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  Henry County has been growing so much lately that some places are becoming unrecognizable. In an effort to preserve some of the history of our community, The Times is displaying photos of Henry County from the past. If you can name the persons or place shown above, write us at and tell us about it. In the next edition, we’ll reveal the location of the picture and notes readers send us. Photo courtesy of Henry/Clayton Genealogical Society. Visit the Genealogical Society at 71 Macon Street (in the Brown House) in McDonough Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last Week's Picture

  Lucile Jinks Tomberlin tells us that “this store belonged to L Norman and W. Turner, in Ola, GA. between 1920 to 1935. The store was run by Lawrence Turner. Close to this store was the cotton gin. Hwy. 81 made a sharp turn on the left side of the store on the way to Snapping Shoals. Later, the state changed it and Hwy. 81 went down in front of the store. This store was the heart and soul of Ola when my mother, her brothers and sisters grew-up.”

  Neal Cordle says, “I remember riding a bus after Jr. High school to Ola, and buying an ice cold Orange Crush here before walking across the street to the baseball field for practice.”

  Gerry Snyder wrote in to identify the photo as the Ola Store that Mr. Turner owned. He said, “I drank many RC’s there. My Papa, E. W. Barnette, helped out there and was one of the old gentleman always sitting outside on the bench or inside around the potbelly stove. I understand the store is no longer there. I doubt that I would recognize Ola today. This really brings back memories. I currently live in Day’s Creek, Oregon, but still have relatives around McDonough.”

  Lou Sposaro identified the picture and says “when I was growing up on Turner Church Road, my family would stop at the store on the way to or from my grandparents house. I loved that store. It had all kind of “goodies” in there.

  Chuck Kimball wrote in to say that “ I think of that old store every time I pass that intersection (used to have some COLD Coca-Cola’s) and the very first time I was ever stopped by the police was just after I got my drivers license at that stop sign next to the store. Was dating a girl who lived off Salem Road and was 16 with “that kiss on the brain” as I left her house and went right through the stop sign! Note: Luckily, since I was young the officer gave me a break and didn’t give me a ticket. Guess that’s why I do the same thing now when I stop young teenagers with minor offenses as I work as a law enforcement officer now. Who knows ... maybe he gave me a lasting impression?”

  Thanks also to Leilani Tomberln, Barbara Tinley, Buddy Upchurch, Ruth Carter, Jan Mayo, Leonard Jones and Sydney Brannan for correctly identifying the photo.

Have a picture of Henry County as it was? Send it to us at or 35 Griffin Street, McDonough, GA. 30253. All pictures will be handled carefully and returned to owner.



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