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Moyes owner launches line of nutritional supplements


By Jason A. Smith
Times Correspondent

  Loren Pierce said pharmacists share a unique connection to the communities and residents in the areas they serve.

  “We’re the first person they come to when they need health care,” said Pierce, 47, who owns Moye’s Pharmacy. “We’re accessible and inexpensive.”

Moye’s Pharmacy owner and Henry County native, Loren Pierce, recently launched his own line of nutritional supplements.
                                                      Photo by Jason A. Smith

  The Henry County native recently launched the Dr. Pierce’s Favorite line of nutritional supplements for independent pharmacies. It includes tools for increased energy, improved weight management, blood pressure and blood sugar support.

  “It’s kind of like my boutique line that you won’t find anywhere else except the Dr. Pierce website, Moye’s Pharmacies and other independent pharmacies,” he said.

  Pierce was born and raised in the Fairview area, and got his first job at a drug store at age 15. He joined Moye’s in 1990 en route to graduating from pharmacy school at Mercer University a year later. Pierce bought out the pharmacy chain’s previous owner, Tony Moye, in 2009.

  Today, Pierce owns five Moye’s locations in Henry County, as well as the Wender and Roberts Pharmacy in Atlanta, two pharmacies in Florida and a newly-opened Moye’s location in Hogansville, Ga. Pierce said his new products are available in each of the stores he owns.

  “Everything that we’ve done originated from our roots in Henry County,” said Pierce.

  The concept for Pierce’s product line was born in his early days as a pharmacist, and the effort picked up steam last year. Along the way, he said, he discovered that the name he had chosen for his products already had a bit of history attached to it.

  “It’s coincidental that I share the same name with a Dr. Pierce that had a supplement back in the Prohibition era,” he said with a smile. “His trademarks and patents went out in the sixties.”

  Pierce said his overall goal in developing the supplements is to offer solutions that help people live a healthier lifestyle.

  Among the products he has released is a probiotic for gastrointestinal support.

  “Probiotics are beneficial for intestinal health, specifically those people who take antibiotics,” Pierce explained. “They put good biotics back into your intestinal tract.”

  The Dr. Pierce’s Favorite energy blend is a dietary supplement similar to what is found in energy drinks on the market. The difference, Pierce said, is that his blend comes without sugars and extra additives.

  Pierce also offers supplements geared toward weight management. They include cleansers, a fat burner for weight loss and garcinia, which is designed to suppress the appetite and fight cravings.

  Pierce said one of the keys to successful weight management is a commitment to living healthier.

  “If you’re eating more than you’re expending in energy, you’re going to gain weight,” said Pierce. “If you’re going to buy it and expect it to do the job for you, you’re wasting your time. You have to make your mind up.”

  Pierce said his supplements promote healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, by helping to restore vitamins and nutrients which can be depleted by taking medication. He also offers a protein powder, whey isolate, which he called “the purest form of protein that you can get.”

  “You won’t find anything exactly like it,” he said.

  Leslie Hudgins is a marketing and public relations coordinator for Moye’s Pharmacy. She said she appreciates Pierce’s willingness to answer people’s questions regarding the benefits of his product line.

  “I think it’s important because a pharmacist is recommending it,” said Hudgins. “I look to pharmacists for answers more than other healthcare professionals.”

  Dan Sierra and his family have been customers at Moye’s for 26 years. He now works as a merchandising and marketing manager for the chain.

  Sierra said pharmacists are well respected in their communities and know the needs of their customers, and that the Dr. Pierce’s Favorite line will preserve that relationship at Moye’s.

  “Moye’s customers just love Moye’s,” said Sierra. “This just adds into that.”

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