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Let us Pray


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Love that Iíve always been a child of God, know His book, and have a direct line to heaven. Never get a recorded message telling me how many are on hold in front of me, nor am I asked to leave my name and number for a response from the Big Guy. I donít have to even punch in one number, just start my conversation as I walk out the front door, down the ramp and out to the edge of Henry Street. Grab my AJC paper, leave it on the steps and then I take off to the PAC parking lot. And Iím talking as Iím walking. My prayer has a set routine; thank Him for SO much, then bless my family, name by name and the list goes on as I get into ailing Methodists, plus prayer requests Iíve seen on Facebook and also on the news. Maybe ten minutes later, after Iíve lifted up my pastor, piano player and other main Mt. Bethel figures; firefighters, EMTs, police officers, my doctor, mechanics, heat and air crew, etc., etc. I may sing Him a song, one of thanks of course. Thereís ĎOh How I Love Jesusí and ĎJesus Loves Me, This I Know,í ĎHis Name is Wonderful,í love the one about there being food on my table, shoes on my feetÖand the list goes on. Donít sing every one, just whatever comes to me. Thank Him one more time for ALL He has done for me, and mine, and for two wonderful friends up there with HimÖPat and Doshia.

  Now. Iím going to ask my readers and family to pray, in earnest, for our country. Am in prayer for the FedEx employees, and many, many others whoíve already been, or may be the target of violence. My daily prayer includes our schools, hospitals, malls; praise be to God, the last school incidents have been resolved without any fatalities. But, it strikes me that something is wrong in the good old U.S.A. and itís not going to be fixed without an extended prayer chain all over this dear country. That and our churches being the center of all our lives again, ALL our lives! Back to the Bible, the church, and most of all, back to God. I believe thatís what itís going to take to stop the horror, the deaths and suicides. Those in stress need to lay that gun or knife down, and pick up a Bible. Go to Philippians 4, verse 6 & 7, read and re-read those words of letting go and letting God. Then find an Upper Room, sample each daily devotional, plus start reading the Bible every single day. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are filled with wonderful lessons for all His children. Iím also reading a daily devotional I got from Dr. Charles Stanley; amazing how he happens to tell me exactly what I needed to hear that morning!

  I wish that I could tell every single one of Godís childrenÖíHe loves you.í But since I canít, Iíll pray for our country to become readers of His word plus regular Sunday morning visitors to His house too. I think thatís whatís missing in our country, I know it is and itís up to us that already know God to pray for those who donít.

  Rev. John Brown would start his sermons with this short prayer: ďLord, I love these people as you love them, now love them through me.Ē Letís pray that prayer, and let ALL know He loves them, knows their need and pain, and that He will help them find their way back to Godís house and book.

  Let us pray.

 Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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