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New kid on the block


Alex Welch
Assistant Editor

  Itís difficult to write 600+ words and fully capture the real side of a complete stranger on paper. Well, sit tight, because thatís exactly what Iím preparing to do right now. My name is Alex Welch, and Iím the new assistant editor for The Henry County Times.

  I am a 23-year-old recent graduate from Kennesaw State University, although my appearance leads people to assume Iím still preparing for my first driverís license exam. If you see a new reporter around town who looks like heís in high school, just assume itís me.

  Cherokee County is still my official home. I have lived there for the majority of the past 23 years. The Woodstock-Canton stretch on I-575 is near and dear to my heart.

  My college tenure began at Georgia Southern and gradually worked its way back to Kennesaw. After two semesters without a major, I declared for the sports management program, which eventually changed to a consideration for geography and culminated with a communication degree. I love writing. I first realized it was one of my passions in high school. Studying was never quite my forte, but any written test was simple for me because I could ramble on and sound like I actually knew the three motifs in The Great Gatsby.

  Traveling is another one of my proclivities. With my parents hailing from different regions of the country, naturally, weíre forced to endure lengthy treks for any type of family gathering. My dad and I actually drove to Montana when I was in elementary school, and by that I mean he alone drove roughly 4,500 miles round-trip. We did our share of tourist hopping, visiting Mount Rushmore, Lewis and Clark Caverns, Little Bighorn Battlefield. The list goes on. This is where the aforementioned affinity for geography comes in. On that road trip I brought along several Rand McNally maps, a few designed just for kids. I learned every state capital along the way, and that progressed into a much larger interest. Jeopardy is on every night at my house. If a geography topic pops up, Iíll steal the whole category.

  I believe Iíve journeyed to at least half of the states, along with several Caribbean islands. Eventually I intend to set foot in all 50. Through all the exploits, Washington, D.C. sits atop my list of favorite locations. I first traveled to our nationís capital in high school. We stayed at The Willard, a hotel that once housed Abraham Lincoln in light of assassination threats back in the 1860s. How do you even begin to grasp that concept? Weíre sitting there watching SportsCenter and eating Doritos in the same place authorities brought a former president to shelter him from danger; a bit tough to fathom. The magnitude of historic events resonates in my mind. I can explore the Smithsonian museums for hours on end. Everything about D.C. is captivating. Ultimately, I expect to reside there one day.

  Any leisure time I have is typically filled with watching sports, or playing sports or talking about sports. Iíll defend the Falcons and Braves for as long as I live. Being an Atlanta sports fan isnít always easy. Each new season is accompanied by another devastating heartbreak. I suppose weíll all remain tormented individuals pining for a World Series or Super Bowl title until one is finally delivered. Hey, at least weíre not Cleveland (my Ohio family resents this statement).

  A few random facts: I listen to solo piano music when I write, I love Waffle House and I hate cheese (Iím just as disappointed as you are). I may be the most frugal person I know. Iím also an only child, and Iíve been spoiled by the situation. My mom still does my laundry when I go home. My life is rather simple. Itís been that way for 23 years, and Iíll do my best to stay the course as it continues.

  As I embark on this new endeavor, I look forward to becoming acquainted with Henry County. Itís time to escape the confines of Cherokee, as much as I love it, and learn to embrace a new part of Georgia. This feels like the right place to start.




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