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Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Okay, I’m not going to name Max’s replacement. But if I did…I’m thinking Casper would be a great fit…because I swear that car has a ghost!

  It did come with a three year bumper to bumper warranty but so far I haven’t had time to make a trip out to Bellamy for some minor but strange Camry issues. At first I thought I was accidentally touching one of the many buttons on the steering wheel to change the lights to bright but then one day I was stopped in traffic, touching nothing and looked down just in time to see the blue light pop up that signals my brights are on. Ah hah! It’s not me after all. Yesterday as I waited for Southern Regional to wheel Norman out to the curb after some minor health issues (he was diagnosed with a TIA) the red light that indicates I’m using the emergency flashers lit up. Got out, walked around the car…nope, no flashing lights. The red light stayed on until we got home, but this morning it was still asleep when I made my daily Publix run. 

  While I considered all of the above, I decided I’d start hitting the gas pedal as firmly as I was doing on Max. And yes, the white Toyota can actually almost equal the maroon Maxima’s power. But…I noticed the gas hand moving down very quickly. Checked it when I bought the next tank and…16.5 miles to the gallon? What? No more ‘pretend you’re a Maxima’ for this Toyota.

  I do like the extra dash lights that tell me the outside temperature, and the radio picks up my favorite radio station in Jackson, 92.1 FM much better too. Had made a mistake when I mentioned to my mechanics at Castrol that the antenna wasn’t coming up after they’d fixed it; it was, but the reception didn’t come in nearly as clear. Also mentioned one time I only had bright lights, but then discovered the bright light indicator was remaining on because one of my headlights had gone out. Glad to discover I wasn’t going mental on my vehicle data, whew! 

  I did fail to identify some favorite vehicles not too long ago when my grandson asked me; first a gorgeous Monte Carlo, then I drew a blank when he pointed to a stately Chevrolet Avalanche. I mentioned these failures to my doctor and he reminded me that we have a lot of data up there in that big computer but did a quick test that proved I’m still mentally competent. Again, whew!

  One kind Methodist is sitting with Norman on Thursday mornings so I can troll Publix, get the penny item, and use my coupons at my leisure without making him wait in the car. Guess I’ll make an appointment with another to allow me a trip to Bellamy to check out the strange dash problems. Might as well take care of minor issues just to make sure they don’t become major. About the best thing so far about the Camry is that its white, never looks dirty and so far I haven’t even washed it once! Not blacking the tires either, nor am I frying eggs, or letting my homemade bread rise in the front seat.   But, lately I do catch myself eyeballing Mustangs, Camaros, and yes, Maximas, especially the 97 models. (After I sold Max, I’d made a vow to stop checking out other cars.) I’m trying though, trying to wean myself from the love of vehicles. And nope, I’m not going to name my current ride either. Probably not.



  Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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