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Angels among us


Jimmie Batchelor
Guest Columnist

  With all the sad and shocking events in the news media today, good things that are happening seem almost non-existent, having been pushed aside for the more riveting headlines. I find it very fulfilling to hear stories focusing on the good deeds done in our world. These can totally change one’s outlook on life. It is as if you were given a feast after many days of famine when mostly the negative is what you have seen and heard.   

 I am writing to assure you that, yes, there are angels walking among us and they deserve attention too!

  I am referring to our fellow man whose actions speak volumes for the goodness in the human race. We just need to look around us and pay attention. We are among angels every day. I call them angels. No wings, maybe an invisible halo. Do you remember the movie “Michael” starring John Travolta? He was earning his wings on earth. I believe we have many wings being earned right in front of us.

   Hidden Valley Senior Center seniors have their own angel. Truth be told, we have many doing good deeds at Hidden Valley, but this particular angel I call our “secret benefactor.” No one knows who this person is, well - just a couple of us know, but we will not tell.

  Due to this person’s generosity, our seniors have been able to enjoy fun-filled gatherings to celebrate holidays, dances to liven up all of our lives with music, good food, and good fellowship, just to name a few of our benefits. Material blessings that just make our center a pleasure for all who enter.

  Many of us don’t stop to think what good deeds we can do every day to help each other through life. Just as this person wishes to remain anonymous, there are many out there doing good everyday who go unnoticed, but someone’s life has made a turn for the better as a result of what this person has done for them.

  I personally feel that the best good deed is when no one, other than the giver, knows what was done. Everyone seems to benefit most when someone does an act of kindness out of their love for other people, their generosity, and wanting to make life easier and better for others. The good will always come back around to the giving person. Good begets good, don’t you agree?

   In the end, all are good deeds, whether in secret or not. Look at all the meals delivered to the Henry County homebound through Meals-on-Wheels. So many good people out there doing this good service for others.

  The next time you are feeling low, think of something you can do to brighten some other life and it will brighten yours. No matter how little you have, there is always something you can give to others, even if it is some of your time to lend an ear or just a smile.

  Back to our wonderful secret pal we have at Hidden Valley, saying thanks just doesn’t seem enough, but everyone here is so very grateful for the generosity given to us by this kind and thoughtful person. We say to you, whoever you are, “Thank you! You have added so much to so many lives.” All of us stand and salute you!


  Jimmie and her family have lived in Stockbridge for 35 years. She is the Lead Activities Coordinator at Hidden Valley Senior Center.




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