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Time to turn it around


Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

 It’s easy to become caught up in the negative side of life, even when we try to think positively. All it takes is some small irritation in our lives, or hear news which makes us grumble, and soon we can’t remember what could possibly be positive. We might manage to handle the bigger problems, but some tiny thing will send our temper to the “red zone.” Sometimes I fear we look at things negatively as “non-fixable” and it becomes easier to throw aside relationships, jobs, responsibilities, as well as self esteem, and begin searching for new replacements. Unlike most current day household appliances however, we are fixable.

  When a mighty storm roars through, wiping out entire communities and people, we immediately set down our negativity and start helping. There isn’t any “we’ll plan to meet next week to discuss what to do.” Instead it’s “I’m heading up the highway now with a chainsaw and the “fixins” for a hot meal to feed the hungry.”

  During this most recent tornado, I heard different survivors talk about their experience. In almost every news clip I listened to, there were praises to God for lives being spared. Many were heard saying “thank You, Jesus” even though they lost the majority of their worldly possessions, because they recognized life was far more valuable than their china or even family photographs. They were thankful for being given another day on this earth.

  People of every walk of life started helping. Some fell to their knees and began praying for all who had been in the path of this monster storm. Guys who had labored all week, loaded up their trucks and headed north with their tools and supplies. Crowds of people of all ages went to help dig out and salvage the few treasures they could find, then hauled away the debris. Churches, civic groups, and restaurant owners, found locations where they could fire up grills and stew pots, providing both comfort and nutrition of food. Hugs were given, shoulders were offered to be cried on, and both givers and receivers gained strength. Last Sunday, my friend Val stood up in church to suggest we hold a blanket drive for the storm area. Immediately you could see many nodding their heads throughout the Sanctuary. People want to help and like having a way to do so. It just takes one to lead the way.

  At a recent home owners meeting, the mood of the room felt negative. Complaints seemed to be on the top of everyone’s list. Yet it was quickly changed to upbeat, simply by mentioning some of the positive things which had been accomplished over the past year. By the meeting’s end, there was laughter coming from this group, which had started off grumbling.

  Everywhere we turn, there seems to be much to complain about, yet all it takes is something positive thrown into the crowd and it’s grabbed like a hungry lion pounces on dinner. Wouldn’t it be grand to see more positive interaction in every part of our lives? There are innumerable things to be thankful for and so much good in life, yet too often the focus is on the negative. It’s time to get back on track with God and turn it around. Most of us want good and happiness in our lives. By taking every opportunity to lighten someone’s day, you will be amazed how it improves your own attitude. By turning our focus away from the negative, we can see and experience the many positives in our everyday lives. If we follow the Light of the world, we will feel the warmth on our faces and joy in our hearts!


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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