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Facebook fun


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  At least once a week, a Henry county citizen (usually my age or close) posts a picture of something from the past on Facebook and says to ‘like” if you remember the item shown. So far, I’ve liked them all, and now, I’m listening to WGJA in Jackson playing a song about…a Koda-chrome camera. Remember those? Just got me to thinking about all the things our tweens and teens have missed out on, not to mention all the amazing inventions they use that I’d never imagined we’d have.

  Am still guilty of using a cellphone, which is just a phone. Did see one of the grandkids text on it, but it doesn’t take pictures, and I can’t access the Internet with it. I do remember when everyone in Jackson was on a ‘party line’ and that meant that if someone else on that line was talking, you had to wait. Pick up the receiver again, listen and make sure their conversation was over before you placed your call…using just four numbers too.  I’d long ago noticed in my high school annual that the ads placed by local companies only listed four numerals, no area code in the forties and fifties. Jackson’s fire department was way into the future with their special phone number to call in case of flames; just dial the magic four and every volunteer fireman would get one long ring. They’d drop what they were doing and head to the station to get on their blue uniforms and helmets, and then hop in the big red truck. The City of Jackson had gotten a great deal on their big firefighting vehicle, bought it from Warner Robins air force base and my Dad rebuilt the engine, upgraded all the other parts. And that’s how he got the red Buick with “Fire Chief” painted on both sides.

  But back to my Facebook memory lane; have seen a wringer washing machine, the speakers that you parked beside at the drive in movie, a running board that stuck out beside the front and back doors of most cars, so brave souls could hang onto the side of the vehicle.  Just yesterday I saw a cast iron frying pan, and yes I still bake my cornbread in one, when I dare eat that no-no. Tossed the Club Aluminum set I’d loved so much after reading the rumor that patients with ALS had eaten many meals from those green pots and pans. Pyrex? Everybody remembers Pyrex… and probably still has an ample supply. My favorite is one of my Mom’s pie plates, a simple glass dish that always cooks a perfect crust.  When we held the estate sale, my brothers and I all chose a few favorites before opening the doors to Jackson, GA. residents to come shop. (Some sweet souls told me they were buying a particular object just to have something to remind them of my parents’ many kind deeds….wow!)

  My first mother-in-law always took her fried chicken to Mt. Bethel’s covered dish meals on a big platter that says Eggshell Georgian by Homer Laughlin on the bottom, also Made in the USA. It’s slightly worn, has some discoloration but I always take my Publix honey-baked ham to family gatherings on Kathryn’s bronze and white memory.  Haven’t seen that on Facebook yet but yes I’ve ‘liked’ some Corning Ware, and smiled as I gazed and remembered.

  Just saw some neat old Coke bottles, have a couple of those in ‘the piano room’ but they belong to my Newnan son. And last but not least, the wall mounted pencil sharpener!

  Thanks Facebook friends for making me smile, sending a distraction and some joy.


 Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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