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Henry County Police Department gains new
high-tech tool


By Monroe Roark
Times Correspondent


  The technology that has captivated audiences for TV shows like “CSI” over the past decade is being

Children at the Locust Grove Day Festival demonstrate martial arts with an instructor. The annual festival will be held this Saturday, April 26 at 10 a.m.                                  File photo

used right here in Henry County to help law enforcement fight crime.

  The Henry County Police Department, with the help of the District Attorney’s Office, has acquired new Crime Zone software that will help investigators and law enforcement officers create accurate crime scene diagrams with state-of-the-art animation. Officials from both offices agree that this tool will enhance on-the-scene investigations and its results will improve courtroom presentations.

  Using measurements and computations from such equipment as 3D scanners, the program performs forensic mapping to create extremely realistic diagrams that show trajectory of bullets, location of bodies, blood spatter and other details vital to solving crimes and prosecuting offenders. But it does so in a technically accurate way without using the often gruesome images in crime scene photos.

  “It gives us just the facts,” said Kathryn Brown, one of four crime scene technicians on the county’s police force. “It provides an accurate scale model without any distractions such as blood or actual dead bodies.”

  The new software is similar to the Crash Zone program already being used by the HCPD to document auto accidents. Crime Zone is now being used in 190 organizations in Georgia, including most law enforcement agencies in the metro Atlanta area. Brown said she has experience using it in DeKalb County.

  The $1,450 cost for two software licenses is being covered by the District Attorney’s Office through seized funds.

  District Attorney Jim Wright welcomes such innovations to help his staff get its message across in the courtroom.

  “Juries today are more educated than in the past largely because of TV shows that use these kinds of details,” he said. “They will appreciate this kind of technology as it helps them better understand these cases.”

  Wright also appreciates the partnership with the HCPD through which the police will provide all of the expertise in operating the equipment and his staff will be able to take advantage of the final product.

  HCPD Chief Keith Nichols is pleased with Wright’s offer to utilize his office’s seized funds for the acquisition of the software, noting that his department’s budget continues to be tight and citizens want to see these kinds of funds being used to improve law enforcement efforts.



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