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Changing pastors again


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Perhaps Pastor Charles needed some time off after taking retirement from the Army, but he chose to come lead a small congregation down 81 East instead. And now, Mt. Bethel must let the Jackson family take a sabbatical from serving and leading Ö for a while? We will keep him/them in our prayers as they move into the next stage of life just as we lift up our other former pastors and their families to God.

  It was SO neat seeing his beautiful military jacket with ALL the medals and pins, and hearing how he was led by his grandmother to stay a part of the church. Also appreciated him taking part in our Veteranís memorial program at Heritage Park and thank goodness I could hear him and others on WJGA 92.1. Have enjoyed talking with SeSe, his wife, and learning about their travels all over the world via the Army.

   Maybe being constantly moved from one school to another has helped give teen Christian such an outgoing personality too. He has a wonderful smile, makes it a point to be of assistance to as many as possible every single Sunday at Mt. Bethel and he is as good at hugging as SeSe and Charles.

   Awesome parsonage family, as usual. And once again we must bid them adieu as they step away from the Mt. Bethel branch of the family of God. I always make it a point to leave right after the service on our pastorís last day and have already hugged SeSe so I wonít need those tissues sheís promised to bring that Sunday morning.

   Iíve learned so much from every Methodist leader the district superintendent has sent our way, and each one (and their families) has a special place in my heart. Liked having a preacher with the last name of Outlaw; and he told the most compelling sermons plus his wife, a high school drama teacher, took us to the next level of summer Bible school, complete with plays. She was the one that led our men through their first beautiful Maundy Thursday presentation of Jesus feeding the twelve.

   Remember the Browns too and their darling daughter Angelia who made it her job to help me take my live-in grandkids on picnics and day trips to Indian Springs and Dauset Trails. And then along came the Stroud family, helping us fill the nursery with their sweet little ones, one by one.  Erin taught me about southern, also gave me new ideas for Sunday school and childrenís church. She had several Bible studies at the parsonage and knew just how to teach, be a perfect hostess AND manage her young children effortlessly. I learned about praying flat on the floor from one of her lessons and when Iím REALLY intense about a particular prayer, Iíll use that position.

   SeSe inadvertently helped me with the daily struggles of caregiving. Sometimes Iíd find myself a tad out of control, and Iíd prayed about it, read articles, but couldnít come up with a solution. Then one morning I decided ĎIíll just pretend Iím SeSeí while Iím doing the heavy lifting and tough chores. It worked! Donít know how that came to me, oh yeah I do. I had prayed for His help, for Him to tap me on the shoulder with an idea.  Hah! He did, sent me the message I needed. I stand taller, break out in her best smile, hum a favorite tune and things go so much smoother! Tried several other favorite Methodists but somehow I do better when Iím being SeSe.  Thanks God, for that idea Ö and for the Jacksons.

   Charles, SeSe, Christian; itís been a wonderful ride. Thank you Ö and God bless.

   Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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