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Superior Court
welcomes special guest


  Superior Court Judge Brian Amero recently welcomed a special guest to the first session of the New Year.

  Judge Ryo Takashima, from the Kyoto District Court of Japan, has been in the United States for the past several months studying aspects of the United States’ judicial system. Judge Amero invited him to observe Henry County Superior Court proceedings after meeting at the Judicial Winter Conference held in Athens.

  Judge Takashima has spent much of his time in the U.S. observing the proceedings at Fulton County Superior Court. He said that he has learned a great deal in the U.S. and will take back what he has observed to judicial officials in Japan. He is most interested in the way Henry County operates its Drug Court, as well as the court calendar system and its efficient case management.

  Judge Amero said he is often fascinated by the way judicial proceedings are handled in other countries, but strongly believes in the United States jury trial system, which he said is the best way to ensure justice.

  “The jury trial system is the best way to resolve criminal cases,” said Amero. “It’s a constitutional bedrock principle that works extremely well.”

  Judge Takashima says several courts in Japan have adopted a modified version of the jury system, influenced in part by both the U.S. system and German and other European court systems, where some cases are heard by a three-panel of judges, along with a panel of six lay people. He was also surprised how much U. S. courts rely on oral interpretation as opposed to written submissions, which is much more common in Japan.







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