along the roadsides, particularly around Springdale and Eastlake. I am ashamed to have visitors from the Northside. Aren’t there prison workers in Henry County? Are you too broke to pay to have your county cleaned up?

Hey Henry, special thanks to the staff of the Henry County Code Enforcement Department under the leadership of Arthur Weems for having the dead tree removed at the abandoned nursery on Fairview Road.

Hey Henry, to the people complaining about the Square last week, people don’t know how to take gap, give gap without almost causing wrecks. The new system is safer.

Hey Henry, the new slogan for historic downtown Hampton should be STOP with 11 stop signs and 2 crosswalks in about 1000 feet.

Hey Henry, as we journey through life we often meet people who make a difference in a person’s life, such as Sandra Newton. Her contact with individuals in the Community Service Program has allowed her to make a positive impact on young as well as old.

Hey Henry, my sweet parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They have shown us that marrying your best friend makes love last through the good times and bad. They still love loving each other! We want to thank them for showing us how it’s done and making it look so easy. We love you!

Hey Henry, Thank you for putting the white strips, for slowing the cars down on Jackson Lake Rd. You rock!

Hey Henry, Thanks to Mike Huckabee for saying Christians have a right and freedom to believe as they like.

Hey Henry, must be nice to work a county job and be able to do your knitting when you should be working. I want a job like that.