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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.

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Hey Henry, a special “Thank You” to Henry County DOT workers Josh Combs and Billy Grant for keeping sand on the hill on my road. These two dedicated workers kept the road from being a dangerous and hazardous situation.

Hey Henry, in regard to the comment about the Train Viewing Platform: it’s a Southern Thang. During the early 1900’s, probably up until mid-century, going to the Train Depot to watch the activities (those surrounding passenger train routes especially) was a social occasion. This is documented by articles in gossip columns of various newspapers from that era. Folks back then were more connected with friends, families, and their communities, even if it was just to be a little nosey. No TV, no internet, few radios or telephones, and certainly no cellphones. Don’t make me go Phil Robertson on ya! Wish I could have been there. It would have made me proud!

Hey Henry, a BIG thanks to Georgia Power for restoring our power in 2 hours so my wheelchair-bound husband wouldn’t get any colder!

Hey Henry, how sad that a mother has to blame the school district because she didn’t clear the ice from her own steps! I surely wouldn’t have admitted it to the TV station!

Hey Henry, is there a church anywhere in this county that actually holds regularly scheduled bible study classes? I know more than I need to know about sports.

Hey Henry, a quick fix for cars parked illegally in handicapped spots: take a pic of the vehicle’s license plate and send to the police!

Hey Henry, regarding the Zimmerman comment: and here I thought Fayette County would be the next Clayton. As soon as property values return, yet ANOTHER move!

Hey Henry, to the person shooting a shotgun at 11 p.m. at night around Harper Road and Jones Drive on February 16: this is the reason people get hurt, putting a firearm in the hands of someone who is either intoxicated or just dumb and certainly not following the law.

Hey Henry, I agree with the reader that stated that the train watching platform is a dumb way to spend money. I live in LG and we have been laughing about it since it was announced. Welcome to Hooterville.

Hey Henry, what’s going on at Jodeco Road and I-75?

Hey Henry, I guess Waste Industries realized they messed up after the first snow storm as they offered individualized phone calls and an adjusted service schedule this time. I was impressed until they apologized for the weather and not their ‘poor business choices’.

Hey Henry, when is Henry County going to catch up with other counties and bring fiber optics to everyone in the county. We will never attract high end jobs at this rate.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the 2A Georgia State Roller Hockey Champs - the McDonough Knights. These hockey players did an outstanding job!

Hey, Henry, the train viewing platform in Locust Grove was funded by private donations (to be used specifically for that purpose) and NOT by taxpayers!


Hey Henry, Too bad the Zimmerman fight was cancelled. I wanted to see him try to stand his ground - without a gun.

Hey Henry, while watching the news coverage of “snowmageddon 2014,” I wondered if I was the only one who noticed that all the drivers stuck on the interstates were wearing aluminum helmets.

Hey Henry, if Spring is just around the corner, can someone please tell me where the corner is because I want to go there quickly.

Hey Henry, A huge thanks goes out to Zaxby's on Highway 81 at Lake Dow for preparing and accommodating our students for lunch while on a field trip. The general manager was absolutely wonderful and the employees were patient, kind, and so polite to us and our students!

Hey Henry, in Soviet Russia, homosexuality is wrong and sharing toilet is right!

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who wrote about the icy sidewalk at Ingles in Locust Grove. If a store or business is going to be open they need to make every attempt to keep their sidewalks clear. It’s good business as well as a potential legal issue.

Hey Henry, kudos to the person calling out Waste Management for hanging us all out to dry last week due to the weather. No recovery effort, we are all just out of luck until the following week. Does this mean we will get a discount for the missed week? I doubt that.

Hey Henry, Thank you to the Henry County Board of Education for ... keeping our children's safety your first priority.

Hey Henry, how many of you went to the “Ribbon Cutting” of the Train Viewing Platform in Locust Grove? If this should make the national news, you will become the laughing stock of the South. What a great idea, watching a 150 car freight train rumbling by at 50 miles an hour. Taxpayer money?

Hey Henry, The political situation in Stockbridge is starting to remind me of Loganville a few years ago.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about the cat problem. I also live in Hampton. I live in the Clover Ranch Mobile Home Park. There is a problem with cats here. I have also called the animal control and was told the same thing. I am an elderly person and unable to go get traps and catch cats. I think that it is terrible that the county cannot do anything about this problem. What are we paying them for? Dogs are not the only problem in this county.

Hey Henry, lets all jump aboard the Phillip Seymour Hoffman bandwagon.

Hey Henry, in response to “Slipped on The Unseen Predictable Ice Dummy” (STUIPD) who wrote about falling on ice at Ingles in Locust Grove. It’s people like you who always want to blame someone else that’s killing America. If you go in a public area two days after a major snow storm and slip on ice, it’s an accident, created by YOU. Either stay home until all the ice is gone or be more careful, it’s not anyone else’s fault but yours.


Hey Henry, people are quick to question county and school closings due to bad weather. They have to use foresight to make those decisions for caution and safety. Did you see the kids sleeping at their schools, and traffic snarls well into the following day? If they are wrong for erring on the side of safety and caution 9 out of 10 times, I’ll gladly take it, especially if what you saw on January 27 and 28 is that 10th time.

Hey Henry, thanks HCDOT for making Old Jackson Road a mudslide when it rains due to your great shoulder work.

Hey Henry, I want to commend the Henry County Board of Education on their decision to close schools on Tuesday even though the snow did not come in until late morning. I heard too many stories of kids in other counties that were stuck at school and had to spend the night at school.

Hey Henry, don’t you just love it when politicians fail to act then try to find someone to blame. At least we know how to vote next election. Great to see that Henry County officials were in good form.

Hey Henry, to the person driving the black Honda around the Square making four turns without using a blinker then continuing down Hwy. 20 and throwing your cigarette out the window: that was so disrespectful. You need to be more considerate with kids in your vehicle. It is sad when adults have no respect for each other.

Hey Henry, to the person with a problem with “peeping toms.” Blinds or curtains will solve the problem. Someone able to see into your house from the street is not a “peeping tom.”

Hey Henry, ok McDonough, you have dug holes in all the streets to repair the sewage line. When are you going to repave all the streets so we don’t have to get the front ends aligned on our cars every week.

Hey Henry, I live in Hampton and called animal control because of the cat problem in my neighborhood. I was told that they do not come and get cats. They told me to come to the animal control center and get a trap and catch the cats myself and bring the cats back to them. So can someone please tell me what does the animal control do? It seems to me that cats are animals to. If I have to do the job for them than I should get a paycheck.

Hey Henry, last Friday I was at Ingles Shopping Center in Locust Grove and slipped and fell on some ice out front. It didn’t appear to have been salted or had any sand put on top. Fortunately I was not hurt, but someone else may not have been so lucky.

Hey Henry, way to go Waste Management. Now that you’ve been able to buy out all the other sanitation companies, you’re unable to handle the demand. Here we sit with trash pouring out on our streets because there was no recovery effort after the snowstorm.

Hey Henry, my extreme thanks to Chelsa at Fantastic Sams on Jonesboro Road in McDonough. I had a hair appointment the day it snowed and by the time my hair was done, which was earlier than I expected, the snow was coming down. Most stores in the shopping center were closed and my ride was not expected for another half hour. Even though the staff were ready to close early because of the snow, they kept the store open for me until my ride arrived. “Southern Hospitality” at it’s best. Thank you for the terrific hair styling and for being so wonderful!


Hey Henry, I’m curious about the comment in Monroe Roark’s article about Smith-Barnes School being a Rosenwald school. It certainly doesn’t appear to have been built in that era.
~Editor - Smith-Barnes Elementary first opened its doors in the Fall of 1955. It was built on the same site to replace the outdated Rosenwald School.

Hey Henry, congrats to the newly formed Stockbridge Business Association ... Community leaders fostering business and economic development in the city!

Hey Henry, it’s very sad when a landowner calls the DOT daily to have memorial items removed from the site where two young people were killed. I hope he sits in his big church on Sunday and asks for forgiveness for trying to have the crosses removed too.

Hey Henry, the folks who turn onto Highway 81 at the intersection of Snapping Shoals Road and Jackson Lake Road are the worst drivers in the county. On top of all the accidents you cause, there are even MORE near misses. It’s not a tricky intersection, pay attention and quit pulling out in front of people!

Hey Henry, I can’t figure out why the Family Dollar store on the corner of Hwy. 155 and Hwy 42. leaves their sprinklers on every time it freezes. Seems like they would turn them off.

Hey Henry, here’s an opportunity to show your support for one of our own in need. Tracy Chitwood, a Relay for Life superhero, needs our help. Come show your support at a benefit breakfast at the Masonic Lodge in Hampton on Saturday, February 1 from 7 until 11 a.m. All donations will help with cancer-related medical costs.

Hey Henry, to the jerk I was behind on Saturday 1/25 driving the black Honda Accord EX going down Lake Dow Road and then down Airline Road: Henry County Roads are not your personal dumping ground. How about paying for garbage pick up instead of riding down the road throwing your garbage out!

Hey Henry, glass house? We have “neighbors” looking in through our front windows and door. We can be standing in the kitchen in the back of the house and they will be gesturing at us through the front door while they are standing in the middle of the street. They think that it’s fun. When we call the police, they tell us to document it. What do I need to document? They’re looking in and saw us. They gestured and we saw them. How about just coming out and enforcing the county code about peeping toms?

Hey Henry, we would like to send a big, heartfelt “Thank You” to the lovely couple who bought breakfast for our family on December 23 at the Cracker Barrel in McDonough. Our son had just arrived from the airport to spend his military leave with us over Christmas. We usually only get to see him twice a year now so you can imagine how excited we were to see him. Once again, “Thank You” for your kind, thoughtful gesture! It’s wonderful to know that the both of you respect and support the military as much as we do! (By the way, the beautiful young lady sitting next to him agreed to become his wife when he proposed to her on January 11.)

Hey Henry, I get a lot of these robot calls at work, at home and on my personal cell phone. I have to wonder about the intelligence of someone who gets taken in by these scams.


Hey Henry, stop with the aluminum helmets, you’re messing up the reception of my overpriced cable!

Hey Henry, why is everyone complaining about politicians? They are all “post turtles” - someone put them there, they did not get there without help!

Hey Henry, some of us are here with out-of-state tags for an extended period of time to care for family. Why would someone worry about me not paying tag tax when I have to in my own state? Wow, talk about control issues.

Hey Henry, they need to paint lines on Postmaster Lane in McDonough when turning onto it from Highway 81. The road is really curvy and people constantly go too fast and cross into incoming traffic in those curves. I hope it doesn’t take a bad wreck to get something done about this.

Hey Henry, I’d like to thank everyone who came to my Mom’s, (Edna Morris’) home going service on January 11. I was very humbled at all the support from all of our Henry County friends. Our county may have grown over the years but we haven’t forgotten how to love and support one another.

Hey Henry, I, too, think we need more unions. Most companies don’t give a flip about their employees and think they can treat them however they want (no raises, no lunch breaks, etc). That is one reason you find bad customer service in a lot of businesses, it flows from the top.

Hey Henry, to the DOT worker tailgating me on 75 going south passing 155 exit then going around to pass without a blinker and no other lighting to indicate you were in a hurry: shame on you. That is not your vehicle. Taxpayers pay for that. You had a Government tag but sped away so fast I could not get your tag number. Wonder if you treat your vehicle the same. (This really irritates me, even now.)

Hey Henry, Spalding County paved their portion of Locust Grove/Griffin Road and it’s the best it has been in my memory. Now it’s time for Henry County to step up and pave their part.

Hey Henry, I just want to wish SMJ a “Happy birthday!”

Hey Henry, why does the Henry County School System think it is ok to use parent volunteers as substitute teachers? The parent volunteer only needs to have a high school diploma or GED, pass a background check and take a 10 hour course. They claim budget cuts, but I want to know where the heck my taxpayer dollars go to if we cannot even hire substitute teachers for our kids? The majority of my property taxes are for schools. Somebody needs to balance the budget!

Hey Henry, I just want to thank Ralph Thomas for his column “Who put the fox in the henhouse” that appeared in the January 15 edition of The Times. It is time to vote some of these foxes out. They are only looking out for themselves and their “friends” and couldn’t care less about their constituents.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about Henry County Code Enforcement. This county does not have a code enforcement patrol. Five officers cover the entire county and with over one thousand subdivision they don’t have the time to patrol. They respond to complaints called in to the office. So quit your complaining and wasting time with e-mails and instead pick up the telephone and call it in. Remember you can’t live in a glass house and walk around naked.


Hey Henry, did you know that texting and driving is a misdemeanor? Even if you cause a fatal accident because you were texting, it’s only a misdemeanor. Seems like since the government is campaigning so hard against texting and driving it would be a felony with a stiff punishment.

Hey Henry, the state of Georgia seems to be in favor of dead beats. They go around town stiffing people and then just incorporate under a different name and continue doing wrong. There should be a local credit board or website where everyone can see who owes what to whom. I guarantee it would shock you.

Hey Henry, while a private business may be concerned about its employees facing the possibility of black ice or unattended children who aren’t with the public school babysitting service, that business can’t close its doors on a whim. It must make a profit. Think the schools aren’t babysitting services? I’m having to explain basic economics to an adult.

Hey Henry, just read the quips about Fayette County getting Pinewood Studios and extra jobs, the out-of-county kids attending Henry County schools and have only one answer for everyone. Fayette County has smarter politicians than ours. And I’m sure they don’t wear aluminum helmets.

Hey Henry, I was glad to read about BJ Mathis last week. I think she did a good job in Stockbridge from what I read. She also did a good job for Henry County but took the fall due to the lousy economy. If we hadn’t had the downturn/recession we would be naming buildings for her like the Jason Harper Event Center!

Hey Henry, politicians don’t make more money because they are smarter, politicians are able to vote on how much money they want to make and when they receive a raise.

Hey Henry, to the person who questioned “why county employees got the day off” on Tuesday, January 7: county (and state) employees in most of the courts (Superior, State, Magistrate and Juvenile Courts) did not get a day off. These courts were open and dispensing justice.

Hey Henry, it’s pretty bad when you go out to eat and you are the only ones in the building eating. We were there an hour and no one else came in and ate. That should have told us something when we walked into an empty restaurant. The people who own the place and the servers were very rude. The food was nasty and they made us sit there with no drinks the whole time while we were eating. We will not return.

Hey Henry, I can only assume that the person who said “politicans are smarter than teachers and those who risk their lives to defend us” would register very low on the IQ scale.

Hey Henry, law enforcement needs to seriously address the illegal out of state tags in Georgia. Just because they don’t want to pay the TAVT fees shouldn't allow them to break the law by failing to register their vehicles within 30 days. If they live in Georgia they need to follow the laws of Georgia.

Hey Henry, we all know that companies are assuming that they can treat employees any way they want just because they believe their employees cannot find another job. Let’s hope that the unions continue to move south so this can stop. One place that needs a union is the Henry County Board of Education.


Hey Henry, my daughter just went through the Chick-fil-a drive-thru on Hwy. 20/81. She got to the window to pay and was told the lady in front of her had already paid for hers. Kindness still exists! What a great and positive way to start 2014! Thank you!

Hey Henry, you guys that are trying to find a job, good luck. If you can avoid companies that hire family members and friends, you might have a chance.

Hey Henry, to the person who wants to know why politicians make more money than teachers and people who risk their lives to keep us safe. It really is pretty simple. It’s because they are smarter.

Hey Henry, our HOA board said that it is ok for children to play in the streets in violation of county codes because we have so little traffic. That is why the county will be painting double yellow lines on said streets.

Hey Henry, most of the stores and shopping malls are already saying that they didn’t make as much money this year during Christmas. This is a false statement because every store and mall has been packed since Thanksgiving until New year’s. I know this because I work retail. These stores say this because they are afraid they might have to give their employee’s a pay raise. They use this as an excuse just like the Henry County Board of Education uses the excuse of not having enough money in their budget, so they haven’t given their employee’s a raise in eight years.

Hey Henry, I am grateful to have a roof over my head, food and warm clothes. So many people do not have these basic things that you and I take for granted.

Hey Henry, did anyone see the January 2 news story about Fayette County’s Pinewood studio and the high paying jobs, restaurants, and other growth it is bringing to the county? The first movie begins filming at the end of January. Hooray for Fayette. They get a movie studio and Henry County gets more strip centers that offer low paying jobs and box homes. Once again Henry is left out in the cold when it comes to attracting high end jobs and taxpaying homeowners.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say “Thank You” to the sweet lady that graciously purchased several Pez candy dispensers at Toys R Us and left them with the cashier to hand out to little ones. What a wonderful gesture!

Hey Henry, sometimes I wish that the United States would stop being the police of the world and start worrying about things here.

Hey Henry, I drive a wrecker and pick up a lot of people at the school on Hampton/Locust Grove Road. A lot of these kids live in Riverdale. Isn’t something wrong with that? If these kids live in Riverdale, why are they going to Henry County schools? Someone needs to look into this.

Hey Henry, I can understand why Henry County schools were cancelled for Tuesday. Wouldn’t want my kids to stand outside waiting for the bus. However, I cannot understand why county employees got the day off. I’m pretty sure all county offices are well heated. I only found a few businesses closed. What’s the deal, Tommy?


Hey Henry, a federal judge just ruled that NSA phone spying is legal. Relying on federal government officials to limit the federal government is just plain stupid. They should be renamed to The Department of Redundancy Department.

Hey Henry, I have three words for all of the folks who are whining about FedEx & UPS not delivering their packages for Christmas, Waah, Waah, Waah. Oh, and I have four more words, Order Earlier Next Year!

Hey Henry, did you know our own Mrs. McDonough Plus America 2014 has been seen all over the state of GA supporting her platform “Female Veterans with PTSD related to Military Sexual Trauma and Physical Assault.” She was even on the Dee Armstrong show on the CW in Columbus, GA. We need to support our own.

Hey Henry, I would love for you to wear a dark long-sleeved shirt to do your job in the summer. Especially if you have to do any running. I bet you won’t care about their tattoos if you are having a police, fire or medical emergency - you will just be glad someone showed up to help you. I think there are more things to be concerned with such as seeing the kids with their pants halfway down showing their underwear. Lets start with something that would have a better impact on the younger generation.

Hey Henry, I don’t know about you but I have to say I can’t wait for school to start again. Christmas was good but I’m ready for things to get back to ‘normal’!

Hey, Henry, why is it that politicians make six figures when the people who teach your children and the people who risk their lives are barely making $30,000 and still facing more furloughs?

Hey Henry, many thanks to Mayor Robert Price and Locust Grove City Council and Staff for the delicious Christmas fruit baskets they delivered to the senior citizens in “The Grove.” Their thoughtfulness made us feel very special.

Hey Henry, they must have forgotten to give us our secret decoder ring at our home closing because the covenants we agreed to bear little resemblance to what the HOA board thinks the covenants are.

Hey Henry, to all the tailgaters out there: you are not getting to your destination any faster by following too closely. Slow down and leave a few car lenghts. It won’t kill you and might actually prevent some accidents. Plus that way you don’t look like a complete jerk.

Hey Henry, to the writer who lives next door to the “drug” house, and had damage to his property on December 2, as he/she wrote about, and doesn’t get any follow-up by detectives. Dude, by any chance do you own an aluminum helmet?

Hey Henry, didn’t Warren Weinstein suspect there might be some risks involved when he was offered this job in Pakistan?

Hey Henry, your chosen elected officials will soon be sworn in. How about doing something revolutionary and telling them face-to-face how to improve the quality of life here instead of hiding behind anonymous vents.


Hey Henry, you kids who are throwing bottles at cars are doing a lot of damage ... broken windshields, headlights and other damage. When you get caught it is going to be bad.

Hey Henry, save your money on buying aluminum helmets to ward off NSA and alien mind reading devices. The NSA has already scanned the county and reports no intelligence was found to warrant further monitoring.

Hey Henry, this is for everyone who goes out to eat at a sit-down restaurant. The servers work really hard to earn their tips and that is their livelihood. A lot of people use their debit cards, but when they leave a tip on the card the servers do not get the tips until their next pay check after it has been taxed, so please try to carry a few extra dollars in cash so they can get their tip that day. Also remember that they only work for about $3.00 an hour so they really count on their tips!

Hey Henry, what is the county thinking removing the road at 20/81 and re-opening a new road with no traffic light. The people that make these decisions must be highly educated.

Hey Henry, some may not agree with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, but as an American with freedom of speech Phil has the right to his opinion. This is a problem cropping up all the time - get with the freedom of speech folks. Let folks have their opinions even if it differs from your own! That’s what freedom is all about! That he was fired for expressing his opinion shows how prejudiced the studio has become.

Hey Henry, it appears they have clothed the mannequin on Hwy. 81 so she won’t freeze to death. Phew, I was worried about her!

Hey Henry, what is it about the residents of Henry County not using a turn signal, especially the one’s who drive those jacked up redneck four door diesel trucks they can’t afford to buy gas for in the first place. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t drive one because of the way gas prices are.

Hey Henry, on Dec. 2, between 5 and 7 p.m. some damage occurred to my property. A policeman came out, took a report and some pictures, gave me his card with a case number on it. He told me that a detective would call me and come out to follow up. Two weeks later I have not received a call from a detective much less a visit. By the way, I’m the same person who reported the drug house next door to me. In a previous situation in which I had to call the police one of the policemen indicated the problem was probably because of where I live. That’s odd. I thought the laws were applicable regardless of where I live.

Hey Henry, just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey Henry, the Stockbridge (Cochran) Library staff is glad to welcome Erica Ware as our new Branch Manager starting January 1. Good to have you with us, Erica. Y’all come by our branch and meet her!

Hey Henry, what happened to the Wendy’s off the McDonough Square? All the lights are off. Did they close?

Hey Henry, I’ll really be glad when the Times fixes the Hey Henry website. (BTW the new email address for Hey Henry’s is


Hey Henry, why would they do roadwork on Jonesboro Road during the busiest shopping season of the year?

Hey Henry, I saw on the news where Henry County police officers are now required to cover up tattoos and body piercings. I think that’s good. Let them wear long sleeve shirts. We need to have a standard for our kids, lets start with county workers and the police department.

Hey Henry, try sleeping fearlessly at night when you live a stone’s throw away from thieves and vandals. When we call the police for their county code violations, no one comes because the violations are minor, thereby encouraging their behavior. We would move if our home was not underwater. Those “neighbors” could care less about their rental houses and it shows, thereby lowering our home’s value further. We are trying to improve our neighborhood and are getting no help whatsoever.

Hey Henry, wanted: one or more slightly used aluminum helmets to ward off NSA and alien mind reading devices. Call 555-0195.

Hey Henry, I wanted to take this opportunity to (again) say, “Thank You” to each of the firefighters who responded to our home back on Sunday, November 10. They are: Acting Captain Erick Shelly, Lieutenant’s Ben Patterson and Marty Miller, and firefighters Harris, Wentz, Dame & Walton. I know you think you’re just “doing your job,” but believe me, for those of us on the receiving end of a house fire, the things you do day in and day out are truly amazing! So, from a grateful heart to a bunch of GREAT guys. Merry Christmas and MANY blessings to each of you and your families!

Hey Henry, I live on a dead-end street and there is an active drug house next door. Traffic zooms constantly to and from this house. A little boy would have been hit had I not saved him. I was nearly hit myself. I called the narc squad twice with no results. I reported it to the police and I was told to call the narc squad. Am I going to the Board of Commissioners? Not if I want to stay in one piece!

Hey Henry, all the concrete they are using between the new road crossing over the bridge at Jodeco is enough to pave another lane. Very wasteful.

Hey Henry, I recently went into a store and their computer was down. My purchase came to $13.39. I gave the cashier $14 and she told me since the computer was down she couldn’t figure out how much change to give me. Have we become so dependent on machines that we have stopped thinking for ourselves? What kind of life will this clerk have if the computers keep going down?

Hey Henry, I still don’t understand the Federal government. They shut down for two weeks and cut off benefits for our nation’s veterans but leave the IRS in operation. They closed and I still paid federal taxes, but the people who provide our freedoms got shafted. DC needs a reality check.

Hey Henry, Henry County residents’ taxes pay for the education of Henry county kids. It’s not a welfare program. It isn’t just one or two kids, it’s hundreds. The Henry School Board has plenty of money. Tell them to stop whining about budgets and the “need” for SPLOST.


Hey Henry, posted this before, never gets posted to Hey Henry ... watched another BOC meeting ... More money spent for engineering services to the tune of $55,000 to design a road ... Henry County has engineers on staff, at least 3 are PE’s ... can no engineer with Henry County design a road? $55,000 could be spent better elsewhere ... HEY HENRY, are you afraid to put this up? Or do you have friends in high places? Editor’s note - We have friends in both high and low places.

Hey Henry, somebody tell Stockbridge the yellow block wall looks cheap and tacky.

Hey Henry, if you are not in the Christmas spirit yet, attend some of the wonderful free events in our cities and churches. You’ll leave with a good feeling.

Hey Henry, call me a miserable Scrooge, but I just don’t think people should ask for help to send them on a mission trip in a Christmas card.

Hey Henry, I thought that all the work on the water/sewer lines was going to be finished by November 27. What happened?

Hey Henry, it looks like the old Truman Restaurant will soon be beyond repair. Another lost opportunity for McDonough.

Hey Henry, I would like to give a shout out to all law enforcement officers in Henry County. We have great officers who put their lives on the line everyday for us. When we call, they are there immediately. They are friendly, approachable, and because they do not display a bully attitude, we feel comfortable when being approached by them. Every time you see one of our great officers, let them know how much you appreciate them and thank them for allowing us to be able to sleep fearless at night.

Hey Henry, you people REALLY voted to increase your own taxes? I have shake my head at how gullible we are as a society. And please spare me the argument about, “this way, others will have to pay for our infrastructure too.” Using that logic, I will have to also contribute to every other county’s infrastructure that I visit. Don’t you see how we are being led into increasing our own taxes. Politicians everywhere can then say, “well, you voted for it yourselves. You have no reason to complain.”

Hey Henry, since U.S. Government employees received unemployment for the shutdown, why can’t teachers get the same for their unpaid furlough days? Time for a teachers’ union in our county.

Hey Henry, to all the people who constantly complain in Hey Henry about roads and the way the cities and county are run: why not go to the meetings or to the departments that make decisions that affect you and try talking to them? These are run by people you elected and they will listen to you. If not, write a letter to one of our newspapers to inform others. Become a citizen advocate and “put your money where your mouth is.”

Hey Henry, the Locust Grove Christmas parade just keeps getting bigger and better. Good job!

Hey Henry, when will Hwy. 81 become a four-lane highway? It is greatly needed since the slowpokes do not know how to drive at least 55.


Hey Henry, while waiting for a train on Jonesboro Road, a young man approached our car and told my 84 year old husband that our tire was flat. As we pulled off the road, he and his buddy hopped out of their white pickup and changed our tire in record time. After a quick tire repair we were on our way. That Saturday, “Southern Hospitality” was shown to us, two visitors from Seattle, WA. Thanks, Henry!

Hey Henry, what happened to getting help in the afternoon at the recycling center? I went there Tuesday afternoon and there was not a person in sight to help me. 

Hey Henry, as a taxpaying citizen of the county I apologize for slow, albeit free, computers at the library. Is there anything else we can provide to make your life perfect?

Hey Henry, I just moved to Henry County after living in Clayton all of my life. You all have nothing to complain about.  I am thankful to live in such a wonderful county!

Hey Henry, it sure would be nice if the City of McDonough would let people know the schedule for trash pickup and recycling especially when it changes for holidays. It seems like they could post it on their website.

Hey Henry, it seems that drivers trying to use the closed Moseley Road do not notice or know how to read “Road Closed” signs that are posted on bright orange signs by the DOT for about a mile before the blocked fencing. They continue to speed down the road and come to a screeching halt at the blocked fence. It would be laughable if not a sad commentary on today’s drivers. By the way, Moseley Road will be closed until at least December 18.

Hey Henry, the Christmas lights at the raceway are much improved, but I would hardly call them a "Gift of Lights" at $20 per car.

Hey Henry, I heard that Troup County has 2 major companies coming to their county. What was the incentive? How many businesses have closed  in Henry in the past year? The county needs new businesses and needs to keep the established ones.

Hey Henry, you can say the economy is bad and not getting any better, but you can’t fool someone with 20/20 vision. From what I can see just about every eating joint stays full daily, shopping centers stay crowded with people buying like crazy and you hardly see any old cars on the road, mostly new cars. Don’t tell me the economy is bad. Maybe for a handful of people.

Hey Henry, a huge shout out to the organization Caring for A Cause! Nikki and Michelle (and many others), you may never know what a blessing you are to the families you work so hard for. I am thankful for what you are allowing God to do through you. You are amazing!

Hey Henry, recently in Clayton County three young children were placed in a home where there was a known pedophile. Guess what happened. Sunday on our streets here in Henry a homeless woman died from the frigid temperatures. A society is supposed to look out for those who can’t look out for themselves. And we refer to ourselves as part of the Bible Belt. This is one Christian woman that hangs her head in shame. WWJD?


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