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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.



Hey Henry, I read the article in We Are Henry magazine where the Stockbridge City Councilwoman was bragging about how wonderful the Judge was and said “City Council appointed the right person as Judge.” Three days later she votes to replace him. I guess that would explain all the recent job announcements. If you are good, you are gone.

Hey Henry, I am amazed at the situation at OHS where the kids started a food fight. They were caught on camera and identified, but the parents hired a lawyer to prove their innocence. Tapes do not lie, people. Those kids involved should be prosecuted and then have to clean the cafeteria from top to bottom.

Hey Henry, I just want to say I have the best wife and son in the world. BSS and JRS, I love you very much!

Hey Henry, if you call a place of business in error, hang up and find the information yourself. No one has time to stop their job and look up a phone number for you. Dial 411.

Hey Henry, B. J. Mathis gets a job with the City of Stockbridge? As far as the folks in the north end of the county are concerned, the City Council has reversed two elections!

Hey Henry, to all whom are worried about the two HCBOE ground foremans being a waste of money. I would worry more about the four “Assistant Superintendents” who make well over 100K per year.

Hey Henry, the shooting at Sandy Hook was an unimaginable horror. Yet we place the blame on the instrument and not the cause. This shooting, like the majority of other mass shootings, was perpetrated at the hands of an unstable individual, with a gun that was made available to him by another person's irresponsibility. His mother had expressed her concerns about his mental state, yet she still had guns in the home. Many families live in fear of an unstable family member, but something really bad has to happen before they can be locked up. This is the problem we need to address.

Hey Henry, I live on a dead end road, only a portion is gravel. Why does the county come out with their grader and grade the gravel road? It only makes it worse. They also come out and cut the portion of grass and trim the side of the trees, sometimes bringing more than three employees to do so. We have tried to get the road fully paved, but got turned down. It could have already paid for itself by now. Everyone needs jobs and these county employees could be used elsewhere. I am sure of it.

Hey Henry, there were signs for weeks that let us know that the McDonough Square was going to be closed for filming. But there was no notice that the railroad tracks were going to be blocked during morning and afternoon rush hour. Just curious. A little warning would have been appreciated.

Hey Henry, maybe you should get out of the South and let us take over. We'd be a better fit, just sayin’.

Hey Henry, in regards to no raises in 7 years. Now employees have to be there 15 minutes earlier next year! 1 hour and 15 minutes more, but not paid for it!

Hey Henry, as one of those “gun loving Bubbas,” try to take my gun and see what happens. We don't need more gun laws, we need civility. This is straight from a Sandy Hook parent, Mark Mattioli. Why don't you Google him?


Hey Henry, Woodland Elementary School in Stockbridge is collecting box tops that will benefit the school. If you have any that you have been saving we would love to have them! Drop them off at the front office or mail them in.

Hey Henry, the comment about an armed guard having the courage to shoot an armed assailant in a school was a joke, right? Talk about not being very well thought out! The SWAT team will arrive and take care of the situation? From where? 20 minutes away? Then they have to assess the situation and make assignments. Then they have to fan out to get to their positions before they even enter the building. I’ll take my chances with the armed guard taking care of the assailant now and not the SWAT team a half hour later!

Hey Henry, a big Kibbee Road “Thank You” to our fire department and Georgia Power for quickly removing the tree across our road so we could get home last week.

Hey Henry, I was reading the Southern Journal magazine and were appalled to read that two PA’s and one nurse practitioner was listed in the top doctors of Henry County. What a insult to the hundreds of top doctors. Maybe you should read the criteria of what a doctor is.

Hey Henry, while at a local restaurant my wife and I heard a police officer and a solicitor investigator talking about the pressure being put on the police department to write tickets. Maybe a quota exists for the police. Maybe my grandson did not deserve the ticket he got. Drive with care.

Hey Henry, this is for all you gun-lovin’ Bubbas. Less than a day before the Sandy Hook massacre, a man in China attempted the same thing, attacking 22 elementary school children. Only one died. Why? Due to harsh laws, he only had access to a knife.

Hey Henry, I’m so thankful that I live in a county where no one, and I do mean no one, ever jumps to the wrong conclusions.

Hey Henry, that Tyler Perry movie better win at least two Oscars for all of the heartburn it caused around the McDonough Square.

Hey Henry, I am sick and tired of people complaining about seeing animals on Old Jackson Road. Have you ever thought they are not pets, but wild animals. It is still rural out here. If you don’t like the country, why don’t you move. Next your going to tell people to put a leash on the deer that runs out in front of you.

Hey Henry, I fully support having an armed administrator (or more than one) in our schools. No, it won’t help in every situation, but if it could save even one child’s life, it would be worth it. Criminals will have guns no matter what, obtained legally or illegally. Gun control will only stop law-abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves. And to the mom of the twins who shot the intruder--you go, girl! You have to do what’s necessary to protect your kids.

Hey Henry, on January 28 I got off the expressway at the Jonesbore Road exit and headed toward the Square. As I passed the Shell station there was one police car clocking, another had a car pulled over and there was another backed up in a driveway clocking. Maybe if they would show this type of presence in our neighborhoods some of these home invasions would stop. Oh wait, that isn’t generating County revenue.

Hey Henry, it’s about time for flip flops!


Hey Henry, has anyone else considered the revenue that would be generated by putting red light cameras on Highway 20/81 in front of Chic-Fil-A and Race Track? People run that light constantly, like it’s not even there.

Hey Henry, thanks Henry County, starting next year our elementary school children now have to be standing out at the bus stops even earlier. Imagine 5 year olds at the bus stop at 6 a.m. because they start school 15 minutes earlier. Why not the older kids?

Hey Henry, stop perpetuating myths. Any child or person is welcome to pray in schools at any time. The only caveat is that it cannon be led by a teacher. Why? Well, let’s say your child’s teacher is of another religion. You would worry they would be advocating for their own religion. Educate yourself. No one is prevented from praying in a public school. Please stop printing incorrect information!

Hey Henry, it must be nice to sit at Bellamy Strickland for more than an hour, have your personal car serviced and conduct HCWSA business while sitting there. Does Henry County pay for this? I certainly hope not, but everyone in the waiting room commented on it.

Hey Henry, in response to the poster talking about gunfire on Leguin Mill Road: As a land owner in Henry County I have the right to have a range on my land as long as it meets the county regulations. I am not responsible for the fact that a subdivision was built to one side of my property or that you moved to the country. I do find it ironic that city folks move out here and then want to change the way we have lived for decades. My best advice to you is move back to the city where the gunfire you hear may not be friendly fire.

Hey Henry, I have been involved in many productions at the Henry Performing Arts Center and my sisters go there to do their ballet performances. Its an old facility and its always booked which limits opportunities for the performing arts. With the population of Henry County growing rapidly, one auditorium that seats 700 people is hardly enough. So lets make a fuss with the county to build another auditorium or two. By the way most counties have an auditorium in every high school. We have a football stadium with every high school, why not a theater?

Hey Henry, this is for the person complaining about school lunches. If you don’t want your children waiting in line for 20 minutes, why don’t you pack their lunch? Take care of your own kids and don’t depend on everyone else to do it.

Hey Henry, in response to the person who was talking about people who “still defend the sale and possession of automatic assault weapons.” I beg to differ, but you can’ t just bounce into a gun shop and purchase an “automatic” rifle. Maybe they meant to say “semi-automatic” but it gets a little tiring to hear people who claim to know about firearms to keep using the “automatic” description.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about how many foremen it takes to cut the grass for the HCBOE. There are 50 schools they have to maintain plus the county office and education building, I don’t think 2 foremen are unreasonable.

Hey Henry, the amount of tickets given out at the Square is ridiculous. It just shows how desperate the county is for money.


Hey Henry, to our Henry County police, firefighters, and EMT’s: We all really appreciate you guys and thank you for being so professional when we need you. But, could you please bring back the old sirens that you can hear before you approach. These “new-fangled sirens” cannot be heard until the last minute. God bless and protect you all!

Hey Henry, I wish I could hit a “like” button on Hey Henry like I can on Facebook.

Hey Henry, how about McDonough Police and Public Service helping divert traffic out of the Square when it is closed for filming. That mess yesterday afternoon was terrible!

Hey Henry, a dirt road is not a place to dump your garbage, that unwanted pet nor the carcass of the deer you shot. I live on a dirt road. How would you like it if I dumped on your nice, paved road?

Hey Henry, Sandra Vincent may need to adjust her goals for McDonough. While a commendable idea, can we really afford a “memorial space” funded by taxpayer dollars?

Hey Henry, semi-automatic weapons do not shoot “many bullets at once.” Let’s have a conversation regarding the causes of school shootings, rather than making vague emotional statements with no basis in fact. “Doing something” without thought and acting solely on emotion, rather than rational thought is not the way to address the issue, though it may make you feel better until it happens the next time.

Hey Henry, at HCBOE, and anywhere else, the “grounds” of a building is everything outside. “Grounds” maintenance is more than just cutting the grass. It is maintaining athletic fields and play grounds. It is cutting down trees. It is maintaining the runoff ponds. It is putting up signs so people know they’re not supposed to smoke or have weapons on school “grounds.” It is fixing flag poles and their rope and pulley system. It is a lot more than mowing and weedeating.

Hey Henry, how long can the Henry County Board of Education expect employees to go without a raise. It’s going on seven years and nothing has happened. I know of other companies that are giving raises, and no, they aren’t hiring so don’t tell me to go work there. This is getting old and employees are going to get fed up with low morale and finding ways to do less work.

Hey Henry, can you please put some reflective paint on your roads? They are terrible, especially in the rain, and when its dark that’s double trouble.

Hey Henry, to those who want to arm personnel at schools. You obviously haven’t thought this out well. Even if you’re armed, so what? If you survive the assailant’s first shots, will you have the courage and resolve to face more danger and return fire? Will you have the skill to hit him? How will you and your pistol defeat an opponent armed with an assault rifle? I was personally trained by world pistol master Jeff Cooper and I still wouldn’t want to try it. I’ve been shot at on more than one occasion; it isn’t nearly as much fun as it might seem. The SWAT team will soon arrive, primed to confront an armed man. That would be you.

Hey Henry, the striped part of the road isn’t made from lava. It won’t melt your tires if you get over and out of the way. Please.


Hey Henry, can someone explain to me how these fast food joints with the double drive-thru speakers helps anything? There is still only one window to pick up your food. I think it just adds to the confusion.

Hey Henry, just a quick correction on a post from the week of 1/2. People are “Asian,” objects (e.g. rugs, art, furniture, etc.) are “oriental.”

Hey Henry, in response to the quip inquiring as to why HCBOE has 2 grounds foremen, everyone knows one is to supervise the front lawns and logically, the second is to supervise the rear lawns.

Hey Henry, do you think the people committing these petty offenses you accuse them of doing on here read “Hey Henry?” More than likely, no!

Hey Henry, please demand that our politicians make “creating new jobs” their number one priority this year by doing whatever it takes to bring new companies to Henry. By the way, this does not mean we need any new warehouses or trucking companies.

Hey Henry, if you’ve noticed all of the closed daycare centers around the county it’s because they’re so over-regulated that they can’t stay in business. For example, it now requires a bachelor’s degree to change diapers. And to think that my mother changed the diapers of five babies with just a high school diploma!

Hey Henry, we need to be like some other counties and have a law in regards to all these people wearing sagging pants. Everywhere you go that’s all you see. Wear a belt and get the right size pants.

Hey Henry, the Flag Code states, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” This would be permissible if you were on a boat on the water; on a house, it would imply that your house is in distress! I may agree 100% with the political opinions of such a person, but I would never dishonor the American flag that has covered the caskets of so many of my friends.

Hey Henry, from Slaps & Claps “People who, even now after the tragedy in Connecticut, still defend the sale and possession of automatic assault weapons. You are more concerned with your perceived “right” than what is right. Sad.” What is sad, is that you think your opinion is more valuable than mine. I’ve owned AR’s for 20+ years without 1 incident involving my AR’s. It’s thinking like yours that will cause us to lose our right to bear arms!

Hey Henry, Kudos to the Locust Grove Walmart. On New Year’s eve my coin purse fell out of my purse which had flipped over upside down as I walked to my car. I discovered it immediately and retraced my steps and could not find it. I went to Customer Service then and every day for days in a row, no coin purse had been turned in. I was upset because that little purse had the last of my money for the month, my gas cards, and all my ID. Today I got a package in the mail! My coin purse! Thank God. It was sans the cash, but I got all my cards back. Walmart had sent it back to me. Good work Customer Service. Thank You, Thank You.

Hey Henry, the mass shooting in Connecticut was horrible. Some people say, “where was God at this time?” Well, when the school system kicks God out of the classroom and doesn’t want prayer in the schools, it makes you wonder. It seems we are becoming a society that does not want God in anything we do, such as manger scenes on the courtyard lawn, prayer at football games, etc. The nation will never survive until we put God first in our lives!


Hey Henry, Henry County DFCS wants to thank all of their community sponsors and individual sponsors for supporting the Secret Santa program for Henry County’s foster children.

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who said it’s time for the citizens of McDonough to wake up. It’s a new year. Stop stirring up controversy. There are seven elected officials running the city, not one.

Hey Henry, I have noticed the criticism concerning the plantings on Jonesboro Road coming into town. I would like to say how I like and appreciate them. They make a good impression on our county much like the corridors on Highway’s 54 and 85 do for Fayetteville. I am looking forward to enjoying them more in the Spring.

Hey Henry, a heavy police presence in our county is good for all citizens. It helps with enforcing laws in public and on our roads. My question is who lobbied for the tag light out as being a violation? Does anyone feel safer knowing that your fellow motorist’s tag light is working? Is the toxic reflective paint on the tag not efficient? Can we remove some outdated laws from the books?

Hey Henry, to the the person who hit my orange Camero at the local movie theater on January 1 and left: you should be ashamed of yourself for not leaving your information. Whomever you are, you’re a jerk and I hope someone does the same to you. What comes around goes around.

Hey Henry, if you don’t like my southern accent, get the heck out of the South. No one’s stoppin’ you!

Hey Henry, When I lived in Alpharetta, the fire departments offered a program to all residents that wanted to participate. It is called a Vial of Life Project. It is a medical form retained by the resident that listed medical info, meds, contact numbers, etc. A sticker was provided for the refrigerator that the resident participated in the program and where the vile was located. This was welcome info for our EMT’s and an aid in knowing who they were helping. Any interest Henry County?

Hey Henry, parents ask your child about their school lunch! Are they standing in line for 20 minutes and running out of food? Is their lunch account always missing money? Parents need to complain to the county so something will be done!

Hey Henry, to the delusional who believe having another person with a gun would have helped recent mass Columbine there was an armed guard. It made no difference. We don’t need or want guns in our schools, and this is not the wild west. Less guns and no semi-automatics that can shoot that many bullets at once is what is needed to begin tackling this!

Hey Henry, why does the HCBOE have 2 grounds foremen? How many foremen does it take to make sure the grass gets cut?

Hey Henry, I take care of my 98 year old mother in my home. I want to sincerely thank the senior citizen services and the Henry County Sheriff’s Dept. for making a very special effort to remember my mother this holiday season. Their kindness has greatly lifted my spirits and they will not be forgotten. God bless them for doing His works.

Hey Henry, way to go Locust Grove Walmart for hiring that gorgeous guy in the electronics department. Think I’ll be buying more movies!


Hey Henry, I just want to say “Thank You” to Kathy Pillatski. As I read the words that you wrote I could tell the heartache you, along with the millions of people across our country, must have felt that day.

Hey Henry, concerning the post about the flag being flown upside down, I believe if you’ll check out the flag protocols, you’ll find that flying the flag in that manner is a sign of distress or danger. It’s appropriate given the condition of our national leadership.

Hey Henry, if President Obama spends his time trying to please the people who didn’t vote for him, he won’t be able to please the ones who did.

Hey Henry, two cops killed in Stockbridge in a month? What have we become, Detroit?

Hey Henry, Oriental people are amazing. Go to YouTube and listen to any US high school band and they sound like a box of clown horns being run over by a truck. Then find an Oriental elementary school band and they could play the soundtrack for a Hollywood film. Why?

Hey Henry, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the crew and staff of the Laurel Park Skilled Nursing and Rahabilitation facility. They are truly professional and care for all the patients and visitors. It is a blessing to have such a facility in our area. May God bless each and every one of you.

Hey Henry, why do senior citizens have to pay at athletic events at the schools. Didn’t we pay school taxes for over 40 plus years? Now you want more money from adults over age 65 to watch the children compete. I don’t have anyone playing, I just like to watch and encourage those kids who have no one there to cheer for them. We should have special prices, if we can’t get in for free.

Hey Henry, awesome job Bethany Celebration Choir and director and all those who helped make the cantata “Christmas is Jesus” happen.

Hey Henry, often times we fail to mention the really positive things going on in Henry County. As a Henry County resident as well as an employee in this county - I would just like to take a moment and say “Thank You” to the first responders, educators, health care professionals and faith-based leaders for all of the love and support given to the citizens of Henry County throughout the year.

Hey Henry, I would like to commend the beautiful town of Locust Grove for the Nativity display in front of the Administration Building. In this time of so much unrest, it’s nice to know that the people who run the Locust Grove government did not succumb to the few who cause so much turmoil for Christians.

Hey Henry, when did “right on red” change to “cruise thru the red light and turn right on red.” I see 4-5 cars do this every morning on the Square. I’ve been honked at for stopping on the red light and then turning right.

Hey Henry, will Georgia drivers ever learn to obey highway signs. Move to the right if you are not passing, you are causing a traffic jam.

Hey Henry, the country really needs to examine how we treat people with mental health disorders, as evidenced by the recent tragedies.


Hey Henry, I wonder which tax and tag office you visited. I’ve had the opportunity to deal with both of these offices along with tax commissioner David Curry and was treated with courtesy, kindness, and respect. Also, dealt with code enforcement, storm water management, and planning and zoning this past year and everyone has been helpful and polite. Couldn’t ask for greater people to deal with!

Hey Henry, could whoever it was that decided to replace stop signs with yield signs at highway intersections take down the yield signs and put the stop signs back. That way drivers will return to yielding to oncoming traffic as they did when stop signs were there.

Hey Henry, drivers must stop and stay stopped for pedestrians, not just yield to them. The McDonough Square is out of control. Pass out tickets. Hard lessons stick.

Hey Henry, did you ever notice the effect that weather has on the memory? Any time it starts to snow here, suddenly everybody remembers some place they have to go!

Hey Henry, will someone clarify this for me? Does a Henry County Commissioner have to live in the actual district he was elected in or can he just own a house in that district?

Hey Henry, it is time citizens wake up in McDonough. Your city council has voted to purchase a piece of property for $1M+ more than its fair market value. Additionally, $250k more than the appraised value. The Mayor is refusing to sign the contract because he believes it to be fiscally irresponsible. In response, the council is threatening to remove him from office. First the charter, now this. On the surface, this appears to be waste and abuse. Yes, we need a new public safety building. No, the taxpayer should never pay more than what is a sound investment option. Tax and spend and that is the way it will continue unless you get involved.

Hey Henry, how many of you residents wish City Hall and the Police Department would enforce the noise ordinance laws? They need to enforce these laws. I’m tired of being drowned out!

Hey Henry, this is my third year attending the McDonough Christmas Parade and for the second year in a row I was so impressed with the young men and women in the Henry County High School ROTC. What a super looking group of youngsters. There are good things happening in that school it is obvious. Even my husband was impressed and he is retired Army.

Hey Henry, it seems to me according to the beautiful Special section in this weeks paper we are celebrating Santa Claus’ birthday and not our Lord Jesus Christ’s, He was not even mentioned! “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Hey Henry, I always knew we had a bunch of idiots in Henry Government. Now I have proof! They’re wasting money with the trees, plants and the upcoming maintenance on Jonesboro Road! I can’t believe it. No wait... yes I do. We’re doomed.

Hey Henry, the thing no one mentions in all the coverage on the mass shootings, is, if there had been one other person with a gun in the immediate area, the shooters would not have been able to kill so many. He would be shot first. Instead of using this as a excuse to remove guns it only shows that more responsible people should carry them.


We replaced Hey Henry this week with a column about the Sandy Hook tragedy. Hey Henry will return on December 26. Thank you for understanding.


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