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Jesus and his pals ...


Beverly Wittler

…were all at Mt. Bethel on Maundy Thursday. Well it looked just like them, Jesus in his red robe, the disciples all wearing grays, beige, as they sat around the table for “The Last Supper.” After a well-spoken narration before the play, Jesus began talking in earnest to His helpers, and He did mention that one would sell Him off to the enemy and another would deny Him…before the rooster crow-ed. Of course both accused were very unhappy and Peter was vehement that he would NOT deny Jesus! They talked just a tad more and then Jesus took a big loaf of bread, told them that was His body, broken for them. Next He lifted a carved urn full of grape juice and let them know that was His blood, given for them. He served those at the table and then they froze, didn’t move again during the rest of the service.

  Jesus and one of the disciples plus another kind helper administered the bread and the wine to the congregation, reminding each of us that it was indeed His body and His blood as we took the sacraments. Awesome service and after the benediction we quietly exited; still hadn’t seen those at the table move from their frozen pose…wow!  

  Very moving Thursday night at Mt. Bethel and LOVED the solo “Three Rusty Nails” that is a long standing Mt. Bethel tradition…thanks Richard. Awesome song that tells about an owner of a small store handing over the three nails to the one who would nail Jesus to the cross, and then lamenting about the sale when he learned the way those nails would be used. 

  Was really impressed with ALL the actors, even the two small ones that walked a big cross down the aisle toward the end of the service. Thanks David and Daniel and also LOVED those neat outfits everyone wore, including the cross bearers! A lot of work was done the last few weeks as the robes were cut out, sewn, the table was arranged, the words written and also the practices that took place. WOW again!

  Well I had a great experience, did have to drive a little ways instead of just walking across the street for my usual evenings of pleasure from the stage. But didn’t cost me anything to get in, no huge crowd to jockey with over the best seats, and I also knew every single one of the amazing ones bringing a message of memory and joy. 

  Am again thankful that I have always been a child of God and I continue to learn and grow, thanks to my fellow Methodists, and of course our pastor and the big book.

  Did notice one odd thing about Jesus, but it makes me feel a little better about the physical shortcoming I’ve had all my life; Jesus wore glasses! Guess my pastor’s eyesight is as challenging as mine and glad he chose not to take a chance with his safety. I’ve noticed if I get up in the middle of the night (sick cat again) the time on my microwave is just a blur, can’t read the numbers at all. Fortunately I’ve lived here long enough I can find my way around in the dark, without my optometrist’s prescription on my nose. Learned my pastor is as dependent on his healing lenses as I am. 

  SO glad this play was planned, and thanks for ALL the hard work by our thespians, seamstresses, writer, narrator and the two talented pianists who warmed my heart. Not sure who did the sound effects for the three nails being driven into Jesus at the end of the solo…very sobering finale.’  

  Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.





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