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What will 2014 bring


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Ate the dried black-eyed peas I’d cooked, plus opened a can of Glory seasoned collards (hope Mom didn’t look down and catch me), a can of chili spiced tomatoes; of course I baked some cornbread, reheated the Publix spiral-sliced ham and blessed the new year before we dug into the ritual meal (And January 2, I made a small pot of collard/peas/corn/ham and tomato stew ... delicious!). Had already savored lots of snacks on New Year’s Eve; baked some frozen Quiche, Casino crab cakes, and then sat out chips and dip while I watched the Dick Clark show. Stayed up past midnight, just late enough to catch any phone calls coming in from our adult children. I can always hear grandkids calling out in the background as we swap Happy New Year wishes. 

  And, yes, I made a New Year’s resolution which I am praying He’ll help me keep … stop biting my nails. Last year I vowed to do a good deed a day and somehow I accomplished that, occasionally just taking someone’s empty buggy back into Publix, but heck, that counts, doesn’t it? I ran out of my church cards so sometimes missed inviting a total stranger to come hang out with us at the best little Methodist church in Georgia.

 That was another resolution, invite someone to church and I did change my story. Instead of telling them how wonderful our pianist is, and what a friendly congregation I share, I told them ‘we love Jesus and His book.’ No takers this year but had a few successes in the past and the visitors became long-time members. Never hurts to ask, right? I will keep handing out those little business/church cards, making eye contact as I invite potential visitors to our church. Love Mt. Bethel and SO glad I got custody of our shared church when first husband and I went our separate ways. (He also laughed that I got custody of his parents too.) 

  I also plan to keep reading newspapers, adhere to my Doctors’ orders, watch my favorite game and crime shows, plus do daily on-line AJC Vent and Facebook checks too. And, being a retired banker, I’ll continue to make that little to-do list before I turn in at night; strike through each item as I finish my daily regime and then I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something.  I’ll also be making my morning walk and talking to God as I stroll, trot, do some reps I learned from a co-worker in the eighties. Cindy and I would make a daily trek around Trust Company’s College Park mortgage office and she taught me some arm movements that helped us exercise. She also MADE me get on 285 about once a week. Trust Company gave us free Sam’s memberships but it was a tad too far to walk, and Cindy insisted on not taking the winding two-lane trip for our weekly snacking visit. I finally caved, and discovered I loved driving on four lanes lots better than two lanes. Next thing my co-workers knew I wasn’t coming to work ‘the back way’ anymore. Thanks Cindy for ALL you taught me! Glad we’re Facebook friends so I can at least still see your face via the Internet.

  Okay, also took a neat trip back in time at the beginning of the New Year; maybe that should be a resolution too … take out one memory each day. Yep, will add that to my very short list of plans for 2014. Will continue to pray each morning, read my Bible, and watch those diet numbers too.  And of course, I’ll listen to ‘my’ radio station 92.1 in Jackson, Ga.  May we ALL have a wonderful, safe and healthy 2014!


  Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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