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Morning mist


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  With the temperatures rising, Pepper and I head out for our morning walk early before the streets can heat up. Once we are back home, I slip out to the porch with a cup of coffee to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time. Sometimes I pray for particular concerns, but for the most part it’s my “be still” time of day. Granted there are times when I have to force myself to stop thinking so I can “be still,” but once I do so I begin to see and hear the activities of nature around me.

  On clear mornings like today, I love to watch the morning mist rise. Sunbeams begin to slip through the trees providing spotlights on the early arrivals of birds and squirrels, before moving over to kiss the roses by the mailbox. While the rays of light touch the petals, the mist, which had been shrouding them, begins to rise and swirl away.

  This morning I sat a little while longer on the porch, as I thought about a dear friend whose time on this earth is narrowing down. A few years ago she moved away, but we stayed in touch with a daily e-mail back and forth. It was rare for either of us to miss a day, so when her messages stopped last week, I knew her health had taken a turn for the worse. There is a part of me feeling very sad as I miss our shared thoughts and comments, yet another part of me is rejoicing for having had the privilege of getting to know such a positive upbeat person. She has taught me by example to find the brighter side of everything in life. If ever there’s a reason to feel down, she knows just how to turn the mood around, focusing on some great joy. To have such an ability is truly a gift and one she has gladly shared.

  After I thanked God for placing friends in our lives, I turned my focus back to the beauty of the sights and sounds of this special time of day. There are cardinals, bluejays, a tufted titmouse, and a family of brown thrashers feasting on the morning treats, while a robin takes a splashing bath. The sunlight catches the sprays of water from his bath making it appear as shining jewels dripping from the nearby trees. Suddenly there is Catcher, racing to the porch with a mockingbird close behind him. He wasted no time jumping into my lap to escape the attack. Besides, this kitty considers my morning time as a perfectly good opportunity to get his head scratched. The little wrens, who sneak over and steal pieces of his dry cat food, love having this kitty otherwise occupied!

  During these brief minutes each morning, there is no phone or other device to capture my attention. This is strictly a “back to nature” moment for me because this is where I find a closeness with God. It’s where I stop and listen to Him. Because I love nature, it’s the most wonderful way to spend time in the presence of my Lord and know, no matter what the day may spring on me, I am in His constant care. It’s ten minutes of recharging my faith battery.

  Spending time alone with God each day helps the mist in our minds to roll away, allowing us to see things more clearly. Renewed and fortified, we find the strength and wisdom to handle whatever life throws at us. Best of all it helps us to find the goodness and joy of life, sometimes in ways we least expect.


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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