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Blissful Sanity Breaks


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  With Easter drawing closer, it’s a good time to revisit the Gospels. Jesus and His disciples traveled continuously during those last weeks of His earthly life, sharing the love of God and wonderful salvation with as many as possible. One can imagine there was a sense of overwhelming urgency to hurry. Yet Christ took moments to rest, finding time to enjoy the fellowship of those around Him. When Jesus told the disciples to let the children come to Him, I picture it as a visit filled with laughter and fun.

  Recently I found a great little daily devotional book* in a thrift store, which I look forward to reading at bedtime. Some of the devotions feel as if they were written just for me. You know the ones which speak directly to your heart at the particular moment you need it most. One night after another hectic day, I crawled into bed feeling rather weary. The first sentence grabbed me by saying, “When our world begins to get too serious, we need momentary interruptions of just plain fun.” Then it went on to say, “We need to give ourselves permission to enjoy various moments in life even though all of life is not in perfect order. This takes practice, but it’s worth the effort.” Wow. Here was something I knew to be true, yet quickly forgotten when the craziness of life picked up.

  Sometimes my biggest problem is wanting to complete every task before I stop to enjoy a moment. While it’s good to finish work, some of it never ends. So making moments happen during the day does wonders to lighten the load. With my mind focusing on upcoming spring activities, I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed even before the real work begins.

  The other day I was at the farm trying to get a few of the spring preparation chores done. Both of Mom’s dogs were ready for a walk long before I finally said “let’s go.” Along the way I enjoyed some of the first treats of spring. The dogwoods were just beginning to open, the pines were starting to candle and Johnny-Jump-Ups and Bluettes filled the fields. Such a relaxing walk, yet when the house came into view, I started to hurry the dogs along so I could get back to finish up a couple more things. Max however decided it was a good spot to flop down and scratch his back in the grass. Waiting on him I spent a few minutes taking in the beautiful sky filled with swirling clouds. Dogs are not only good companions, but excellent teachers of enjoying the moment.

  I finished up a few more tasks as evening approached, then sat down on the swing in the back yard. I was really enjoying watching all the various birds flitting about, singing their beautiful songs. So wrapped up in the enjoyment of bird watching, I was slow to notice the feeders, hanging from a dogwood tree, were empty. I hurried over to replenish them to which they swiftly flew down from the tree tops for their evening meal. Because of my delay to replenish the food I started to feel guilty, but stopped myself. The delay allowed me to relax in a wonderful moment of peaceful joy, listening to their music.

  Sharing a light moment with family or friends, taking a walk, or watching nature wake up this spring, are all excellent forms of blissful sanity breaks. All great ways to push stress away and allow us to get our work done without so much dread and frustration. God gave us laughter for a reason. Exercise the use of it often.

  *Bedside Blessings by Charles R. Swindoll.


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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