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Pass it on


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Love seeing those little blue and white signs around McDonough; Kindness Works runs across the top and Pass It On is at the bottom. Sometimes I forget though, to pass it on.

  And then last week, God poked me, told me to get back in the groove, and thank those who’ve made a difference in my life.

  I’d taken down my big red Touch Point Bible, and somehow the neat ‘prescription’ our new pastor had sent me via e-mail fell out…and I dropped my favorite book! Reached down to get it back and it had fallen open to the front inside cover. And the word “Thanks” jumped out at me. Read the little note under it where I’d commented that Pastor Alex’s 11-20-11 GREAT sermon was about thanking those who mean a lot to us. I made it a point that day to thank our talented pianist and a few other fellow Methodists before they got out the door.  Went home and thanked my children and their families for all they’ve done and been to us.  Also sent a thank you note to the heat and air crew who keep the Henry Hilton comfortable all year long.  Called my friend/supervisor in Tennessee and thanked her for my part time job and for keeping me in the loop. And then Monday morning I lost my groove.

  Back to work on my laptop after I made a quick Publix run…didn’t thank those kind faces there though. Later after getting off work, made a trip through Walgreens drive-through…didn’t thank them either. Oops. It just sort of went away…until the falling Bible incident last week. Glad I got it back. Also glad it brought back a very special memory and made me … ‘pass it on.’ Years ago I’d helped a young couple achieve the American Dream…a house of their own and not long after we closed, I got a call from them. They both took turns talking as they praised me for making sure their loan went through and then for assigning the closing to a fabulous attorney firm. And then they said those magic words I’ve never forgotten. “And every night when we come home, and put our key in the front door, we think of you Beverly, and send up a quick blessing to our Father in heaven for all you do.” WOW! Don’t remember their names, but I’ll always remember the sweet message. So last week, when I spotted that word in my Bible, I went to my purse and searched for a business card. Found it! Called my salesman Chad, and let him know that I think of him every time I take out my key…to my Camry though. And I also send up a little blessing for him as I make my daily Publix run.  He knew I needed another vehicle, even though I will always love my Max, and he helped me eliminate those that didn’t meet my needs…six cylinder, super AC, and able to access I-75 with ease. The Camry is also very comfortable, dependable, and it just happens to be what he and his wife use to transport their children to school, ball games, etc. Thanks God, for sending me straight to the right salesman that day.

  Not sure why I dropped my Bible last week, and saw the word ‘Thanks’ (bet it was God giving me a poke) but glad it happened and glad I was able to let someone else know they do a good job. And my message to you today is… pass it on. Make that call, or send a note…but let those who’ve made a difference in your life know. Pass it on.


   Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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