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Waiting on God


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  For the last several years, using our Daily Text, I have planned out the scripture verses for our church sign. Recently the church board said they wanted to include three words to introduce the verse listed. How do you draw attention with only a few simple words? Then to top it off, some of the verses are not easy choices. I donít know about you, but I canít say I wake up every morning thinking ďOh, let me read Habakkuk!Ē Itís one of those little books of the Old Testament often skipped over. Well, until this week when the verse I was to use was Habakkuk 1:1-4. I headed over to the church to change the sign, but realized I had not taken the time to read the verses and decide on what three words to use. So I went to our church library, grabbed a Bible, read it and knew immediately I was in trouble. The words I needed to use were supposed to be uplifting and Habakkuk didnít offer any. So I picked up a couple of reference books and again, came up empty. I sat down and said ďLord, I need the right words.Ē Immediately it came to me and I had to laugh. ďWaiting on GodĒ was my answer.

  Habakkuk trusted God greatly, but he was growing discouraged because God was not answering his prayers. He had been praying fervently for a long time yet the violence continued to escalate in Judah. Of course God did answer, just not as expected. Like most things we think should happen a certain way, we find Godís plan is always far greater than our own.

  One might wonder how in the world something so dreary and sad, as this small book of the Bible, can be helpful to us today. Well, it may not be as bad as Judah, but all the ugliness we are experiencing in our own government shows us one very important thing. Like Habakkuk, do NOT stop praying. It matters not what opinion you hold for a party or individual, just donít stop praying for our nation. Seek Godís will for it, ask for  forgiveness and thank Him. Then leave it to God.

  I think one of the biggest mistakes we make comes from failing to let go of our concerns once we take them to our Father. If we are to walk in faith and we are to trust God, then why do we continue to hang onto our worries like a lifeline? When I read this scripture, my first thought was how sad. Then it occurred to me, I could relate to what he was saying better than I wanted to admit.

  When praying for people I know, Iíve been making a stronger effort to ask once, then focus more on thanking Christ for answering my prayers. Yet when praying for the nation, I became weighed down by all the darkness. It was time to change how I prayed for our country. I still ask God to not give up on us, requesting forgiveness of our sins, greed, and failings. I seek guidance for all the nationís leaders and pray they will follow God. Now Iím starting to thank our Lord for already answering those prayers. We may not like all that is to come, because sometimes the ugly has to happen in order to get to the pretty. As long as we donít give up and continue to trust in God, we will gain strength walking with Him.

  So while we wait on God, there is no better place to be, than by His side. We are all Godís children. May we never lose faith.


 Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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