Hey Henry - 01.28.15

Hey Henry, my dad used to say, “if it were raining gold nuggets someone would be complaining about them hitting them in the head.” Boy is that ever true today.

Hey Henry, Henry County Public Safety, have you considered outsourcing the Georgia State Patrol to monitor the highways. l still do not see you out there. Drivers are getting so disrespectful in so many ways.

Hey Henry, had a bad mix-up at Walmart today. When the cashier said strip down facing me, apparently she was referring to my debit card!

Hey Henry, thanks to Commissioner Holmes and the county employees who helped get rid of the huge, rotten tree that was near the Citgo Station on Fairview Road.

Hey Henry, the commissioners burying their pay increase in the resolution requesting legislation to clarify the authority of the board of commissioners, the county manager and the chairperson, is almost as sneaky as freezing someones pay in order to keep it at the same level, instead of it going down (in correlation with the newly sworn in sheriffs pay rate), and making it look like they are taking one for the team. What a bunch of crooks.

Hey Henry, don’t judge me; I’m only superficial on the outside.

Hey Henry, paying for “free” college for middle class students. That’s just what our economy needs. Great job Obama!

Hey Henry, just when you thought traffic around the McDonough Square couldn’t get worse, someone proves us wrong. The new pattern for the traffic signals is horrible. It took 13 minutes from the train tracks to the Square. What worries me is that these are the same elected officials that make decisions on how we live.

Hey Henry, can we please get someone to pick up our overflowing newspaper and magazine recycle dumpsters. Hidden Valley Senior Center and Stockbridge High are the ones I see most often. They are an unsightly look for our community.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the Ola Middle School wrestling team. They took county, which is the first championship title to be won by the school. Way to go boys! We are so proud of you!

Hey Henry, get well soon Mrs. McKneely of Woodland Elementary School. Your students have missed you so much!

Hey Henry, I want to give a shout out to Pope Francis for saying “get off your devices and actually talk to each other.” Now if we would just actually do it.

Hey Henry, BOC is still farming out road design and construction to private firms when we have the personnel in house to do it. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Hey Henry, will anybody alive today live long enough to see the new one-way road built from the railroad tracks on Jonesboro Road to the Square?

Hey Henry, Palin is seriously considering running for President in 2016? Seriously? What a joke!

Hey Henry, two lanes that merge into one is a recipe for daily road rage. So, a special thanks goes out to the new Jodeco Road bridge.