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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.



Hey Henry, where were the people that are upset with the Trayvon Martin case upset when O.J. Simpson was found innocent.

Hey Henry, a huge thanks to Billy Copeland on keeping everyone in McDonough updated on the “goings on” in our great little city!

Hey Henry, many stray cats are due to people who irresponsibly get pets, fail to get them fixed, then let them run free.

Hey Henry, a special “thank you” to Josh Combs for coming to my rescue and removing a tree that fell across my driveway.

Hey Henry, the definition of panhandling is to approach strangers and beg for money. Kids should be taught to sell a product or perform a service to raise money, not panhandling.

Hey Henry, we have a wonderful service in our recycling facility if you have not used it. You can recycle darn near anything. It is staffed by people who are doing community service and paying off fines, etc. The last few times I have been I have noticed several people doing nothing other than holding down a chair. This is taxpayer money being wasted.

Hey Henry, we don’t care if you are a state representative. Obey the law like everyone else. You are no better than anyone else.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the 10U Tour Lizard King hockey team for being the 2013 Torhs 2hot4ice AA National champions and to Carson Brown for bringing home the bronze medal for the 12U Squirt/Silver division at the North American Roller Hockey Championship in Toronto. Carson played goalie for the New York Tour Roadrunners.

Hey Henry, we don’t get city-type restaurants in the area for the same reason we don’t get art house movies at The Great Escape. The clientele is always a consideration.

Hey Henry, why do people try to outrun emergency vehicles? In the last week alone, I saw three different incidents in three different areas of the county. What happened to common sense and courtesy? Emergency vehicles have their lights and sirens on for a reason. Slow down, move over and get out of the way! It’s that simple. If you were having a heart attack or your loved one needed medical attention, don’t you want the ambulance there ASAP or to be able to get you to the hospital without having to wait or dodge traffic?

Hey Henry, I do get to work on time without speeding because I do leave in time, but you can’t say Jonesboro road isn’t a speed trap. Sorry.

Hey Henry, why is the Henry County Census 45 percent minority, but the county and city employ only five percent minority? Surely qualified people of all ethnic backgrounds apply for the jobs.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about using our ad valorum tax for sidewalks. We can’t get potholes fixed or roads paved. Sidewalks are a want, not a need. Maybe we should add it to the SPLOST IV wish list...

Hey Henry, lighted surface roads? The writer lost me with “coming from New York.” We ain’t in the Big Apple and don’t want light polution everywhere we go. That is why they put lights on vehicles.


Hey Henry, I am appalled that someone thinks the young girl playing football is at fault for the boys having “impure thoughts.” It’s the boys having these thoughts. Every sport has male and female teams, why not football? Maybe create a female football team and let them play against the boys. Females will rock and win!

Hey Henry, is there any chance that somehow the flooding rain and the melting icebergs could be connected.

Hey Henry, maybe I could join The Times in tooting the District 5 Commissioner’s horn, if he would show up when the Commission votes on the budget and find a way to keep my car from being broken into when I visit Fairview Cemetery.

Hey Henry, what is with the holes in the pavement on the bridge at I-75 and 155? Are there plans to fix it?

Hey Henry, to the person upset about the police speed trap on Jonesboro Road. An honest hard working person would really have nothing to worry about. He or she would get up on time to get to work without breaking the law!

Hey Henry, it would be nice to have sidewalks throughout this county. I have had the experience of trying to take an evening walk outside of my subdivision and was unable to do so. I think sidewalks would be great as well since I see young adults walking to their jobs at McDonalds, Zaxby's, etc. We should use our ad valorem tax to make this happen.

Hey Henry, why do people refuse to take responsibility for their own action. They need to stop blaming other people and look in the mirror.

Hey Henry, here’s a thought. The Bj’s building on Jonesboro road would make a great multiplex or a Dave and Busters.

Hey Henry, if you drive up to a McDonalds or any other restaurant and see that they are slammed with people, don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer to get your order. Be nice and slow down! Life is much better then.

Hey Henry, coming from New York and living in McDonough (Love it here.) I would like to suggest that more lights be installed on the main and service roads. When traveling at night it is so dark that it makes it hard for drivers to see.

Hey Henry, Thanks to Henry Fire Station number 12 on Old Jackson Road. They were extremely efficient and thorough in getting me to the hospital after I was bit by a baby rattler.

Hey Henry, we don’t like the “bucket drop” fundraisers and we don't donate. Our point is that they are dangerous. Some of the kids dodge in and out of cars like it is okay. What happens when one of them is hit and hurt or God forbid killed one day?

Hey Henry, Thank You Shana for the column “Too Hot for Words.” The low cut and skin tight tops are just gross. Also those leggings, are you kidding, they show the outline of your behind, and it ain’t pretty. Look girls, if you haven’t noticed you are too big to be wearing that kind of stuff. So cover up. Your mother will thank you.

Hey Henry, if you are not speeding, you don’t have to worry where the police are in the morning (or any time), do you?


Hey Henry, when can we expect the Walnut Creek Bridge on Elliott Road to be replaced. The bridge now has been downgraded to an eight-ton. This means that any vehicle that is Class 3 or larger cannot cross it. This includes school buses, U-Haul trucks, delivery trucks etc. This is urgent.

Hey Henry, unless things have changed in the many years since I worked in the funeral industry, death notices/obituaries were not provided free of charge. The funeral homes used to be charged for the notices which in turn had to be paid by surviving family members.

Hey Henry, out of all the restaurants in Henry County, I believe McDonald’s has the worst service! When is Locust Grove going to get some decent restaurants like a steak house or something, instead of a street full of gas stations?

Hey Henry, uninsured motorists need to be held financially accountable for the destruction and damage they do to others. If they have no assets, then they need to be incarcerated until the financial toll they caused is satisfied. It’s a state law to have continuous motor vehicle coverage; those who break the law and cause accidents are a burden on citizens that follow the law. Enough is enough.

Hey Henry, if you are going to feed all the stray cats in the neighborhood but not take the time to catch them up and get them fixed, don't complain when they have litter after litter of kittens. The cats aren’t the problem; you are!

Hey Henry, motorists be aware when driving in Stockbridge or the street sweeper will run over you.

Hey Henry, it sure is nice (not) that the Henry Police sit on the speed trap known as Jonesboro Road during the weekday mornings catching the working person going to work to make an honest living.

Hey Henry, to all the restaurants in Henry County; the housekeeping (cleaning) of your business is a reflection on many things. For instance, if your bathroom is filthy, then chances are the kitchen is too. Our family will not return to these restaurants and sadly this includes our favorite sushi steakhouse.

Hey Henry, I am so angry about what they are doing to Paula Deen. She is a lovely person and is trying to make something of her life. She has said she is sorry, so let it go. Yes, we should boycott Walmart, and I will never buy any Smithfield meats again. In America, we are supposed to have freedom of speech, but it doesn’t seem to be that way.

Hey Henry, teach the kids to be considerate of others, instead of selfish, rude and inconsiderate.

Hey Henry, “thank you” to the man who paid for my lunch at Pippin’s BBQ. (Judging by the county truck he was driving, he works for Henry County.) He stepped up to the counter right as I was handing the cashier my money and said, “I got this today,” and smiled. I said, “Thank you very much sir. You have a good day!” And he smiled and held the door open for me. Something as simple as paying for someone’s lunch can make their day. Pay it forward!

Hey Henry, McDonough needs a cafeteria, like a Piccadilly or a Morrison’s, on the east side of the Square. It would be mobbed.


Hey Henry, I was driving on McGarity Road the other morning and I was passed by a car doing at least 60 mph on a double yellow line in a curve. As I passed McGarity Academy I noticed the car was parked outside. Do you really need to put your child’s life in danger by driving like that? I hope you don’t hit a deer one morning.

Hey Henry, when is this County going to get a County pool?

Hey Henry, what a sick sight. On Saturday, June 29, at 11 p.m. we witnessed four young males in a white GMC Yukon in front of us throwing out all their cans and pizza boxes on Jonesboro Road at the tracks near our beautiful Square. Your actions disgust me! Your mama didn’t do a very good teaching you manners. If only we had a “trash patrol” number to call and report you!

Hey Henry, I support those kids doing bucket drop fundraisers because this is the only way some kids can participate. If you don’t like it, don’t donate. It’s that simple!

Hey Henry, I thought the idea was to make paved roads out of dirt roads, not dirt roads out of paved roads. Your friends on Upchurch Road.

Hey Henry, the Times is not only the best paper in the county, it’s free!

Hey Henry, hope we have another great football season. Go Tigers!

Hey Henry, why did taxpayers fork out all of the money used to purchase and install the beautiful plants in the exit lane areas on exit 218 and along Jonesboro Road so that they wouldn’t be maintained? What a waste!

Hey Henry, I am so glad to see Walmart and Target making morally-based business decisions! Now, how many CDs and DVDs will be pulled from the shelves that contain this word, and other derogatory or racist terms? Let’s see if all products, suppliers and brands are judged equally.

Hey Henry, to the person who commented about the “speed trap” on Iris Lake Road. I live on that road, and if you folks would just pay attention to the speed limit instead of running 55-plus on a 35 mph roadway, you wouldn’t have to worry about them! We say “thank you” Henry County PD for slowing these folks down!

Hey Henry, to my retired neighbors that find it OK to mow, blow, trim and edge your yard at 8 a.m. every Saturday. Could you be considerate of neighbors that get up early everyday of the week for work? You can choose any of the weekdays that you like. I won’t mind.

Hey Henry, let me see if I have this straight. If a young girl wants to play football, and she is good by the way, and the boys have impure thoughts about her, then the girl is at fault, not the boys. The “old double standard” is really working here.

Hey Henry, Captain D’s is no “seafood” place. If you’re going to dream, dream big or go home!

Hey Henry, poor dog. I think someone should take him out of that situation before it’s too late. And shame on Butts County for not having a law to prevent this type of thing from happening to animals.


Hey Henry, if you consider Captain D’s a seafood place, we have bigger fish to fry. Pun not intended.

Hey Henry, why did the Lawn Mower Racing get cancelled at Windy Hill Park? This was good family fun to watch. It didn’t cost a whole lot and we all enjoyed it! I heard through the grapevine that a couple of county employee’s with the commissioner chairman had it shut down. What gives them this kind of power?

Hey Henry, when I was a kid, we played outside all the time. When the street lights came on, it was time to go in. Yet we played where it was proper, not in the street. We rarely disturbed the neighbors because our parents taught us to respect others and their property. If we failed to do that, we were held accountable. Guess we’re supposed to let kids and their parents do whatever they want, whenever they want to these days without consequences. I don’t think so.

Hey Henry, before you abuse, criticize and accuse. Walk a mile in my shoes.

Hey Henry, new county commissioners, new rules. You can now sell booze in county parks! Yup, that’s where I want to take my kids!

Hey Henry, why does it appear that neither of the two local newspapers report obituaries from the predominantly African American funeral homes?
Editor: We accept obituaries from all funeral homes in the Henry County area, regardless of ethnicity.

Hey Henry, why are you surprised Georgia’s governor and legislature passed a car tax that benefits car dealers (political contributors) and hurts average people? Georgians have been electing these kinds of politicians at least as far back as Zell.

Hey Henry, to the Henry County Police officer in the pickup truck that sits on the Bethlehem Road bridge over I-75 in the mornings (with no lights or hazard lights on), your practice is very unsafe. This forces traffic to cross into the wrong lane on a two-lane bridge. Please find somewhere else to park.

Hey Henry, just wanted to send a special “happy birthday” to my Honey Bear, from your Angel. I love you and appreciate all you do for the community. Henry County would be a much better place if there were more men like you.

Hey Henry, I am totally enjoying your new editor, Alex. His articles and columns are well written, interesting and give good information with a minimum of fluff! He is a perfect addition to the already great Henry County Times!

Hey Henry, I find it sadly ironic that two miles will determine whether a beautiful boxer dog will die of heat stroke in his unshaded pen this summer. Henry County has an ordinance against keeping pets in unshaded areas, Butts County does not. The poor thing is only two miles outside Henry County. Butts, you need to step up and improve the laws that protect your pets.

Hey Henry, if you own a restaurant, please tell your hostess at the front desk that texting when potential customers are waiting to talk to you is not a good look. That’s why I left.

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who said that we need a Captain D’s out on 81! We have plenty of chicken, hamburger and pizza places.


Hey Henry, to the person suggesting the Geranium Festival be moved to Nash Farm: Please. The festival is one day with plenty of advance notice. The detours are not that bad. The businesses that are fixtures in the Square would have a bigger inconvenience taking their goods to Nash Farm. Get a grip. The festival has been on the Square too long to change locations to appease you.

Hey Henry, why don’t you build a Captain D’s on Highway 81? We need a seafood place out here.

Hey Henry, I hope the new Board makes better decisions in reference on building things (i.e. Jason T. Harper Event Center). The arena is such a waste there. That could have been a swim center, YMCA, amphitheater or something that is actually used on a regular basis. Be smart, not selfish.

Hey Henry, my husband, two children and I had dinner at Cracker Barrel a few days before Memorial Day. While we were enjoying our dessert, the hostess came to our table to notify us that our check had been paid for by some kind older gentleman as a thank you for my husband's service. He had left the restaurant by then, so a personal “Thank You” wasn’t possible, but just in case you are reading this sir, “Thank You from our family. We truly appreciated it!”

Hey Henry, to the mom and grandmother who called 911 about the children left in a car alone. Thanks so much. It’s nice to see and hear that someone did the right thing. Your first comment was not clear about what, if anything you did. I too am a mom and a grandmother, and I would like to say, “Thanks for looking after the little kids.”

Hey Henry, when is the county going to repair the pot holes on Hosannah Road? Or better yet, when is Hosannah Road going to be a real paved road, instead of a want-to-be paved road?

Hey Henry, I watch the BOC meetings. With the budget problems, I as a taxpayer question the need for Division Directors, since each department seems to have someone in charge. Storm Water, especially, needs to be run by Henry County Water Authority. That would eliminate a big expense for the county. Heard it was supposed to go to them, but something is holding it up. This needs to be addressed.

Hey Henry, to the person who is complaining about kids out after 9 p.m. in the summer. Really? When I was a kid, we played till 11 p.m. with the neighborhood kids. If you don’t like kids, then move somewhere that doesn’t have kids around. What a shame. At least they are not out dealing drugs. What do you want kids to do? Just sit inside and play on their computers? I am glad when I see kids out playing together. It’s like when I grew up. Anything that takes them away from their phones and computers for actual interaction with another human, I am all for. Maybe you should get to know them and you might not complain so much.

Hey Henry, kudos for excellent work goes to the Henry County Police Department as they directed traffic on Jonesboro Road in the lightning and heavy downpour. The traffic light was out at the intersection of Truett’s and O’Charley’s.

Hey Henry, it’s amazing how all of these colleges are always advertising college degrees online and everywhere else, and there are no jobs to be found even with a college degree.


Hey Henry, to the person complaining about basketball goals in their neighborhood. People complain about P.E. being reduced and kids committing crimes, and these goals give the kids something positive to do after hours. It’s summer, let kids be kids.

Hey Henry, the BOC needs to wake up. Hampton and the citizens of Henry County west of I-75 need and deserve a nice new senior center to serve its citizens just as you have provided McDonough, Locust Grove and Stockbridge/Fairview. Be fair and provide equal services to all the senior citizens of Henry County.

Hey Henry, concerning kids soliciting funds. Whatever happened to kids earning money for trips and team events? I hate these kids asking for money. Do a car wash, sell donuts, candy bars, something. In my opinion, you are teaching kids that they are entitled to money they didn’t do anything to earn.

Hey Henry, why aren’t the residents of Henry County and the State of Georgia demanding the new Title Tax Ad Valorem law be repealed? It is making private sales of vehicles (and getting a good deal) obsolete. Private sales are taxed on the value of the vehicle, not what you pay for it. The new law only benefits car dealerships. It costs the used car buyers a lot more money and requires new car buyers to keep their vehicles over five years to break even.

Hey Henry, why are the Stockbridge city carts (trash pickup) allowed outside the city limits? They have no registration or tag, so they should be required to stay within the city limits. Are they insured if they get into an accident outside of the city?

Hey Henry, who is responsible for maintaining the parking lot located at Walmart on Willow Lane in McDonough? The grass is overgrown, and there is trash all over the place. RVs and tractor trailers use it as an overnight parking spot, and the curbs are busted up from being run over by these large vehicles. It’s becoming a real eyesore.

Hey Henry, to the person thinking we should move the Geranium Festival to Nash Farms, I say this. Our Square is the heart of McDonough, and it represents what the Geranium Festival is all about. People from all over come to see our pretty town. Who wants to drive eight miles out of town in the middle of a field. And as for the knitted toaster covers, and polka-dotted birdhouses, that’s a slap in the face to all the vendors who put all their talent and time into their crafts for all to enjoy. Why should we change something so many enjoy for a few like you? As for traffic, stay home!

Hey Henry, no one is talking about the shooting at Trees of Avalon Apartments. Nobody was hit, but it was close. As I sit here listening to children play at the pool, I wonder how many residents even know what went down. Shame shame.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the Henry County Schools’ new talented and gifted program! They are accelerating their gifted education students now, as well as remediating their EIP students.

Hey Henry, to the parents who thought it would be a great idea to fly their congrats to their student over a local graduation ceremony for 30 minutes, thanks for ruining the ceremony for the rest of the parents and students. The people in the stands could barely hear any of the speeches, and the students couldn’t at all.

Hey Henry, to the person that asked if I called 911 on the lady who left her kids in the car. I am a mom and grandmother, what do you think I did? I watched while I was on the phone with 911 and waited till they showed up, and I will do it again if I see it.


Hey Henry, to the person who finds the mechanical mannequin “distasteful and embarrassing.” Don’t look at it. We thinks it’s hilarious and even took a video of it and put it up on Facebook. Everyone thought it was a hoot!

Hey Henry, in order to protect our Henry County and McDonough Police Department, why not have the officers double up in patrol cars. It would be safer for our officers when they have to make a stop or go to a crime scene. This would save vehicle wear and tear as well as give the officer a partner to be with on patrol. Nonetheless, cudos to our law enforcement! God bless you all.

Hey Henry, in our subdivision, we have children under 14 playing in the streets after the 9 p.m. curfew, in violation of county code. Why? Because the HOA board created an attractive nuisance by allowing portable basketball nets for the summer despite covenants prohibiting them.

Hey Henry, to the person worried about student safety in a trailer during a tornado warning. The school system has a safety plan and no person will be in a trailer during any type of severe weather. C’mon man.

Hey Henry, in response to the individual upset with the mannequin on Highway 81 East. Which is more inappropriate? The mannequin, or the young man who has been jumping around there for years with his pants hanging down around his knees with his underwear showing?

Hey Henry, to the person who wants everyone to watch out for the speed trap on Iris Lake Road. I live on that road and the speed limit is 35 mph. I appreciate seeing the police out there as they make everyone slow down. I wish they were out there more often!

Hey Henry, I see the rednecks haven’t let up near Unity Grove Elementary. They are still firing weapons that sound like a cannon going off when some of us are trying to sleep.

Hey Henry, why doesn’t the DOT let the wildflowers grow at roadside and in the median of our county roads? Sure looks better than seeing red clay after they scalp it.

Hey Henry, it is how the pitbull is raised and how interbreeding takes place that determines their demeanor. I am not necessarily a pitbull breed person, but I have met and cared for many who were very sweet, loving and loyal dogs. Caesar Milan should talk with this idiot.

Hey Henry, if you use tax dollars to buy your lunch: you might be a bad politician. If you use tax dollars to pay for a luncheon to announce you will run again: you might be a bad politician. If you then give all employees the rest of the day off paid for by tax dollars: you might be buying votes and be a bad politician. Pay it back.

Hey Henry, isn’t it so politically convenient when commissioners miss important meetings like the adoption of the budget?

Hey Henry, please parents, if you are going to allow your children to solicit funds from corners and stores, please keep an eye on them. Saturday at Sam’s Club gas station, a little league baseball team was asking for donations. My husband almost hit one boy when he came around our car to ask for money; my husband told him no. He just stood there and stared. Probably had not heard “no” that day. The boys were running every which way and were not watching where they were going. Please be careful!


Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the mother leaving her children in a car at the Kroger parking lot for 30 minutes. Did you call 911 and report this?

Hey Henry, I am surprised that no one has mentioned the mechanical mannequin on Highway 81 E. Even my kids pointed out how distasteful and embarrassing it is. Have we sunk to a new low?

Hey Henry, a big thank you to everyone who helped with the New Hope Elementary talent show. Everyone did a great job. Emily and Aubree, you were awesome!

Hey Henry, what are they watering the Woodland High School football field with? Napalm? Graduation is approaching fast, we would love to see an improvement. Thanks!

Hey Henry, we hear all the time how the children of Georgia are obese. Granted, their home life plays a big role in that, but what happened to recess or PE at school outside of the classroom being a requirement? Back in the good ol’ days, you were expected to go outside and play. Now, recess is left up to the discretion of the teachers? How are we going to get our children’s weight down if they not only sit at home after school, but sit all day at school as well?

Hey Henry, I went to Waffle House in Locust Grove on Mother’s Day for breakfast. After the waitress brought me my meal, she told me that the Locust Grove policeman sitting next to me had paid for my meal. I just wanted to tell him “Thank you.” Before retiring, I worked with law enforcement for 25 plus years and know what you make.

Hey Henry, I don’t care what you pit bull owners say; pit bulls are vicious! Regardless of the owner, it’s in their makeup to be vicious just like certain individuals. I wish all of these dogs were put down and destroyed. It seems like every day someone either dies or is badly bitten by a pit bull.

Hey Henry, CRCT scores are in and again I ask what is the point? What does the test really measure? When you have students that struggle all year in the classroom but exceed on the CRCT, what does that say? When are we going to focus on educating kids and not meaningless test scores?

Hey Henry, the Geranium Festival needs to be moved to Nash Farms next year. It makes no sense to close the entire downtown and block traffic so soccer moms can buy knitted toaster covers and polka-dotted bird houses. They can plant some geraniums at Nash Farms just like they planted cherry blossom trees at the Conyers Horse Park.

Hey Henry, watch out for the speed trap on Iris Lake Road.

Hey Henry, every time I pass a school and see trailer classrooms, I cringe. The tornadoes in Oklahoma should be enough of a warning to us that we need to stop putting our children’s safety at risk. There is also a danger of students being harmed or abducted going from trailers to the main buildings to change classes, use the restroom, etc. We need to do better.

Hey Henry, to the person blaming Obamacare for the custoidal outsourcing: You need to get your facts straight; the BOE will save 3 million (they say) by outsourcing. Our health benefit costs have gone up every year. This is nothing new. The outsourcing has been discussed long before Obamacare.


Hey Henry, congratulations to the LGHS baseball team for their successful year! Being in the Elite 8 is quite an accomplishment! Your community is so proud of you! We are sad to see this season end but are looking forward to seeing you all again and the run you make next season!

Hey Henry, if Henry County Schools would cut the jobs of workers who did not work, they could save a lot. There is a lot of waste and highly paid people in other classified positions.

Hey Henry, what’s up with all the roofing repair signs in the City of Stockbridge, especially the neighborhoods off of Tye Street. Are these people exempt from sign ordinances? Next, we will have “we buy ugly houses” and “hair braiding” signs on every corner. It is looking too much like Clayton and DeKalb County. Code enforcement, please stop this before it gets out of hand!

Hey Henry, I heard that Ethan Hildreth will be getting a 25 percent pay raise this year...furlough days, outsourcing jobs, no pay raises for the rest of the county...only the upper level administrators get raises? Isn't $187,000 enough? HCBOE care to comment?

Hey Henry, we have suffered in Henry County due to the economy for the last four years. Local banks have closed, as well as grading companies, lumber suppliers, builders and subcontractors.

Hey Henry, don’t you realize that the school custodians were outsourced because of Obamacare? The school board says outsourcing is due to rising insurance costs. Hellooooooo!

Hey Henry, in response to the recent posts about a school with an ex-Clayton County principal, I would like to say that I fully support our new principal and what she has accomplished in the short time since she has come to our school. She has added structure and accountability, which we have needed, and has gone out of her way to make the teachers and staff feel appreciated for the job we do. I am proud to work at this “unnamed school” and have no plans to leave.

Hey Henry, how can any parent leave their two children (infant and 3-year-old) in the car in the Kroger parking lot and shop for a half hour? The 3-year-old was hanging out the sunroof; the baby was just isn’t right or safe.

Hey Henry, I feel sorry for all the college graduates because every company you apply for requires experience. I graduated a few years ago and still can't find a job. How are you supposed to get experience if companies won’t hire you.

Hey Henry, on Saturdays I like to buy hot boiled peanuts from a local man who sells them off his trailer, where he also sells fruits and vegetables. He was telling me that the county has harrassed him because he isn’t “licensed.” Come on! Do they have that little to do that they harrass someone just trying to make a few extra dollars?

Hey Henry, my husband and I went to eat at Toribio’s last night and had to watch a couple make out in the booth. Really people, I was embarrassed for you. Get a room!

Hey Henry, they should pass a law that requires everyone renewing their license to take a test on what left turn lanes, solid white lines, passing lanes, etc mean. It should also cover road signs.


Hey Henry, congratulations to the Woodland High School Girls Varsity soccer team for making the state finals. Great job ladies, and congratulations for a wonderful season. Also, thanks to Coach Corwin and Coach Flake. Go Wolfpack!

Hey Henry, recently, I attended the Relay For Life event at Ola High School. I was surprised to see so many men not removing their caps, women talking, and kids running around as if nothing was happening during the singing of the National Anthem. We may not like the things that are happening in Washington, DC. But we can respect what our country stands for and honor the thousands of men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and those that are currently serving and standing in harms way.

Hey Henry, to Locust Grove Ingles. Why make your pharmacy twice as big and then cut the staff?

Hey Henry, I just wanted to thank you for covering my favorite FIRST Lego League team, the Brick Brains. They did a great job building a sitting area at the Locust Grove Senior Center this year and are heading to California to represent our state in the North American Open FLL Championship this week. Go, Brick Brains!

Hey Henry, I wonder how Stockbridge will handle political signs in the City. Will they get robot calls and have to pay fines too? Let me guess-political signs will be exempt.

Hey Henry, thank you Henry County Road Department for trimming the overgrown trees/shrubs on the south side of Jonesboro Road to the west of Marsha’s Vineyard. That overgrowth was probably responsible for 10+ car accidents in the last 2 years. Just wish we had called you 2 years ago to report the dangerous situation.

Hey Henry, On May 2, I was at the Publix on Highway 81 East and left my wallet in the grocery cart when I left the store. I did not realize that it was missing but received a phone call from the Publix office to tell me it had been turned in. When I picked it up I found nothing was missing. My heartfelt thanks to the kind person who turned it in.

Hey Henry, here is one taxpayer who regrets outsourcing, but hopes it doesn’t backfire so there won’t be more difficult choices to make. Real world news flash: when there is falling revenue, there is less money for everything.

Hey Henry, Tussahaw Elementary is now employing the Fashion Police. Shame on the assistant principal. There was nothing wrong with what that little girl was wearing.

Hey Henry I’m absolutely disgusted. I want to wear a red, white and blue bag over my head as a symbol of love for the ideals to which the Founding Fathers aspired - coupled with embarrassment that the vast majority of our current crop of Americans has no understanding of those ideals whatsoever. And please don’t get me started on that “Christian nation” nonsense. If people in this glorious, miserable land really lived up to the ideals of either one, there would not be valid reasons to question both.

Hey Henry, why do code enforcement violations have to be reported before something is done? If Code Enforcement officers drive through my neighborhood (Northwind) and see violations (grass/weeds that are too tall, unregistered/plated vehicles in driveways, cars blocking the street, etc.) why don’t they issue citations on the spot instead of waiting until someone calls to report something?


Hey Henry, Locust Grove Day was awesome! Thanks goes out to Brenda Hammock and the Locust Grove Day Committee. The Mackie Creek Band provided great music that entertained the large crowd that came out for the Locust Grove street dance. Hope they come back again soon.

Hey Henry, in response to the post about not taking “In God We Trust” license plates seriously. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Are you suggesting that someone isn’t religious because they don’t want to wait behind you on the road? You should tell NASCAR to stop having the prayers before the race then. What if I pass you in the aisle in a grocery store because you are looking at everything on the shelf? Does the same apply? Help me to understand your logic.

Hey Henry, I find it disturbing that certain children in my neighborhood point toy guns at adults and make shooting motions. I find it more disturbing that their parents see it and do nothing to correct it.

Hey Henry, who moves to the country and then complains about things like gunshots or horses and cows?

Hey Henry, be aware that sales tax is being charged for delivery and labor. This is not merchandise, and I would like for some one to explain how retailers are getting away with this. We know they are giving that extra tax money to the Georgia Department of Revenue. Sure they are.

Hey Henry, to the person who gave kudos to the HCBOE Board letter and for making hard decisions. Would you still give kudos if it was your job or a family member’s job that had been eliminated? The company that is taking over is based in Tennessee, so I guess you think kudos for the BOE voting to bring in a company where the money will go to another state. Have you thought about the fact that this decision will not only affect many people, but also our community and above all our children. Maybe one of these poor custodians could have your job since you are so ready to applaud the Board’s decision!

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the “In God We Trust” speeders. Those who believe in God aren’t perfect and we know we aren’t. But we are forgiven.

Hey Henry, a home-based business does need quotation marks if it isn’t a true home-based business, because it has broken the rules for years. That is a commercial business (has numerous employees, a designated parking area, and lots of traffic) not a home-based one and should be in an area zoned for business not residences.

Hey Henry, if someone spends $300 on clothes, then they’re not overpriced. Common sense and a little bit of economic knowledge would inform you that the only overpriced clothes are the ones not sold. FYI ... the words over and priced are not hyphenated.

Hey Henry, what’s up with the PTO at Woodland Elementary, did they do any activities this year? They should look at other schools and get ideas, like Mt. Carmel, awesome PTO!

Hey Henry, I think we need to outsource the school board. It seems that’s where most of the taxpayer’s money is being wasted. Bad decisions following bad decisions.


Hey Henry, in the future, please do not put Mary Jane and L.D. on the same page at the same time. I almost hurt myself from laughing so hard! They are great writers.

Hey Henry, I stop mowing when I see your car approaching, so I won’t sling any rocks or pine cones at your car. Please show me the same consideration by not littering in my yard.

Hey Henry, why is the Henry County 4-H Horse Club not able to be around horses? This is ridiculous when parents sign a waiver of liability! Due to this, the horse club is completing its last year and will not be in existence any longer. I also heard the dog club cannot be in contact with dogs due to liability.

Hey Henry, if you’re going to blow past me on the road at 20 mph above the speed limit, don’t expect me to take those “In God We Trust” license plates or doodled-fish bumper stickers with any degree of seriousness.

Hey Henry, if you have concerns on home-based businesses in your neighborhood, contact your tax commissioner’s office for ordinances and information.

Hey Henry, we need trains, not lanes.

Hey Henry, whomever put the article in Hey Henry applauding the board members of the Henry County Board of Education must be a board member themselves. Who in their right mind would applaud someone for making a decision that affects someone’s life? These people have to buy groceries, pay insurance, have children and pay bills, too. Shame on the Henry County Board of Education. I hope outsourcing backfires on you!

Hey Henry, big things going on at LGHS! Their girls soccer team will be hosting the first round of soccer playoffs Tuesday, and their varsity baseball team will be hosting the first round of state on Friday. Come out and support these two teams that are doing a such a great job of representing our county.

Hey Henry, I really wish someone would do something about how and who runs the Sandy Ridge BMX track. It is very sad for the kids who want to race there.

Hey Henry, shouldn’t I-75 through Henry have five lanes on both sides with no toll, as already exists in Gwinnett and Cobb, before anyone considers adding a toll lane to our mini-freeway in Henry? Please voice your opinions and stop this!

Hey Henry, to the two women who walk from Highway 20 down East Lake and back; please stop. There is way too much traffic and too many curves and blind spots, along with no sidewalks. There are plenty of parks in Henry County that will keep you away from this kind of traffic.

Hey Henry, one of the commissioners asked the director of public works why engineering services couldn’t be done in house instead of being farmed out. The question was never answered. Henry County has at least six engineers, of which three are registered. If they are not designing roads, what are they needed for?

Hey Henry, I'm considering keeping a dozen eggs in my car to have ready the next time I see a WSB truck on an Ola school campus.

Hey Henry, won't worry with what you can't control. If you can't be positive, at least be quiet!


Hey Henry, excellent letter from the School Board members and I applaud their hard decisions. We are in tough times and sometimes tough decisions have to be made to continue offering education. While sad to see people lose their jobs, at least the HCBOE is willing to take the first step and stand by it. Kudos!

Hey Henry, this was the best column ever written by Pam Ward. It showed her human side and really touched me. Thanks for showing us your true heart, Pam!

Hey Henry, to all Henry County restaurant servers, my 82-year-old wife is NOT a guy!

Hey Henry, the former Clayton County principal has destroyed a great school environment which has lead to a multitude of teachers looking for anything other than spending next year under her thumb.

Hey Henry, the citizens of the City of Locust Grove need to ask the mayor and City Council an important question. Why are so many of our veteran police officers jumping ship? Who will protect and serve during this crisis?

Hey Henry, Henry County Schools are going to lose more tax revenue when the custodians lose their homes. I guess they did not think about that.

Hey Henry, thanks to all of the Henry, Clayton and Fulton County employers who won’t look past my grey hair to see the 35 years of import/export, management, warehouse and sales experience that I have to offer their companies.

Hey Henry, what's this about toll lanes being built on I-75 through Henry and Clayton? Instead of stories about pound cake, lets have real stories that impact us.

Hey Henry, I want to know where I can volunteer to be a judge for the Tastiest Pound Cake Contest. YUM!

Hey Henry, hello spring and baseball field drama! Baseball is a game, and that’s the level of importance we place on it. It’s fun, and kids want to play. Often parents, coaches and umpires ruin that for the child. My son’s coach this year has taught the boys and our parents a valuable lesson. We may not win every game, but our team has the classiest coaches, players and parents in every game we play. The boys respect their teammates, parents, the other team and umpires no matter what. Thank you coach Conway for continuing to make baseball “fun” for the boys. Go Warriors!


Hey Henry, the Locust Grove Train Viewing Platform is primarily constructed with Hotel-Motel taxes and not with general fund revenue, as it is a tourism development project required by state law. Hopefully the sales taxes will increase enough this year for cost of living adjustments.

Hey Henry, did anyone else notice that the person calling everyone “weasels” for not posting a name with their comments failed to leave a name? Editor - All posts in Hey Henry are anonymous.

Hey Henry, when you are picking your child up in the afternoon get off your cell phone! I am sure they would enjoy you coming in and asking about their day!

Hey henry, if the Henry County Police really wanted to make ticket money, then they should park in the Publix at Lake Dow. No one yields for pedestrians coming in and out of the store.

Hey Henry, when a business is a “home based business” there is no need for quotation marks. It is in fact a home based business. It costs millions to build an aquatic center, so until Henry County decides to get on the ball and build one, this home business is serving a vital need for our community. Neighborhoods change! Mine has, hasn’t yours? Besides, this traffic all day is only seasonal and if it were a year round business the load would be the equivalent of less than 15 cars per day. This one just happens to be condensed into a 2 month period for the most part.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say thank you to the kind officer who stopped and let several cars go the other day at a very busy intersection. He waited when there was no oncoming traffic and let at least three or four cars go before he turned. This was such a kind gesture, and I really appreciated that. I wish I knew who he was! Thank you officer, for being so considerate.

Hey Henry, I want to say “way to go school board.” You made a really bad move this time. You know this is going to backfire. Parapro’s, get ready to add another duty to your list. So sad!

Hey Henry, to the redneck with the automatic weapon shooting near Unity Grove High School, how about going to a gun range. Children play on that play ground and I don’t ever know when one of your G.I. Joe bullets is going to hit one of us or someone else. Don’t you have any common sense?

Hey Henry, I would like to brag on Locust Grove Middle School. There was a student in need and the faculty pulled together and provided financial assistance to this student in dire need! Amazing! I was so moved by the support of the faculty for this student. With so much negativity in the world and community, it was refreshing to know people care!

Hey Henry, how would you feel if I threw garbage in your yard? How do you think I feel about the weeds in my yard that are coming from your untreated/neglected yard?

Hey Henry, I think that we should outsource the jobs of the leaders of the Henry County know in order to save money!

Hey Henry, is the economy doing good now? I have never seen so many people traveling, eating out and spending money at shopping malls in my life. I was taking my niece to get something to eat the other day at Tanger Outlet mall and someone spent $300 cash on over-priced clothes, just paying for the name. Either the economy is doing better or people are doing something illegal.


Hey Henry, I bet if you had to put your name with your “Hey Henry” some weasels would quit posting.

Hey Henry, if your “home based business” has constant traffic, numerous customers/clients all day long, and you have a “parking lot” on your property, you need to be in a commercial zone, not a residential area. It doesn’t matter what “needed service” you think you provide or how many acres you have. Homeowners have a right to peace and tranquility in their home and neighborhood.

Hey Henry, if you have a problem with the litter, put on some gloves and pick up the trash.

Hey Henry, who is responsible for the railroad crossing on Bill Gardner Parkway after you pass Millard’s Landing going towards Luella. There is no sense in railroad tracks still being in the road because the track has been pulled up on Highway 155. Can the County remove this?

Hey Henry, what good is an HOA board who does not enforce the association covenants?

Hey Henry, I hope the McDonough City council replaces fire engines and upgrades city parks INSTEAD of buying some land that’s going for $67,000 an acre.

Hey Henry, in our wondrous world if you drive a car you have to be tested and licensed, to join the military you have to be tested and trained, to be a politician and run the country, you only need to have a suit.

Hey Henry, raise taxes! Our government leaders say we can’t meet our budget and pay our police, firemen and teachers what they deserve. Yet we can build a $250,000 dollar observation deck in Locust Grove so we can get a better look at a passing train. Come on guys. Cut the pork and we wouldn’t need to raise taxes!

Hey Henry, congratulations to the graduating class of 2013 Henry County High and Luella high School! Most of all I want to recognize those young men and women who will be going away to serve our country in the USMC, Army, Air Force, and Navy. The young adults that make this choice do not get the recognition deserved at graduation. So from this proud parent to those of you who step up to the plate to protect this country a huge “Thank You” for serving this wonderful country.

Hey Henry, if you travel Highway 138 in Stockbridge (between Walmart and I-75) and are tired of the fact that the traffic lights on this stretch of highway have not been sequenced over the last four years, please call Keith at the Department of Transportation and Development (770-477-3691) and let him know.

Hey Henry, when is the County going to install a traffic light at Highway 155 and Crumbley Road? We need a police officer at Hamilton Bank in the morning to stop traffic from cutting through the bank, making it even more difficult to turn onto 155 from Crumbley.

Hey Henry, nothing says warm, inviting, and friendly like a subdivision swimming pool with a barbed wire fence. Way to go, Park at Westridge HOA Board!

Hey Henry, would someone tell Georgia DOT that the potholes on the I-75 north on-ramp off of 20/81 are not getting any smaller.


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