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Christ Arose!


Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

  I have many fond memories of Easter during my growing up years. I can almost smell the warmed vinegar with food coloring used in dying the eggs. After the eggs were boiled and cooled, we would use Crayons to draw pictures and write words on them before they were dipped into the various colors of liquid. The eggs would then be stored away for the egg hunt the following day. Mom always made me a new dress for Easter, and sometimes play-clothes too. If the weather was good, which it usually was, we would all be outside playing games and enjoying the family gathering. Even when Easter fell in the middle of planting season, there was time off for fun.

  But the best part of Easter was knowing Christ arose! Even as a small child, I knew there was joy to be found in those two words. I always loved the joyful, uplifting music of Easter Sunday. Off-key or not, I thought louder was better and I wanted to be sure God heard me. I wanted Him to know I was happy Jesus loved me and I loved Him too! Easter was a joyful time to look forward to and I still do!

  There is no better time to read the Gospels than around Easter. I love reading about the early morning trip to the tomb, only to find it empty. In the book of John, Mary Magdalene thinks Jesus is the gardener and begs him to tell her where her Lord has been taken. Then Christ calls her by name and suddenly she truly sees He is the risen Savior.

  On early morning walks, particularly Easter morning, I love to head out at first light. The world is quiet, making my footsteps, crunching along the dirt road to a hilltop, more pronounced as I hurry to get there before the sun rises. I always think about how Mary must have felt that morning, deep in her grief because they had crucified her Lord two days before. In her sorrow I doubt she noticed the birds singing. Then to see the stone rolled away, I would think emotions such as horror and probably anger ran through her like water. How dare they steal His body! What more torture did they hope to accomplish? Wasn’t it enough to have nailed Him to the cross? Of course all those emotions were quickly swept away when she and the disciples realized Christ arose! He was no longer dead, but had indeed been resurrected. I doubt there are words to truly describe the amazing joy felt by all who were there. Probably then, they heard the birds and all of nature rejoicing in loud song.

  Watching kids grow excited over the arrival of the Easter Bunny is fun. Hearing kids laugh and squeal in their excitement makes us smile. But I hope they also learn the joy of knowing Jesus. To know Him in our hearts can bring many smiles throughout life. To face grief, hardships, and illness without having Christ to lean on would be horrible. To grow up knowing about Jesus and having Him with us throughout our entire lives, is wonderful and the best gift we can receive.

  Jesus was tortured, ridiculed and was nailed to a cross, high on Calvary’s mountain. He died, was buried, and on the third day, arose again. “He Lives! He Lives! Christ Jesus lives today! He walks with me, He talks with me, along life’s narrow way . . . You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart!”  

  * If you don’t know Him today, there is no time like the present. Seek and you will find.

  *(Text and tune by Alfred H. Ackley, 1934)


 Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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