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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.

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Hey Henry, the growing movement to see the privatization of county employees and resources (with the exception of first responders and support personnel) is a good idea. This will allow us to pay our first responders the wages they deserve. There is something wrong when a paper shuffler at the tax office makes more than a fireman or EMT.

Hey Henry, our neighborhood had 20 homes/vehicles burglarized in one night. Seventeen years living in this subdivision and we never had to worry about anything like this happening. A young man was using a drill at 3 a.m. to get into cars. At night the drill looked like a gun and my eyesight is not very good ... unless I’m aiming at something.

Hey Henry, whose idea was it to build a brand new high-tech high school on a two-lane road but not add a turn lane to the already congested area? Rocky Creek Elementary has 2 turn lanes. Hampton Middle has 2 turn lanes. Hampton High, ZERO! Another example of the left hand having no idea what the right hand is doing.

Hey Henry, why are the water bills astronomical now? One person in a house with a high efficiency washer doing three loads of laundry a week should not warrant a $148 water bill? What is up with that and this new billing? Anyone?

Hey Henry, it should be a requirement for school buses, especially Special Needs school buses to have air conditioning. I have a friend with children that have special needs and they get off the bus soaked with sweat everyday because it is so hot on their bus which has no air conditioning. This heat could be a health issue for these children.

Hey Henry, why aren’t the police doing something about all the cars parking at the very beginning of Glynn Addy and Tye Streets every weekend, and during the week also. An accident waiting to happen. There’s a “No Parking On the Street” sign located there.

Hey Henry, whoever the County put in the Gradall on Sunday in the middle of the night on Price Quarters Road does not know how to operate it. Banging the bucket half the night.

Hey Henry, and hey thief, re: the stolen legal real estate directional signs from roadsides. The victims of your crime (builders) would appreciate you returning their property. If the signs are over the right-of-way property line and on private property they are legal, even without a sign permit attached. Large wooden signs must have a permit. You are a thief. Anyone who would like a reward for revealing the thief, please find your way to an advertised community via those legal signs. Give us a lead. You remain anonymous.

Hey Henry, what's up with schools and recess? My son’s elementary school on Highway 81 has cut recess to 15 minutes out of almost 8 hours of school counting the bus ride and they only get one PE class each week. Kids need a break to reenergize and get fresh air more than that! Are all schools doing this?

Hey Henry, has a book store ever been looted?

Hey Henry, traffic on Walt Stephens Road is ridiculous because of people jumping off the interstate. They need to stay on the interstate and stop making secondary roads parking lots. The people that live in the neighborhoods don’t appreciate the inconvenience you cause.



Hey Henry, I would like to thank the guys at the City of McDonough Fire Station located across from the State Court on John Frank Ward Blvd. One of my co-workers/friend was experiencing neck pain and a severe headache. She went to the Fire Dept. on her lunch break and had her blood pressure checked. They were so attentive and even called in additional paramedics to run an EKG on her. It still amazes me how underpaid our Fireman and Police Officers are. They serve our community selflessly and deserve so much more recognition. Thank You guys … for possibly saving my co-worker’s life.

Hey Henry, let’s take what we can get; there will never be a Neiman Marcus store on Walt Stephens Road.

Hey Henry, a vast majority of those that comment here voice their problems without also including a solution. As far as I know, that is simply whining. Unless anyone can come up with a better idea for any of the grievances being written, start looking toward the positive and be grateful for all the things you have in your life instead of just the negative. We would all be a lot better off.

Hey Henry, instead of the Henry County Commission/HCDOT advertising for employees, I believe we, the Henry County property taxpayers, are better served by our Commission pursuing a private/public partnership with the small business community to perform those services instead of the County hiring more employees. Moreover, where is it written that respective property owners cannot or should not mow their vegetation along the right of way? I am taxed enough already; aren’t you?

Hey Henry, we need a four way stop sign at Hwy. 81 E. and Jackson Lake Road in McDonough. There have been numerous accidents at that intersection. Help! Thank You!

Hey Henry, Thank You! I read Hey Henry every week to remind me not to be so angry about petty issues. Where is the love?

Hey Henry, I would like to say Thank You to the businesses and everyone involved in the National Night Out in McDonough last Tuesday. We had a great time and everyone we spoke to was very nice. I appreciate having things like this in our town.

Hey Henry, to the people who broke into our house on Cotton Indian and stole my husband’s lawn equipment. That is how we fed our children. That is how we paid our bills. Get a job. Karma is real and yours is coming.

Hey Henry, a great big Thank You for getting the turn signal light up at Hwy. 81 East and Bethany Road! About time!

Hey Henry, when you’re going to pave a primarily residential road don’t you think you should give the residents some sort of say or even just a notice so they can plan accordingly?

Hey Henry, Thank You to the person who found my purse and turned it into management at the Kroger/Chick-Fil-A on August 9. God Bless you for your kindness.

Hay Henry, regarding the road side signs as you come into Henry County. I have found them to be very useful. The wooden stakes make great tomato plant supports. The signs make a very good cover to place around the bottom of the tomato plants and also other plants and trees to keep the grass from growing and produces better tomatoes and fruit. If they don’t have a Henry County sign permit attached to them then they are illegal. Therefore they can be picked up. So lets make Henry County beautiful again. I got 15 today and 200 in the past two months.



Hey, Henry, I don’t understand why Georgians, especially people from Henry County, aren’t trying to help the Para Climbing Athletes who just won Nationals get to the IFCS World Championships in Gijon, Spain this September. These physically impaired athletes (wheelchair, leg amputee, arm amputee, blind) have worked so hard to get this far and now because of lack of funding they can’t go to represent Georgia and the USA. Yes, one of the athletes is from Henry County. Shame on you.

Hey Henry, the traffic jams and lines at places where “free” back to school items are being handed out is very telling about society. And it is a lesson in continued dependency for the kids.

Hey Henry, to the whiners complaining about the Family Dollar Store proposal on Walt Stephens Road, this is a welcomed retail chain that will pay taxes and employ people in Stockbridge. “Green spaces” cost the rest of us money. Where were you when all of the business requests were filed for all the used tire stores, used car lots, check cashing locations that don’t even have English on their signs or eating establishments that cook food in their parking lot? It’s amazing how many of you shop at the Dollar Store across the street compared to how few of you are all mouthy about this issue. Move out of Stockbridge if you don’t like it.

Hey Henry, on food stamps and don’t like the Governor? I’m pretty sure he didn’t have your vote prior to your problem calling in for a handout.

Hey Henry, why is it that we have so many people that can’t write plainly, and why is it so hard to put some effort toward writing so that it can be read?

Hey Henry, I know you think you are being kind or courteous but in reality you are being a complete donkey. When driving, if you have the right of way, you take it. Anything else is dangerous and irresponsible.

Hey Henry, has anyone else noticed that when you cross from Fayette and Clayton into Henry County the roadside signs increase? What happened to code enforcement?

Hey Henry, my newest pet peeve is when people pull out of a parking lot, then stop at a stop sign in a lane intended for driving and talk on their cellphones. I mean how stupid can you be? They set a great example for their children and other drivers.

Hey Henry, what are we going to have to do about getting some piece and quiet in our neighborhood from the loud cars and motorcycles? Are we going to have to get outside help?

Hey Henry, to the texting driver in the burgundy SUV on Coan Road on 7/28, who took down the mailbox, losing your passenger mirror in the process ... did you learn anything? Probably not.

Hey Henry, whatever happened to “You’re Welcome.” I don’t feel appreciated when I tell someone “Thank you” and they reply “No Problem.” I also think “My Pleasure” leaves something to be desired as a reply.

Hey Henry, I really enjoyed Charmaine Robinson’s column last week about her grandfather. I hope she writes more.

Hey Henry, I went and saw the movie “Get On Up” about James Brown. Well get on up and go see this fantastic movie! There are many moments of great words and wisdom. Don’t let it pass you by. I didn’t know these things about James Brown. So glad I watched this.



Hey, Henry, what is the leadership of Stockbridge City Council going to do about the Family Dollar Store that we don’t want in our community. I bet if this was Eagle’s Landing it would be a no brainer. We are putting the leadership of Stockbridge on notice to create an overlay district for our community so that, we the people, can have a say!

Hey Henry, to county employees who take sick days to go and work at their part time jobs: you are doing that on the backs of the county taxpayers! Sick days are for illness. Not to make more money!

Hey Henry, why does the police department need to have several different types of uniforms and cars? No wonder the commissioners want to raise taxes. It is cheaper to have one style of uniform and the same car for everyone. A no brainer. I was a police officer for 37 years and have never seen such a gross waste of taxpayers money.

Hey Henry, instead of the United States worrying about mayhem in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East perhaps United States citizens would be better served if we focused our attention and resources developing closer relationships with our Central and South American neighbors. After all, they actually want to be our friends and neighbors.

Hey Henry, ever notice how plentiful Locust Grove police officers are with speed traps and sitting in gore areas during normal traffic? Where are they when the I-75/Bill Gardner Parkway area is a snarled mess whenever there is a backup on I-75? Couldn’t they be manually directing traffic?

Hey Henry, the only war being waged on women is coming from liberals and the left. They assume I am too stupid or weak to be able to take care of myself, purchase my own birth control, find a Planned Parenthood if I can't afford to pay for it, and that only the Federal Government can make choices for me on someone else’s dime. The dumbing down of women is the real war.

Hey Henry, McDonough police gave every car on my block a ticket for parking in the opposite direction of traffic. In a small community? Yes! In the middle of the night? Yes! When there is mostly no traffic? Yes! When no one was obstructing other vehicles? Yes! Violation 40-6-200 (A) is $140. Amazing? Yes.

Hey Henry, the school year is about to be back in session, and for those parents who want to complain about kids being dropped off at subdivisions, bus stops or schools...take a minute and write down the tag number and call the HCBOE and speak to someone in Student Services! Or call the school they are dropped off in front off! I can assure you I write them down and notify the proper people and students HAVE been withdrawn because they are found to live in Clayton County.

Hey Henry, know someone needing to get food stamp assistance? Hope you are computer literate, and have no desire to speak to a human being, because our beloved Governor has set up a call center for interviews to get food stamps, and guess what? Nobody answers the phone! DFACS employees are not to be bothered with your need for food stamps anymore-so forget pleading your case with them! They are too busy making copies of your paperwork involving OTHER needs. I sat on hold for an hour at DFACS-(they do supply a bank of phones for your usage, just as long as you don’t expect to actually talk to someone on the other end)-was disconnected, then blocked from further attempts to call with a recording stating they are dealing with too many phone calls at present, please try another time! Ya think?



Hey Henry, James Madison said “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” So true, as we head into the election season educate yourself about the facts. Do not make an uninformed vote, uniformed voters are why America is in decline.

Hey Henry, is it ironic to anyone but me that an employee is named assistant county manager and the next month her county-employed husband is given a promotion and hefty raise? Not only is it against county policy for a spouse to manage or supervise the other spouse but neither opening was posted, and they wonder why morale is so low among its employees. Are you listening Board of Commissioners?

Hey Henry, I’m not a civil engineer and would not tell them how to build roads but shouldn’t the utility poles be on the side of the road and not in the middle of the new street? Just asking.

Hey Henry, what’s the story with the naked man walking down the middle of Hwy. 81 near Tractor Supply at 11 p.m. Wednesday, July 16 and the Henry County police thrusting him to the ground and putting him in cuffs?

Hey Henry, I’m sure that church will probably close down, since your politics didn’t allow you to join.

Hey Henry, I agree with the person that said do not be rude to the people out doing political surveys. Political and religious surveys are protected under freedom of speech. Only a no trespassing sign prohibits someone from surveying your neighborhood. The Commerce Department of Georgia states that solicitation is seeking money through sales or requests. It is amazing how rude people are to someone volunteering their time.

Hey Henry, I thought the folks at the recycling center are there to do community service. Since when is that sitting in the shade in front of a fan conversing and watching while residents dump their recycling?

Hey Henry, I think we should start a pre-school movement to stop all fundraising. I know as a parent I would prefer the school to just ask for a check up front from each child than to have to fundraise all year long. I would gladly write a check to the school and to the PTO if I didn’t have to be bothered with selling all that junk that nobody wants. Who is with me?

Hey Henry, “Thank You” to the volunteers at the Veteran’s Memorial Museum (located at Heritage Park) who gave the VIP tour to my 9 year old son and his friend. My older son was playing baseball and while I watched his game, these men were gracious enough to educate these boys on the history of the military. These men are so passionate and take great pride in their service to our country. I am very grateful for the time and attention given to my son and his friend. The museum is run by volunteers and is an amazing place! Please take the time to visit and to show your support to all military men and women and their families.

Hey Henry, does McDonough not have a truck route? There are way too many trucks (18 wheelers, dumps, straight) that tie up the traffic including around the Square. It is ridiculous how much time it takes to travel within the actual city of McDonough.

Hey Henry, take the time to vote. It counts.



Hey Henry, kudos to Rodney L. Brown at the Locust Grove Driver’s License office for his courtesy and professionalism. The desk greeters were also very courteous and efficient in welcoming a long line of customers.

Hey Henry, to the adults who joined the library’s reading club: remember to turn in your “bingo cards” sometime in July to be part of a drawing for prizes!

Hey Henry, what’s the deal with the Stockbridge Tower at the intersection of Rock Quarry Road and Eagles Landing Parkway. The money could have been used to keep the libraries open. How effective will it be; especially since it’s view is blocked by a pole.

Hey Henry, frankly, our funding priority must be to fund only those essential projects and/or services that are “basic” and “common” to all of our respective citizens. Moreover, we must further filter those projects and/or services eliminating those projects and/or services that are commercially available and/or prudent for the average citizen to acquire by their own means.

Hey Henry, to the woman who stole my lanterns with my luminaria candles from my front porch, I want to let you know I have video of it. May 22, 10:39 p.m., You drove past my house then turned around, parked your SUV between my house and my neighbors. You ran between my house when a car came by, then you stole my lanterns. This is a felony. Please return my property and I won’t take the video to the police. No questions asked.

Hey Henry, whose bright idea was it to install a 4 way stop at Georgia Hwy. 20 and Eastlake Road. When school starts at Timber Ridge Elementary School traffic will be backed up to Conyers. Smart idea DOT.

Hey Henry, to all those so called good Christians. Leave the judging to God and love your neighbor as God has instructed. I was going to join a local mega church in Henry County, but when I went to fill out the membership form it asked if I believed in the biblical way of marriage. I do, but, I also know this is the U.S. and all people have the same rights. So I left said church. To me that is a form of hate and God is not about hate, but love.

Hey Henry, in these miserable last 5 years, no one can honestly say the libraries were singled out when every department has taken terrible financial hits. I know the library is your pet project, but it may not be the priority of other taxpayers.

Hey Henry, I would like to ask County workers to please stop making our community a cut through. The new street light at Autumn Lake Drive and Hwy. 81 seems to make everyone constantly cut through. We even have up to 10 school buses cut through during school. We only have three schools that should be coming through. We are having way too much traffic cutting through. We have kids in this community and would hate to see one get hit due to you using our community as a cut through. This is a homeowner’s association and we don’t like the traffic.

Hey Henry, to the lady driving the black Tahoe on Hwy. 155 around 3:12 pm. Just in case you haven’t heard it is illegal to text and drive. When you almost ran into the side of the semi I thought you would have been smart enough to stop, but you kept on and almost caused several more accidents.

Hey Henry, I want to wish my husband Don a very Happy 50th Anniversary on July 16! We made it! Thanks for a wonderful 50 years.



Hey Henry, congratulations to the five Henry County Parks and Recreation Special Olympic Athletes and Unified Partners who were chosen to participate in the Special Olympic USA Games in New Jersey June 14-21. They did an amazing job and brought home lots of medals! Henry County should be so proud of these young people and their accomplishments!

Hey Henry, if the global warming crowd is correct, it is too late! China and India, with 2 billion mouths to feed, will never stop industrial output. On the bright side, less fossil fuel will be used for heating and Georgia will be the most popular beachfront vacation spot.

Hey Henry, instead of voting along party lines, why don’t you do some research and vote for the BEST candidate! If people actually voted for the BEST candidate then we would not be so divided as a nation, and the politicians would actually have to work for your vote and be honest. The ugly smear campaigns with the blatant lies are getting worse as we creep towards November. We are surely in a sad state of affairs.

Hey Henry, a couple of weeks ago the buzz was Henry County was finally getting a Chipotle, Panera, and Five Guys. Now you can’t find any information. I called the business license department and zoning department and they knew nothing about it. Is this another cruel joke on Henry County?

Hey Henry, anyone who believes there is a “war on women” has obviously never spent a day in divorce court.

Hey Henry, slow down on Tye Street. Very upset that someone hit one of the 2 adult ducks that have been there with babies by the nature preserve and just left on the road. I have watched these ducks since they were infants. Please slow down by this nature preserve and slow down in general! We need signs there. Those ducks did not move fast.

Hey Henry, I would like to say Thank You to Hope at Henry County Code Enforcement. You do a great job when it comes to crazy neighbors!

Hey Henry, if you believe the county had to make a “choice” between keeping the libraries open and public safety positions, I’ve got some beach front property I'd like to sell you. There are plenty of places the county could have trimmed expenses to keep the libraries open, starting with the half million they spent on new accounting software. Bottom line is, they could have, they just didn’t want to.

Hey Henry, I keep hearing how the county needs revenue. How about enforcing Georgia law that requires owners of rental property to have a business license? You might also find some under appraised houses due to additional bedrooms and/or bathrooms and illegal homestead exemptions, thereby raising more revenue.

Hey Henry, to whomever dumped the 8 puppies at Heritage Park on July 5, you should be ashamed. A policeman found them and they were taken to animal control. Not only did you put your puppies in danger, you also cost the lives of other dogs there, to make room for the ones you abandoned. I don’t know how you sleep at night. Please have the momma spayed, or find her a good home. Oh, but did you dump her, too?

Hey Henry, can we please put an end to tractor trailers on Speer and Walt Stephens road? Traffic is terrible already with drivers avoiding I-75 gridlock and the tractor trailers make it even worse for the residents that actually live in the area.



Hey Henry, to the young man wearing the “Dysfunctional Veteran: Leave Me Alone” t-shirt at Heritage Park: you are welcome in my life and no doubt you are welcome in the lives of the wonderful military veterans who volunteer at the museum at Heritage Park. You matter to Henry County folks. Walk around the grounds of Heritage Park on a regular basis and you will find caring people. Wear the shirt if you want to. My apologies for not leaving you alone.

Hey Henry, car builders quit putting ash trays in vehicles so now people throw their butts along with trash out the window. Quit putting turn signals on vehicles, people do not use those either, and I’m glad you put the idiot brake light on the back of the vehicle, so now people do not have to replace their tail brake lights.

Hey Henry, I think that the celebration of Patrick Henry is racially insensitive. He was for the oppression of blacks, and was pro slavery, and even owned a few slaves. Hypocritically: he is known to be quoted as saying “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

Hey Henry, when you drive down Hwy. 155 please do not throw your trash in my yard. Didn’t your parents teach you how to hold onto your trash until you find a trashcan? What is wrong with you?

Hey Henry, as we enter the political season remember the people (most of them college age) knocking on your door for surveys are volunteering their time. They are concerned about their future. Show some class by not being rude and slamming the door in their face.

Hey Henry, I just want to say Thanks to the HCDOT for finally cutting the grass on Flippen Road.

Hey Henry, the library system is run by professionals who know library law and best practices. They have 5 and 10 year plans in place, including projected growth. They have been warning the BOC for five years that this crisis was coming, and the BOC are the ones with their heads in the sand!

Hey Henry, you work for the county for 8+ years while going school to better yourself only to find out it does not matter. The county does not promote from within. Do you really have to ask why morale is low among county workers?

Hey Henry, can anyone explain why the gasoline gets more expensive just a couple miles east of McDonough?

Hey Henry, a huge Thank You to McDonough Animal Hospital for being a participating veterinarian in the SpayGeorgia low-cost spay/neuter program available to anyone! You are a great help in reducing the cat and dog population by making it affordable for everyone. Now there is no reason to say you can't afford to spay or neuter your pet.

Hey Henry, I was riding by the old Mercer Tractor place on Macon St. and noticed how bad it looked. They have had an auction sign up with a date that is several years old. There is broken glass and weeds too. Why has the City of McDonough not enforced the ordinance rules on the present owner? I smell a lawsuit.

Hey Henry, ignorance is rampant in Henry County. The saying: ‘the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ is true.



Hey Henry, I would like to thank the beautiful, honest, young blond woman at the Jonesboro Road Chick-fil-A. I left my purse in the serve yourself area. I left the restaurant and when I realized my mistake raced back to find she had turned it in. She had babies in tow. I asked if I could buy her lunch and she said no, she worked there. Tears in my eyes and a hug was all I could do. Words can never express how thankful I am for your honesty. Bless you.

Hey Henry, the four way stop at Highway 20 and Eastlake Road is an improvement, but a roundabout is a bad idea. GDOT please put in a light.

Hey Henry, if you forget you have a child in the car you do not need to be a parent.

Hey Henry, will the money for the libraries come from animal shelters, police and fire or senior centers?

Hey Henry, I am sick and tired of hearing about climate change and global warming. I think it’s hogwash. It would help if there were laws in place forbidding developers to go in and clear cut every square inch of property, not only in Georgia but also the world. When I go on an exotic vacation all the natural plants are gone. Replaced by golf courses and palm trees. I want to see the natural beauty of the place that God designed. Not man.

Hey Henry, thank you to Monroe Roark for his article on HCFD on 911 calls and their dispatch of their fire trucks. Good info to know.

Hey Henry, The Board of Commissioners do not believe it is their responsibility to keep Henry County Libraries open. It is their responsibility to decide how Henry County tax dollars are spent. If you want to keep you local libraries open you need to let your county commissioner know. If they decide not to fund Henry County Libraries, we need to vote them out.

Hey Henry, voting for a democrat is like voting for the devil. There’s not a one I’d ever vote for.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Kaye West, who just celebrated her 40th anniversary with Henry County Libraries. She’s still sweet and pretty too!

Hey Henry, as a new resident of Georgia and Henry County, I have two observations. Did everyone around here get a discount for not having blinkers installed or are you just low on blinker fluid? Also, I watched a group clean up along Hwy. 155 in front of Greenwood Industrial and two days later it was totally trashed again. For such a beautiful state, there are a lot of slobs here.

Hey Henry, why do the Locust Grove police have to sit in the middle of the road to give tickets, especially in downtown LG in traffic. #accidentwaitingtohappen

Hey Henry, did any of the library administrators do any budget projecting over the past five years or so? Any competent business does that, so this shortfall in funding should not catch them so off guard. Perhaps they need better financial people instead of all “book” people.

Hey Henry, I have hired a witch to put a hex on all hackers that are messing up my computer and stealing my time.

Hey Henry, to the person that wrote “a Georgia Republican would as soon vote for the devil as he would a Democrat,” how do you know you haven’t already voted for a few “devils” regardless of party affiliation?



Hey Henry, a Georgia Republican would as soon vote for the devil as he would a Democrat. Jason Carter has no chance to be governor.

Hey Henry, in response to the person who wondered why a firetruck comes to a scene with only medical issues: the person may need advanced life support where extra paramedics are needed to assist in difficulty breathing and chest pains. The bigger question is why is 911 is called for a stubbed toe or a toothache?

Hey Henry, the students who didn’t graduate probably failed the EOCT - End Of Course Test. These have been required for years and have nothing to do with Common Core. Many students are struggling with the math curriculum these days.

Hey Henry, to the person or persons at Padres Mexican restaurant on Hwy. 155 South on May 8. On behalf of the McDonough veterans support group, from the bottom of our heart we would like to thank you for your grateful and generous gift over and beyond anything that we could imagine. It is people like you that make us proud to have served and there is a special place for people like you.

Hey Henry, to the person wanting to pave Laney Road: why do you want it to be paved, so you can go faster through here? Most people are going so fast through there that it’s ridiculous. If you don’t like it, then why don’t you take South Ola to New Hope? My family has been living on Laney Road for close to 200 years and even when it was a dirt road we didn’t have a problem. We don’t want a paved road.

Hey Henry, in regards to my new cable box from Charter: I do not appreciate the graphic descriptions of the porn available on pay per view. I don’t want to read about hot girl on girl action or whatever on my screen. The name of the channel should be sufficient for anyone.

Hey Henry, why is it that just when you think someone with half a brain has fixed the traffic lights in McDonough, they get all screwed up again backing traffic up by blocks. OMG! Is it really that difficult to get these lights right?

Hey Henry, glad to know gay people don’t have an agenda. Here I’ve been under the impression that I was a bigot if I wasn’t willing to participate. What a relief!

Hey Henry, to the State DOT: I realize the Jodeco Road bridge over I-75 is a work in progress. But if you had created some turn lanes to access I-75, it wouldn’t now take 20 minutes just to cross over the bridge!

Hey Henry, the rest of society has to kowtow to the whims of a minute percentage of the population? Feeling that an agenda is being crammed down your throat by the media makes you bigoted? If that’s the definition, I’m proud to be one.

Hey Henry, people need to stop judging others. God will take care of that.

Hey Henry, I’ve worked for the county for over 15 years and known Chief Nichols for as long. I’ve had conversations with him throughout my term here and he is a good man. I believe that over the course of time something’s going to happen that can’t be controlled. What I do see is that Tommy Smith wants to be in control ... what’s the deal? Look at the county’s statistics on crime compared to the rest of metro. And Michael Harris was one of the best and the BOC let him go ... for real?



Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, Richard Campbell! I love you to infinity and beyond! Dawn.

Hey Henry, on May 20 my life changed, with you no longer in it. Bob Shepherd, I miss you terribly, ache to talk to you and wish I could see your smile. We all miss you and wish you a very special first Father’s Day in Heaven. We Love You Dad!

Hey Henry, Happy Fathers Day John! You are the best dad ever! Love S.

Hey Henry, to my wonderful parental unit who goes by the name of Michael: you’re the best dad there is, by far and I’m so lucky to have you! Thanks for your continued love, support, and guidance. I love you so much!

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to the perfect dad for me! Custom created to be my dad, I couldn’t be more blessed to have Donald Walburn as a father! Now that I have my own child, you continue to be such a positive influence in my life. Love you, Daddy!

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to the best dad around - Clarence Roe! We know our Dad loves us because: He tells us so every day. He loves God and teaches us to love Him, too. He comes to all of our school events. His cheer is one of the loudest at the hockey games. He plays outside with us. He teaches us how to do things like cut grass and fix or build things. He helps us on science projects. He teases our friends. He works hard every day, even Saturdays. He makes us laugh all the time. Dad, we love you. You are definitely the best dad in the whole world, created by God especially for us! Ashlyn and Levi.

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to my father - the marine, the police officer, the fisherman, my role model and financial advisor. I love you. Thank you for allowing me to make my own mistakes and always being there to help me get back on my feet. Love N.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the most important man in my life, Mike, or lovingly known as “Dad.” Thanks for all that you do, you are THE man!

Hey Henry, I’d like to give a shout out to my father, Jim Allen. Dad, you’ve always been my hero and, as I get older, the father I aspire to be. I love you! Tony.

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to Don Stephens! You’re a great Dad and Papa. We all love you!

Hey Henry, we would like to say Happy Father’s Day to our father, John Gleaton. We appreciate you and love you very much! Daddy you are the Best, your babies, Joshua and Jayla.



Hey Henry, caution to all who work out at LA Fitness. I had items stolen there and I am not the first. I asked about cameras in the main areas or sign postings, but there are none. I filed a police report but don't expect much. This is the second time a thief has stolen items from me in Henry County. Beware.

Hey Henry, in the future, you may rest assured that if each library property contains a basketball court, baseball diamond or soccer field they will never experience one penny in budget cuts.

Hey Henry, as far as the gay thing goes I couldn’t care less about the petty whims of a minute percentage of the population. But on the subject of pedophiles, within the next 20 years they will be petitioning the courts for rights and in some western and New England states they will win.

Hey Henry, I will be glad when the election is over, so my phone will stop ringing off the hook, wanting me to vote for the candidate that is calling. Let me have your number so I can call you and tell you who I am voting for.

Hey Henry, to the people who live on Laney Drive: just because it’s the weekend does not give you the right to shoot your guns all day! Living in the country is supposed to be quiet. Sounds like World War III out here. Plus we have a hole in the siding from a stray bullet. Thanks.

Hey Henry, to all the teachers in Henry County, Thank You for your hard work this last year! Now, I have an opening day assignment: the word of the day should be “converse!” Please teach our youth that “conversate” does not belong in the English language!

Hey Henry, my son tells me that he has my mom on speed dial. Then he tells me, he calls that Instagram! My son, future comedian of America, or at least Henry County!

Hey Henry, my mother instilled in me the value of a thank you note. Dear Sir, Thank You so much for your very generous gift left on the table at the Huddle House last Tuesday evening. Your thoughtfulness has helped to pave an easier road to college graduation. Please know that your kindness was greatly appreciated.

Hey Henry, when are we going to have the much needed new exit (as proposed) I-75 between exit 212 and 216. Looking forward to the congestion relief.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Coach Brad and the 1999 Henry County Girls Thunder Soccer Club on winning State Champs. They will represent Georgia, in Alabama, for Regionals June 12-15. Good Luck Girls!

Hey Henry, based on the new library budget which branches are closing, or are we going to 3 days a week now? What an embarrassment.

Hey Henry, from watching the Commissioners on T.V. it appears that there will be more fiscal belt tightening this year. That is sad, but don’t dare think about raising taxes. They will be high enough when values return.

Hey Henry, the students who didn’t graduate probably failed the EOCT—End Of Course Test. These have been required for years and have nothing to do with Common Core. Many students are struggling with the math curriculum these days.


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