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Life Happens

Jimmy Cochran Columnist

  Life happens. We wake up in the morning, gulp down something for breakfast or go through the drive-thru, drive to work fighting traffic and all the stupid drivers, arrive at the office late and irritated just to find that there is a meeting in 20 minutes that you still have to copy, collate, staple and create binders for because ‘somebody’ forgot to tell you the time was changed from the afternoon, grab a quick lunch at your desk or the break room, drive home with the same stupid drivers, fix supper, clean house, laundry, pay bills, head to bed only to not be able to sleep because it is all about to start again. Saturdays are crammed full of yard work, church or county sports and activities, groceries and on and on. Plus in the whole process above are spouses, children, family, phone calls and the whole rest of, well, of life.

  Then comes Sunday. The day of rest. The day when I meet God. The day when I thank Him for my abundant life. The day of praise and worship. Except when the alarm goes off, the last thing  I want to do is …… church. I would much prefer to attend either St. Mattress or Bedside Baptist. So many times when I get to the building that houses my church, my mind is still reeling from the week behind (and the week ahead) that I couldn’t hear God if He were standing on my shoulder with a megaphone in my ear.

  “Be still and know that I am God.”

  “What,” I say?

  “Be still….and know….that I am God.”

  This past Sunday our church engaged in the act of Holy Communion. I do not use the term, Lord’s Supper, as many do just because the personal nature of the service is one of communion with God. Lord’s Supper seems kind of flippant and, well, not so Holy. And that’s important to me. Communion. Letting God talk to you. Love you. Comfort you. Calm you. Quiet the buzzing in your head.

  This week was a really special time for me. I guess God needed to do some work with me because when we entered that period of our service, and the music was playing, I began to feel God’s presence over in my little corner of the sanctuary. There wasn’t any earth shattering revelation coming to me; just the fact that I needed to….

  “Be still and know that I am God.”

  That includes a daily quiet time. Not just a couple hours on Sunday. That includes a constant state of “Being God’s.” Not just a couple hours on Sunday. That includes being in communion with my heavenly Father all the time; listening, talking and fellowshipping. Being still.

  Is this easy? Nope. It’s hard as can be because we live in and are a part of a very distracting world, but we are to be set apart and follow God’s leading for our lives. All the time. And the only way to do that is to….

   “Be still….”

  Are you?  

And for today my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy.


 Jimmy Cochran is a resident of McDonough, author, musician and minister.



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