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It is well with my soul


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  I guess the angel that was building our new pastor accidentally clicked on two ‘good Christian attributes’ instead of just one.  Because not only does he know his Bible and have the sermon thing tightly under control, he can also sing.  First time we’ve EVER had a preacher that could deliver part of his message accompanied by our amazing pianist!   

  I’d been praying to Him all week to give me a little more patience, kindness, and make me a better Christian. Well Rev. Charles Jackson must have gotten a text from God, for his powerful voice sang me out of my selfishness and back to joy.  (Didn’t hurt that I’d already been soothed by a beautiful piano special during our offertory!) We’d wondered about going to church this morning, kind of hard to get in and out of the car and stay dry if it’s raining, while navigating a wheelchair. But Mother Nature made sure the weather forecasters were actually right this time; she bade the clouds hang onto their moisture until later in the day.

  Running a little late as we left the Henry Hilton, but for once every traffic light down 81 East was green and stayed that way till I was past. No handicapped parking spot available but I took a chance and pulled up beside the church and then a fellow Methodist came out and urged me to park there every Sunday…lots closer to the back door. We got in much quicker, and I could actually maneuver the transport wheelchair a little easier from that spot. 

  Found our Mt. Bethel brothers and sisters as welcoming as always, and then we were greeted by our new pastor’s wife Se Se. (It sounds like say say.) Saw their teen Christian smiling, shaking hands and then helping Charles manage the tiny ear microphone. And the joy began…again. Mt. Bethel’s my invisible Valium but come to think of it, He’s behind the peace and joy we receive in that calming sanctuary. Our preacher did remind us to seek others to worship with us on Sunday morning; to go make disciples, fish for some who don’t have a church, or maybe don’t even know Him.      Charles mentioned he has business cards and to take some, pass them out as we go through our week. Forgot to get a supply but I’ve still got a few I had made several years ago and will go back to my  strict rule of soliciting others to come to His house on Sunday morning.

  We’d already had two sweet blessings this week and one last week. July 4th., son Leslie brought his family to share some barbecue and slaw with us. This Friday night as we stared at the TV and I worked a crossword puzzle, we heard that sound we’ve come to love…a car door shutting. A quick glance out the door and I saw son Ron with his wonderful crew; got some sweet hugs and heard the latest going on in their lives. Then Saturday night it was de ja vu all over again…daughter Sam arrived with her family for a warm visit.   Don’t get to see Don and his sweet ones much as they live a tad far away…long drive from Newnan. 

  Haven’t we had a wonderful two weeks? Didn’t see fireworks in person but the ones on television were entertaining. But I did see lots of sweet faces, first here and then later at my little brick church. AND my new pastor did a wonderful job both singing and then preaching to his new church family. Yes, it IS well with my soul. Got to say it…PTL


 Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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